El-Hazard Radio Drama 2


CD Title: El-Hazard 2 Radio Special
CD Identification Number: PICA-1149
Original Price: 2,500 Yen
Original Air Date: 6-22-1997 to 7-06-1997
Original Release Date: 8-27-1997
CD Type: Drama CD
Drama Director: Honda Yasunori
Drama Writer: Mitsui Hideki
Composed by: Nagaoka Seikou


A much smaller production than the original Radio Drama, I believe this one was meant to focus more on comedy. I'm not sure about these track names as they are the literal translation from the CD cover.

The links provided are for the Hitoshi Doi's Summaries.

CD Tracks

1. Come Out the Patsy! [4:30]

2. 1st Night - World of Mail Order [14:46]

3. 2nd Night - The Underwater World [13:35]

4. 3rd Night - The World of Delicacies [14:18]

5. 4th Night - World of Consultation [14:49]

6. Being defeated - world of distinctiveness [10:44]

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