El-Hazard the Alternative World


The final, and longest, series produced for the original plot-chain. This one aired on TV as opposed to being an OVA.

AW finally starts giving the evil technology a chance to speak for itself, it seems. Allujah, apparently the controller of the Eye of God, remains (exists?) inside the electronic core of the Eye of God that Makoto had taken home with him to experiment with. A strange coincidence is that Qawool, the new water priestess to replace Miz after she married Fujisawa, seems to somehow synchronize with the kill circuit of the Eye of God, as well as somehow energize the core (together which apparently bring Allujah to life inside!)

This series ends on a note that is rife with plotholes. Who exactly IS Quawool, with all those crazy power bursts she do all? Is there a reason she looks similar to Ifurita? What is Allujah? A person trapped in some dimensional slip? Some type of sentinent control software? What happened to Rune's farmer boyfriend? He mysteriously disappeared and isn't even cried about by anyone... What exactly IS the Alternative World at all? There are many more questions, but no answers. It has been rumored there was an OVA3 planned that probably would've answered most if not all, but it was cancelled pretty much from the get-go. So, as AW ends the main El-Hazard plot chain, all we can do is wonder.

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