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Located deep in the bowels of the palace in Cretaria, there is a mysterious chamber in which only the Emperor may enter. This has a very important connection to the power plant located under the palace, which is called the Spring of Life.

But what is the Spring? Is it merely a power plant? Makoto recognizes that it is ancient technology and that it uses dimensional energy. There is definitely something more to this device.

The Spring is really the heart and soul of the Eye of God, the device needed to use dimensional energies. If it is activated, several landmasses, known as the floating islands, come together to form into a large mass recognizable as the Eye of God. At that point, the final component, the Reactor, will try to reunite with the Eye and destruction will rain down from the sky again.

The only people capable of activating the Spring are those who share a particular genetic make-up, such as Emperor Dall, Gilda, or possibly Rune and Faotra. However, even with the proper genetic code, it also takes knowing the ancient words, or rather a password meant to keep the Eye from being activated. Also, it is sealed and can only be unsealed by two beings capable of breaking sacred seals (such as the Muldoon Priestesses.) There are a lot of safeguards in place to prevent the Spring from being activated to its full potential, and knowing the destructive power of the Eye of God, it is of little wonder why.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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