A bit of History

Historically, this site was created as "El-Hazard: The Online Episode Guide", and kept the name for a long time, despite the ironic twist that it never in fact became a good source of episode guides. (The OAV2 and Alternative World sets were never completed!) But instead the site expanded into a general El-Hazard information site and managed to capture a lot of the great and small things that El-Hazard generated besides the main show. A lot of anime series are hard-pressed to find such a concrete website of general information.

Of course, my thanks go out to the loyal fans who had contributions and corrections for me over time. This site wasn't built by only one or two people, but a whole community. Many found friendships here, or at the very least other fans to share their El-Hazard experience with. It was also through the general populous that the eventual final name for the site -- simply "El-Hazard Online" -- was generated, as everyone continuously fondly referred to it under the simple ancronym of "EHOL."

Page Credits

The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard - The Magnificent World ©2002 Jason Bertovich and Magnificent World Order Productions™ (m.W.o. Productions™)

Some Sections of this page are copyrighted ©2002 Jason Bertovich and other Authors. These sections are:

Wanderers: El-Hazard - The Magnificent World TV Episode Summaries are ©2002 Aaron Ziegler(Author) and Jason Bertovich(Editor). Used with Permission

El-Hazard - The Alternative World Episode Summaries are ©2002 Aaron Zieglar(Author) and Jason Bertovich(Editor). Used with Permission.

Also, the following character synopses were written by Aaron Zieglar and were edited byJason Bertovich: Qawool Towles, Parnasse, Dall Narcis, Gilda, Arjah, "Diva" #2, The Termite Bugrom, and the TV Version of Ifurita. ©2002.

The El-Hazard Sega Saturn Game FAQ is ©1999-2000 Lucan Duran.

Some sections of this page are based off of work done by previous authors:

©1997 Hitoshi Doi; ©1996-1998 Oze / KonNanDo; and ©1999-2000 Lucan Duran

El-Hazard: The Magnificent World and all associated properties are ©1995-2002 AIC/PIONEER LDC, TV Tokyo, SOFTX, Mannensha. El-Hazard was Created by Hayashi Hiroki and Tsukimura Ryoei. The author(s) of this webpage makes no claims of ownership toward the El-Hazard Property and only claims ownership on all original graphics and texts used for this page.

El-Hazard is being used without permission. However, no monies or other material benefits are being received by creating this page. This is purely a work of love by fans.

Page Citations

A lot of work went into creating EHOL but we'd be remiss if we took all the credit. We simply cannot. Lots of other people, in Japan and in America, have written much on El-Hazard. Here is the list of those resources.

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Page Policies

Using Information Here Elsewhere

Permission is granted by the webmaster to use information presented here on this page elsewhere. However, if a person does use information presented here, 2(TWO) conditions must be met:

1. Information may not be changed from how it is written here.

2. The author(s) are credited, including the web page from which this document originated (http://www.el-hazardonline.net/).Note that all authors of the relevant section must be cited, meaning that if a page has a citation, then the citation information must also be included in your citation. This is to protect the work of all parties involved.

Updates on Information

There will be many areas of this page that will be very short on information or even empty. That will most likely be due to the fact that I do not have the information available to me at this time. If you wish to fill in those blanks, the information is most welcome. Talk to us at the forum!

Information on this Page

There's no guarantees that all information presented here is 100% accurate. If you see something written here that is incorrect, please contact at the forums. If noteworthy, the mistake will be corrected and credit will be given to the person who gave the corrected information. A project like this can only be 100% successful if other fans speak up and fill in blanks.

Also note, many areas of this page will be based only on OPINIONS. Just because something was said that you consider cool or that it sucks doesn't make it so. However, the areas of hard numbers and actual factual information have been carefully researched and the information is cited above.

A final note: This entire page tries to detail as much of the El-Hazard series as possible. That means that there will be MANY SPOILERS! If you do not wish to have the series spoiled for you, you may wish to skip relevant sections until after you have seen a certain episode, issue, or series. You have been warned.

Media on this Page

The webmaster asks visitors to please refrain from posting topics on asking to host El-Hazard related videos(Mpeg Movies, .mov, etc.) or Music (.MP3, .WAV) other than Midi files. This page is pushing the fine line of copyright infringement as it is. This is a page about appreciating El-Hazard and not a one-stop-shop for 'file leeches.' There are plenty of outlets who will provide you with what you seek, but I will not. Thank you.

Templates used on this Page

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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This template is to credit the great work of Jason Bertovich and Aaron Ziegler. After Geocities' shutdown they generously let the content of their site to be ported to EHOL. Therefore this template is used whenever that is the case (which also includes this page).

This media originally belongs to Oya Megumi (大屋 恵) at http://shake-la-la.cool.ne.jp/.
Disclaimer: El-Hazard Online claims no ownership, rights, or responsibility for this media. We've collected them for your convience and enjoyment.

The original page is no longer available on-line. However, it can still be consulted at Archive.org.
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This template is to credit Oya Megumi (大屋 恵), the author of the artwork depicted at EHOL Special: Shake-La-La -- the lost fanart site.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 License.
Attribution details are shown here.

This template explains itself. Be sure to properly follow the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 License if you want to use the media with this template. Templates for other variants of the creative commons licenses will be created if necessary.


Pretty much everything on this page is the copyright of Pioneer / AIC. Use of the pictures, trademarks, etc. on this page is not intended to claim ownership or to profit from these materials.

This template is used to stress the fact that no one makes claims of ownership toward the El-Hazard Property and only claims ownership on all original graphics and texts used for this page.
El-Hazard is being used without permission. However, no monies or other material benefits are being received by creating this page. This is purely a work of love by fans.

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