Especially notable El-Hazard Sites


The Magnificent World Wide Web

Oze's page had been a great help so far as providing numerical data on some of the more "out there" El-Hazard items. I heard Oze had left for the US, but at this time I don't know if anything came of it. I'm leaving this here for historical value and a continuous memorial to a great aid in this site's early days!

Update as of 2005 - Oze still has a website at http://www.ozetchi.com/ that mirrors his El-Hazard homepage (see link above).

El-Hazard Fan Fiction Links
The page is no longer online, the link provided is from Archive.org

From user MrWhat: "148 stories. That's pretty much everything I could find, via FF.net, Usenet and Google."

Hitoshi Doi's El-Hazard Encyclopedia

Doi's page has a lot of information about El-Hazard merchandise and Seiyuus.

Places to buy stuff

Note: If you happen to buy something that I DON'T have, I'd very much appreciate it if you can provide an image of it and information about it for the site.


Most basic stuff (VHS, DVDs, Viz Mangas) shows up here as well as quite a few trinkets at random (playing cards, books on occasion...) I recommend you check it out every few days if you're an avid collector.


Used anime merchandise reseller straight from Japan. Many rare El-Hazard publications show up here.

Robert's Anime Corner Store

A few soundtracks and the DVDs.

Anime Plus

This place actually carries many of the soundtracks (SonMay pirates though), DVD/VHS, Viz Mangas, and even LDs.

Anime Castle

Soundtracks (again, SonMay and EverAnime), VHS, and DVDs.

Non El-Hazard Links

To answer the question ahead of time, no, I won't just be putting anybody's link here. The only people who get linked for a non El-Hazard site have to have performed some type of special service or favor for me.

Homepage of Midi-Magnus! 275+ videogame midis online!
The page is no longer online, the link provided is from Archive.org

The old homepage of the MIDI composer who did all of the EHPC MIDI Conversions. For a while he had left the online seen without a trace after some tragic events occured in his life. I'm quite happy to see that he's back in action and has moved on to a different fanpage of his own, KnucklesChaotix.info, deticated mostly to the old Sega 32X videogame title.

Anime Web Turnpike (Anipike)

The place to find a link to anything anime related on the world wide web!

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