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Space Camp was no fun and games for the El-Hazard gang. In fact, the pressure could even crack the strongest person.....

Shayla: Wha-... you're kidding!!! We're running out of air?!?

Nanami: And, we've triggered the Eye of God's self-defense mechanism?!?

Makoto: Tee hee hee!!!! Ifurita, I'll be joining you sooner than expected!!!!!!!!

Pic of the Moment / Re: "You REALLY thought it would be easy, huh?"
« on: May 18, 2005, 11:01:00 pm »
Shayla: Gaaaaahhhhhh........my ass! I won't be able to sit down for a week.

Ishiel: And WHO do you have to blame for that? WHO'S bright idea was it to bring this wind-up dingbat so we could "save on equipment costs and maintanence?"

Ifurita: D-Don't worry guys!!! I'll get us out of here in a jiff! FIREBALL!!!!!!!!

Pic of the Moment / Re: "Care to explain your actions?"
« on: April 22, 2005, 09:55:00 pm »
Fujisawa: S-Shayla....!!! That child.... it can't be.....

Shayla: Yes, she is. My little darling..... my baby sister.

Parnasse: ::face dive:: Bah, I should have seen that coming.

Imouto: Guh huh huh huh......

Pic of the Moment / Re: "I'M NOT GETTING IN!"
« on: March 13, 2005, 04:16:00 pm »
Shayla: Kyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! A peeping tom!!!!!

Afura: Fujisawa-sensei no baka!!!!!!!!

Fujisawa: Well if it isn't one of my very own students? Say Jinnai, you should try a dip in these natural springs!

Jinnai: N-No thanks!!!!! I.... I need some.... time alone........

Fujisawa: Say, where's that shrieking coming from?

Pic of the Moment / Re: Sometimes, it pays to pay attention...
« on: February 08, 2005, 07:12:00 pm »
Jinnai: Hmm.... trains not too packed this mornAAACCCCKKKKK!!!! Shit, it's her.  Gawd I hope she doesn't turn around. I've had my cellphone off all week.... hopefully she got the hint. But here she is... CRAP! I'm so scrwed if she turns around and sees me right now........

::train door closes on Ura's tail::

Pic of the Moment / Re: "You take college math, you do the time."
« on: January 26, 2005, 06:20:00 pm »
Nanami: Stop.... asking.... inane questions.... you're INTERUPTING MAKOTO-SENSEI'S CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Shayla: H-Holy shit!!!!! She's flipped!!!!

Makoto-sensei: Must regain control of the class..... must take the initiative....... must stop knees from knocking.......

Pic of the Moment / Re: Separation of camps?
« on: January 02, 2005, 04:54:00 pm »
Shayla: Check this out! 'I'm Afura! Damn you, Shayla Shayla! I'll cut you to ribbons with my Wind Crap Whatever!'

Ashiel: TSK TSK, Shayla! For someone who knows Afura better than any of us, you sure do a terrible impression!

Makoto: SHHH! ::stage whisper:: Will you guys keep it down! And stop fooling around with Afura's clothes! We're only here to return that overdue book to Afura's Library before she finds ouAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Sensei! What are you doing?!?!?

Fujisawa: MPH... chill th' fugg out Makoto! I left my cigs at home so I'm 'borrowing' some tobacco from this jar of Afura's here.

Makoto: O_O that's not tobacco.......

Fujisawa: Shit...... I'll say!

Pic of the Moment / Re: Groucho tries to be chums with Fatora...
« on: December 03, 2004, 06:53:00 pm »
Jinnai: Come back here you lousy piece of Bugrom crap! You're not supposed to fly around the damn hive!

Fatora: Say, Katsuhiko-chan.... were you planning on shooting voyeur cheesecake vids in my cell with that spycam? Because, you know I already have my own 24 hour webcam on lesbosisland.net right?

Katsuo: BRGRK?

Pic of the Moment / Re: "This is going too far!"
« on: November 19, 2004, 08:53:00 pm »
Fujisawa: GA HA HA HAAAAA!! Shayla, that really is too much!

Shayla: No! It's... I mean... that is....... oh, what the hell were you doing going through files on my PC anyway?!?

Fujisawa: Well, I was going to check my email! I didn't mean to stumble across the El-Hazard hentai vid you were working on! Gomen'nasai, ne! If you like Mizuhara that much, why don't you just......

Shayla: No! I don't! It's that is um...... OK someone else did that part, I just downloaded it for reference OK?!?

Pic of the Moment / Re: Pimp Up My Principal
« on: November 11, 2004, 09:13:00 pm »
Mad Pimpin' Schtadtlebaum: 'ey mang! What ya'll doin' takin' dat 12 year old broad to a hotel? Get yerself a REAL woman like this firey redhead! I'l even give you a good price....

Alliele: What's he talking about, Londs honey? I thought we were going to the amusment park?

Londs: Ummm.... yes were are. Now let's hurry inside the "amusement park."

Pic of the Moment / Re: "I think I died!"
« on: November 03, 2004, 09:20:00 pm »
Shayla: Makoto! Makoto, wake up! You better go!

Makoto: Mmmmmph..... it's morning already? Why is it so bright?

Shayla: She blew the roof off!

Makoto: I-IFURITA?!?

Shayla: No, Diva. Are you shacking up with her TOO?

Pic of the Moment / Re: Halloweiner
« on: October 30, 2004, 03:43:00 pm »
Jinnai: Hmm hmm hmm........ HHAA HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!!!!!!!!! SO! My dear old friend... or shall I say former rival.... MIZUHARA! I see you've sold your soul to hell in order to further thwart my plans at world.... I mean school domination!!! Well let's see what you can accomplish in the dead of night while sleeping your school days away! GYAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't even think of seducing my dear, twerpy little sister!

Makoto: Ugh... I don't feel quite right... what happened? I think I'm gonna puke.....

Pic of the Moment / Re: "Does this seem hot to you?"
« on: October 17, 2004, 10:24:00 am »
Fujisawa: ::exhales smoke:: Holy good gawd, this shit is potent. It feels like we're in this.... like huge ass hall with all these people..... and like Shayla turned into a cat-girl or something.... Here Mizuhara, you hit it now...... Oi, Makoto? Ooops

Makoto: H-Hot.........

Shayla: Damn it, I wish they wouldn't get high in the backseat while I'm driving.

Pic of the Moment / Re: *AHEM* "Can't you see that I'm reading?"
« on: October 08, 2004, 08:25:00 pm »
Things get awkward at Makoto's apartment, when continuities cross over....

Makoto: Eh heh heh heh ^^;;; Umm... Ifurita, meet........ Ifurita.

OVA Iffy: Gawd..... what is she doing here?

TV Iffy: Wait I know you! You're......I know this floozy is in here somewhere..... :: flips pages :: Don't you walk away Makot Mizuhara! I want an explanation for this!

Pic of the Moment / Re: So where did this pic idea come from?
« on: September 23, 2004, 05:37:00 pm »
You know what they say about living too long in a foreign place, once you return home.....

Fujisawa: Gggghhhh........ w-what the high hell is this..... this slop?!?

Parnasse: It's a "spagetti n' meatball" sandwich. It's all that the "take-out" place would send over. I'll eat it if you're not hungry anymore?

Shayla: Hey Parnasse, the "washing machine" ate my panties, again.

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