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Welcome to the "the mucho impressive ... website/forum/internet juggernaut ..."


Message from the Admin

"El-Hazard Online" was started about 15 years ago to support a burgeoning passion for an anime I had originally bought on a whim. Back then I had partnered up with a fellow fan and the site exploded into a huge compendium of general knowledge about El-Hazard. Over time the site grew into a small but passionate little community of regulars, debating topics about the show and its characters, sharing fan-created works, playing games together, and many other wonderful memories. But obviously a show that is well out of production with no real hope of significant new content can not support this type of community all on its own. I've personally moved on to new interests and am not actively seeking to update this site anymore. I also rarely have been looking at the forums (which have only seen a new post/reply once every few months or anyway) and I fear that negligence will eventually lead to it being compromised by spambots or something else, so I've decided to shut those down into a read-only archive as well.

As this site is still a huge compendium of many facets of El-Hazard's brief but memorable existence, I see no reason to shut it down completely. Hopefully others wandering the Internet will come across it once in a while and find it useful or interesting. I will always give my heartfelt thanks to many who were active in the community's heyday, known then as Spanner, Mr. What, Dooky, Isamu, Shaylas Raven, Manx, Nepotism Chainsaw, Jojo, Icy EyeG, Stinko, and Helio. I call out Icy EyeG especially for all the hard work in converting the site out of HTML hell into a reasonable Wiki platform and an honest shot to try to rejuvenate the site some years ago.

If you need to get into contact with me, feel free to use my Twitter @cptsouthbird


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