The Wanderers: Warm Fellings Single


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CD Title: Atsui Kimochi
CD Identification Number: PIDL-1168
Original Price: 971 Yen
Original Release Date: 1-24-1996
CD Type: CD Single
Composed by: Nagaoka Seikou



One Step Communicate Single Cover Front
One Step Communicate Single Cover Back
One Step Communicate Single Inside Flap Top
One Step Communicate Single Inside w/ CD


This is just a minidisc single of The Wanderer's second theme "Warm Feelings" (correspond to the English theme "Overflowing"), both full Japanese and original karaoke. The second track is some other song by One Step Communicate, not related to El-Hazard, but included on the disc anyway.

CD Tracks

1. Atsui Kimochi (Warm Feelings) (Japanese) [4:31]

2. ~Gimme your smile~ [5:32] (Not El-Hazard related, One Step Communicate's Second Album, 10/26/1994)

3. Atsui Kimochi (Warm Feelings) Original Karaoke [4:27]

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