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When the Eye of God blinks, the path to the sky opens up and the Shadow Nation becomes one.

These are rather ominous sounding words and they are well deserved. Of all the legends and myths of El-Hazard, ranging from demon gods to the Bugrom, none are more notorious than the large object that looms over the heads of every Roshtarian: The Eye of God.

The Eye of God, from a distance, may simply resemble a small moon, but upon closer inspection, it is much, much more. It is a gigantic construct of materials and technology. It actually does resemble a giant eyeball, with the cornea of the eye looking down upon El-Hazard.

Even when one considers the marvels of engineering required to first build something so large, and second getting it up in the sky and keeping it there for several millennia, one must never forget that the Eye of God is a weapon; an ultimate weapon. It is a device capable of producing small vortexes or black holes of dimensional energy on or over a specific target. Everything in the vicinity of the attack is either destroyed by the attack or is taken... somewhere.

This is one of the major mysteries of the Eye. While it is established that the Eye manipulates dimensions and dimensional energy, it is unclear where exactly to where the vortexes lead, if they lead anywhere at all. Do these dimensional-based attacks affect other dimensions or planets? An early answer would be yes, since we know that the origins of the Phantom Tribe revolve around the first time the Eye was used in the ancient wars. The tribe's ancestors were torn from their home world/dimension and sent to El-Hazard where they then gained their special powers of illusion. One can only wonder what effects the most recent activations of the Eye have had on the vast multiverse.

Why was the Eye built? It seems that it was constructed as a final and ultimate weapon, meant to win a war in one fell swoop. The fact that its ancient creators seemed to care little about its impact on other dimensions and other peoples not involved in the El-Hazardian conflicts reflects a self-centered way of thinking that is associated with a prolonged war in which both sides wish to win "no matter what the costs."

Imagine, if you will, a world in which Demon Gods - powerful, thinking weapons - are bringing total destruction and chaos to the land at the behest of their creators. Each side controls these weapons and it has led to a prolonged and very bloody stalemate. A final solution had to be created. Thus a massive weapon that could be seen by everyone was built with the promise it would be used if provoked. This situation is much like the Cold War of Earth where a balance of power was so delicate that the threat of total global annihilation once seemed likely. However, most likely, one over-ambitious leader did not heed the warnings and thus the Eye of activated with horrible consequences.

It is my belief that the Eye not only destroyed the enemies of those who built it, but it also brought down heavy destruction upon its own creators. When it was finally deactivated, its creators realized that the ultimate weapon was simply too dangerous to ever be used again. If control was ever lost again, it could indeed spell the end of all of El-Hazard.

It would seem that several factions formed after the great wars. Those who were angry and vengeful after the great wars and thus built or created additional weapons of mass or global destruction (Myuun, Kalia, the Trigger, etc.) Those who wished to restore El-Hazard to its previous state (Salli). Finally, there were those who wished to restore political balance and peace. It was these people who most likely consulted the holy peoples to seal the Eye so that it couldn't be used, unless in the most dire of dire circumstances. As the millennia passed, the ancient history and warnings about the Eye fell into myth and prophecy, thus leaving many questions one may have about the Eye unanswered.

Mysteries such as what perpetually supports the Eye in the sky? Could it possibly fall to the ground and thus cause something like a nuclear winter? Is it in a geosynchronous orbit in space over the area of Roshtaria when it is not in use? If so, how does this affect El-Hazard's natural satellite (the planet does have a natural moon which is seen in paintings, etc)? Does this have a major effect on tidal ebbs and flows? Does the gravity of the two masses cause havoc with the planet's ecosystems? Could the Eye ever be used as a safe and non-destructive method of transportation between dimensions? These are questions that those who study the Eye ask all the time and some of these questions may never be answered.

As for variations of the Eye, the only one that stands out tremendously is version presented in The Wanderers. In that particular timeline, it would seem that the demon god Ifurita (TV version) is a key component to the Eye's control matrix. When she is connected to the control device, the final piece of Ifurita's personality matrix is brought forth and the true purpose of the Eye is activated - which is to destroy all of El-Hazard in a single cataclysmic event. Only those two who are bound in holy contract can deactivate the process once it has started, making it seem that in that universe, the Eye was not meant just as a weapon of mass destruction, but as the LAST weapon.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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