El-Hazard: The Soundtrack


Note to all:
I sadly only recently realized that almost ALL of the soundtracks I had purchased were actually pirated editions. You'll find that most of them are produced by SonMay, and I believe only one by EverAnime. Both of these names are pirate companies. Now, that doesn't mean the components or tracks are any different (these pirates are good at what they do), I'm just putting it up in case anyone thinks I'm not aware of this. I wasn't aware when I purchased them ("Oh, SonMay, must be a licensed distributor").
Of course, my sister sees this on the flip-side; they're all out of print and the pirate versions may be the only ones you can get now. In all your anime hunts, please try to avoid SonMay or EverAnime wherever possible. All official CD soundtracks by Pioneer will have the serial number PICA-xxxx. A lot of my SonMay discs usually started with GGG-xxxx.

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