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It started as a simple thread in the forums, "Some EH fanart." And then, all of the sudden, links from all over the internet globe started pouring in from members Shayla's Raven and Mr. What! While their links alone only showed us a glimpse of what lay out there, Tim then furthered the search by targeting domains and shifting through server directories to collect the maximum from these two guys' original finds! And now, El-Hazard Online presents some great fanart that has been spread across many sites from many artists, but is now all located and stored locally right here!

I must especially note Yutaka Fuji's "The Wisteria Gardens" images. (Final listing.) It's a truly spectacular count of El-Hazard imagery.

Disclaimer: Original artist/site credit given where information was available. El-Hazard Online claims no ownership, rights, or responsibility for these images. We've collected them for your convience and enjoyment. Please use the site/artist name given to research the original creators.

10th Muse FA027.jpg
10th Muse FA069.jpg
10th Muse FA076.jpg
10th Muse FA08.jpg
10th Muse FA088.jpg
10th Muse FA17.jpg
10th Muse FA20001003.jpg
10th Muse FA20001003b.jpg
Acenya Aug 2 2002 El Hazard Priestess.jpg
Acenya Aug 2 2002 Ifurita.jpg
Acenya Aug 2 2002Shayla Shayla(IFH).jpg
Acenya Feb 8 2003 Ifurita Colored Experiment.jpg
Adimus-Prime Oct 11 2003 Ifurita.jpg
Alienfirst Aug 8 2002 ifurita the demon god.jpg
Arcadia ex 004.jpg
Artistnobaka Feb 23 2003 Iiiifuuurita.jpg
Ato no omatsuri mak el1(nanamiwithzeusstatueatolympia).jpg
Ato no omatsuri mak el2(runeandthecollosusofrhodes).jpg
Ato no omatsuri mak el3(mizandthelighthouseofalexandria).jpg
Ato no omatsuri mak el4(afuraandthemausoleumofmaussollos).jpg
Ato no omatsuri mak el5(shaylaandthehanginggardensofbablyon).jpg
Ato no omatsuri mak el6(alielleandthetempleofartemisatephesus).jpg
Ato no omatsuri mak el7(ifuritaandthegreatpyramidofgiza).jpg
Ato no omatsuri mak fa8(faxnumber8).jpg
Ato no omatsuri mak fa9(faxnumber9).jpg
Azarath 10814-jinnai1.jpg
Batousaii Kawaii Shayla real.jpg
BosatsusHP ifurita.jpg
Carina-chan makoto-nanami.jpg
Carina-chan miz mishtal.jpg
Chainsman NanamiJinnai.jpg
Chainsman ward35.jpg
Chrishazelton fana487.jpg
Chrishazelton fana488.jpg
Com-link 930(Kauru).jpg
Cooling Land qaul01.jpg
Crimsonyoukai Jul 12 2003 Iory in Cosplay.jpg
Daic 4cdaic(WTH).jpg
DanDiFlavis fa002.jpg
Daniel Ssedrey Powell lgj.jpg
Daniel Ssedrey Powell lgjcomplete.jpg
Daphne 22659(Crossing Over).jpg
Dark Night Guild 75dpi204('Two Girls with the Same Problem').jpg
Dark Night Guild 75dpi272.jpg
Dark Night Guild 99-0.jpg
Desensitized Dec 13 2002 El Hazard Fanfic Promo('You can't slap her!').jpg
Desensitized Jul 14 2003 Jinnai-Profile.jpg
Desensitized Jul 14 2003 The Lamp Of Earth.jpg
Digital Sheep's Page kk017.jpg
Djanette 93784(Ifurita (El Hazard)).jpg
Dj-neko Sep 11 2002 3 priestesses of Mount Muldoon.jpg
Dream Wind elhaz.jpg
Dreams e.jpg
Dreamwater synapse shayla shade.jpg
E yume garou - CG Gallery mt qau01.jpg
E yume garou - CG Gallery mt qau02.jpg
Eishokan - Eisho's House EJ980125a.jpg
El-Hazard - The World of Madness nuts003.jpg
Enidea Sep 14 2003 Shayla.jpg
Erekutora - Electra afra.jpg
Erekutora - Electra afyuka.jpg
Erekutora - Electra kinst.jpg
Erekutora - Electra makofa.jpg
Erekutora - Electra syera.jpg
Erekutora - Electra zin.jpg
Erekutora - Electra zin2.jpg
Feytaline Sep 25 2003 Alliele and Rune Venus.jpg
Flat Station e01.jpg
Flat Station e02.jpg
Flat Station e03.jpg
Flat Station e04.jpg
Flat Station e05.jpg
Flat Station e06.jpg
Flat Station e07.jpg
Flat Station e08.jpg
Flat Station e09.jpg
Flat Station e10.jpg
Flat Station e11.jpg
Flat Station e12.jpg
Flat Station e13.jpg
Flat Station e14.jpg
Flat Station e16.jpg
Flat Station e17.jpg
Flat Station e20.jpg
Flat Station e21.jpg
Flat Station e22.jpg
Flat Station e23.jpg
Flat Station e24.jpg
Flat Station e25.jpg
FlaXen preshaylacel.jpg
Gaia IfuritaTV.jpg
Goddes-Cynik Sep 30 2003 Shayla.jpg
Heerocat Jan 10 2003 Makoto Mizuhara(IFH).jpg
Heerocat Jan 24 2003 Shayla Shayla from El Hazard.jpg
Heerocat Jan 25 2003 Shayla colored.jpg
Hi.Ro.Pon no ouchi - Hi.Ro.Pon's Hinterlands afura.jpg
Hiropan afura.jpg
Hiya 138595(copyofwallscroll).jpg
Hybridav Dec 13 2002 Ifurita Color.jpg
IanWilliams DemonessIffurita.jpg
IanWilliams ShaylaShaylaShayla.jpg
Icepack s020408.jpg
Implacable mizuha43.jpg
Implacable mizuha49.jpg
Itadaki mono mono ROOM jinnai.jpg
Jason Kirckof ifurita.jpg
Jeff Prince of Light Rayder jinnaisketch.jpg
Jennifer alielle.jpg
Jessica 'Neon Dragon' Peffer rune venus.jpg
Jinnai 22 19263(Jinnai der Eroberer).jpg
Jinnai 22 22056(Purzeltag Bild for Akari ...).jpg
Kaiser Krone alelebg.jpg
Kasumi15 5104.jpg
Kentaropjj Jun 10 2003 Lord Katsuhito Jinnai.jpg
Kentaropjj Jun 19 2003 Manga Jinnai.jpg
Kentaropjj Jun 9 2003 FUJISAWA PUNCH.jpg
Kigutsu ifurita.jpg
Kirin's Studio kab-03el.jpg
Kirin's Studio kab-04elha.jpg
Koukai jikkenshitsu - Presenting The Experiments Room afura.jpg
Koukai jikkenshitsu - Presenting The Experiments Room alielle.jpg
Koukai jikkenshitsu - Presenting The Experiments Room shayla.jpg
Kusanagi ifurita.jpg
Lemon makoto.jpg
Lemon miz.jpg
Lemon nanami.jpg
Lemon qawoor ura.jpg
Liliy May 25 2003 Chan - Makoto Mizuhara(IFH).jpg
Limited homepage rune.jpg
Little Forest Rei2 013.jpg
LittleLuna Aug 16 2003 Strike a pose(IFH).jpg
LittleLuna Aug 28 2003 Kitty Love.jpg
LittleLuna Oct 13 2003 Rune Venus close up (IFH).jpg
LittleLuna Sep 2 2003 Strike A Pose colored .jpg
Loddfafnir's Homepage a0003.jpg
Lurielle 16219(Ein Herz fur SHAYLA D (SD)).jpg
Mako 92932(Arielle).jpg
Mandy 85733(Herzchen).jpg
MaryaAshby Miz.jpg
Meikurasse 2 mami 09.jpg
Mezurashii.com is.jpg
Mezurashiicom(deadsite) untitled.jpg
Midori no fuukei - Green Scenery 021218.jpg
Monami Corp's Webpage seihuku(doujin...).jpg
Morrigan 53783(Shayla-Shayla).jpg
Morrighan LeFay 96364(elhazardbild2).jpg
Mystik 20302(questionmark).jpg
Nuku-nuku Ishiel-3.jpg
Num9dream ifrieta.jpg
Orgato Aug 22 2003 Shayla Shayla.jpg
Osamada-Meika Temporary Shop rune.jpg
Para Kingdom o fatora.jpg
Para Kingdom o nanami.jpg
Para Kingdom o syera01.jpg
Peteharcoff shayla.jpg
P-Ta 163066(Aliel).jpg
Puchi 10767(Nanami).jpg
Ramses 136552(Arielle und Parnass).jpg
Rhea Shayla.jpg
Ryuuri makoto.jpg
Ryuuri shayla.jpg
Ryuuri shayla01.jpg
Ryuuri shayla04.jpg
Sailorsenshi club.jpg
Sakaeda's Works Place mnr 8.jpg
Sakaeda's Works Place s mako1.jpg
Samantha Glover's page Ifreeta.jpg
Sapphire's Home Page 03-index ifurita.jpg
Sapphire's Home Page afura.jpg
Sapphire's Home Page ifurita tv.jpg
Sapphire's Home Page nanami.jpg
Sapphire's Home Page ru-n.jpg
Sariochan Arts aab.jpg
Sariochan Arts aao.jpg
Sgalvin shayla-big.jpg
Shayla Shayla 87037(Shay-chan in bunt).jpg
Shizukesa shaylashayla01.jpg
Shousetsu CG no heya aframohe.jpg
Shousetsu CG no heya iftyan.jpg
Shousetsu CG no heya nanami02(nanami-sensei ni omakase).jpg
Shousetsu CG no heya rune3.jpg
Shousetsu CG no heya saisai.jpg
Shousetsu paradaisu ifrita02.jpg
Smile Page el-ha.jpg
Smile Page el-ha2.jpg
Sonic 80877(Fatora (oda - Makoto) Col).jpg
Sonorama elhazald4.jpg
Sophitia 63892(Miz Mishtal).jpg
Studiousagi kof.jpg
Sublime Afura.jpg
Sublime Alielle.jpg
Sublime AlielleandShayla.jpg
Sublime Sibs.jpg
Sweet-usako 165127(mizasateen).jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 0005s.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 0010.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 0013.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 0017s.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 0021s.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 0030(Shayla...).jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 9838s.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 9906s(WIT).jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 9911s.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 9920s.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 9933s.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 9938s.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 9940s.jpg
T.K.H. Illustrations ktw 9952s.jpg
TaehasStudio Rune.jpg
The Cuckoo is In ElHazard.jpg
The Cuckoo is In Ura.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 01syocyu.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 01zansyo.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 02santa.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 02xmas.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 03tanabata.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 108.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 20000h r.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 30k.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 40000hit.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 70k.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens 90k.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens aanfat.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens angelere.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens angelring.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens arvspa.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens atk heart.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens bea nnm.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens bl nahato.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens bof2nd.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens cellfat.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens china fat.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens cut62.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens ending.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens fat blue.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens fat ro.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens fat ura.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens fat vd03.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens fatvslil.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens hairmake.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens holyskill.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens if setsubun.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens ikue-s.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens jin mak.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens knight.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens love ura.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens mark2.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens matiboke.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens mkchoco.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens nennga2001.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens nh 03wd.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens nnm roten.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens onsen pm.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens orihime.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens pokeykiss.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens run dancer.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens ryoufu.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens seach.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens sen0.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens sen1.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens sen2.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens sen2 1.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens sen3.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens shra flame.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens singakki.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens st santa.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens suika.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens thanks.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens thanks2.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens tsubasa.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens val mak.jpg
The Wisteria Gardens yusuzumi.jpg
Tokiwa Tukagosi's Gallery efreata1.jpg
Toumi's Home Page elh-2.jpg
Treva Ojeda agx tdo ifurita.jpg
Tsukasasign Feb 6 2003 ShaylaShayla.jpg
Tsukasasign Ink of Shayla.jpg
Tsukasasign Shayla Shayla coloured.jpg
Unknown ifrita.jpg
Vanilla 182360(mizdesktop).jpg
Wanderingyouth afuria.jpg
Wanderingyouth fatora.jpg
Wanderingyouth ifurita.jpg
Wanderingyouth makoto.jpg
Wanderingyouth nanami.jpg
Wanderingyouth shayliashaylia.jpg
Wellofsouls MAC fa18.jpg
Yumi Miyazaki 22472(Shayla-Shayla).jpg
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