The Symphonic World


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CD Title: El-Hazard: The Symphonic World
CD Identification Number: PICA-1131
Original Price: 2,913 Yen
Original Release Date: 3-5-1997
CD Type: CD(Classical Remake)
Composed by: Nagaoka Seikou, Kawasaki Etsuo
Conducted By: Hayashi Chihiro
Performed by: The Slovenska Philharmonic



One of the greatest efforts so far as El-Hazard Soundtracks go, the Symphonic World is seven tracks of carefully orchestrated versions of much of the Magnificent World music, from theme and background music both! A truly great bit of El-Hazard art!

CD Tracks

1. Prologue - El-Hazard Jokyoku (El Hazard Overture) [4:37]

2. Heiwa no oukoku Harukanaru Daichi (Peaceful Kingdom - Distant Land) [6:20]

3. Aku to inbou - Shinryaku / Hakai(Evil and Conspiracy ~ Invasion / Destruction) [6:32]

4. Ifurita no Inori (Ifurita's Prayer) [4:08]

5. Ifurita [Ai to kunou] (Ifurita [Love and Distress]) [8:49]

6. Kami no me - Saigo no Seisen (Eye of God - Final Crusade) [9:11]

7. Shouri no Uta - Epilogue [Eien no kuni El-Hazard] (Victory song - Epilogue [Eternal country: El-Hazard]) [8:12]

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