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Another area of El-Hazard that is surrounded by myth and legend. The forbidden island is so forbidden that only three individuals on the planet know where it is and they are the three chief priestesses of Mt. Muldoon.

Located somewhere in on the Holy River of God, The island is meant as the final resting place of the ancient demon god known as Ifurita. In the past, the ancient priestesses sealed the demon god away and passed the secret onto future generations as in hope of preventing anyone from ever using these horrible weapons again.

On the island, there is a large stone temple in which lay the sleeping demon god. If anyone takes possession of the staff and reanimates her, she becomes his or her servant, which has always led to disaster. Most likely, she is held in some sort of stasis field or such so that her body doesn't wear away due to the ravages of time, much like the tomb Ifurita herself constructs on Earth.

A question one may have is if Ifurita was so terrible, why didn't the ancients simply destroy her? While it is true that Ifurita is a terrible weapon, she only acts at the whim of her master. Perhaps the ancient holy peoples felt that there could once come a time where such a weapon would be needed again, as a protector rather than an attacker. Of course, this was probably a last of the last resorts, much like the Eye of God.

In The Wanderers, we see another variation of the Forbidden Island, or rather, a Forbidden Temple. Indeed, there are legends in that timeline that also speak of an ancient devil whom was sealed away. It is said that every so many hundred years, she will be resurrected unless she is sealed again. The duty of resealing the devil falls on the shoulders of Roshtarian royalty.

The time of the supposed resealing is foretold when Ifurita's temple appears in the sky. Those who wish to either resurrect or reseal the devil must go to that temple which appears to be floating over the desert.

This, however, is simply an illusion. The temple really resides in the frozen wastes of El-Hazard. The weather patterns of the planet are such that in concurrence with the time of the devil's awakening, there is a heat wave so great that it causes light to reflect differently. The white snow acts a perfect reflector and thus an image of the temple appears to float in the sky above.

Once one gets to the temple, they must either place the special key-sword in its proper place to restart the sleeping process or use Ifurita's Key Staff to wind her and activate her. If no one reaches the temple in time, the devil will awaken with no master to control her.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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