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The site member Shaylas Raven first brought the news of having images from "a Japanese artist's website". The website's URL was lost and found again later by site member Tsukasa. Unfortunately the site, originally found at http://shake-la-la.cool.ne.jp/, has apparently ceased functioning! The images were of EXCEPTIONAL quality, and it would be an absolute shame if a majority of them were lost due to a site going down. Thankfully, Raven was familiar enough with the Internet Wayback Machine Archiver to unearth periodic backups of the site which apparently was last backed up January 2003. I have no idea what has happened to the artist or the site, but just in case both are gone from the internet forever, here is the gallery of all the art we could reclaim via the IWM.

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Mini-site Graphics

Shake starline1.gif

Shake icon-m1.gif
Shake icon-m2.gifShake icon-s2.gif
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Large and Oekaki

Shake el-ha2-4.jpg
Shake el-ha6-3.jpg
Shake el-ha7-3.jpg
Shake el-ha9.jpg
Shake el-ha12-2.jpg
Shake el-ha25-2.jpg
Shake el-ha26-3.jpg
Shake el-ha34-2.jpg
Shake el-ha35-3.jpg
Shake el-ha36-3-2.jpg
Shake el-ha39-4-3.jpg
Shake el-ha40-4.jpg
Shake el-ha43-2.jpg
Shake jinnai2.jpg
Shake jinnai5-2.jpg
Shake jinnai6.jpg
Shake jinnai7.jpg
Shake makoto1-2.jpg
Shake makoto1-3.jpg
Shake oekaki2.png
Shake oekaki14.png
Shake oekaki25.png
Shake oekaki37.png
Shake oekaki-s11.jpg
Shake openkinen fuji-2.jpg
Shake untitled.jpg

This media originally belongs to Oya Megumi (大屋 恵) at http://shake-la-la.cool.ne.jp/.
Disclaimer: El-Hazard Online claims no ownership, rights, or responsibility for this media. We've collected them for your convience and enjoyment.

The original page is no longer available on-line. However, it can still be consulted at Archive.org.
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