Locales/Mount Muldoon (The Holy Mountains of God)


This location only appears in the OVA timeline.

Sometimes called Mt. Muldas or Maldas. This is one of the extremely important landmarks of El-Hazard, and strangely, it only makes an important appearance in the OVA timeline.

Mt. Muldoon is part of a large chain of mountains that lie to the north and west of Roshtaria known as the Holy Mountains of God. Mt. Muldoon is considered the most holy of the holy mountains and very few would dare attempt to set foot upon it unless the situation was very dire and for those fortunate enough to gain the blessing to make the climb, they still have an arduous and dangerous road ahead.

Physically, the mountain resembles a large butte or mesa sitting upon several thick columns of pure rock. The faces of the mountain are extremely sheer, and many treacherous obstacles await those who try to make the trek up the mountain. There are wide chasms in which one can only cross by using very brittle and dangerous stone bridges. Winds blow constantly at high speeds, ready to take the life of a loose-gripped climber.

Making it even more perilous are obstacles that take on an almost mythic capacity, such as the Crystal Tunnels. Tunnels of pure ice that serve as a channeling funnel for the cold and harsh mountain winds. Those who wish to take the tunnels as a convenient shortcut run the risk of being covered in ice and frozen solid in a matter of moments.

Finally, those who climb run the risk of angering the Chief Priestesses of Muldoon. If one does not have adequate enough reason to be there or if a person is there for nefarious reasons, that person must be prepared to face the full wrath of God as incarnated through the Priestesses.

If one is lucky (or blessed) enough to manage to make it to the upper summits, they will find a long road that leads to a large structure. This is the Holy Citadel where the three chief priestesses of Muldoon reside and practice holy scripture. However, even making it to the citadel doesn't guarantee an audience with the priestesses and indeed they can refuse visitors if they so choose, making this highly dangerous journey a sometimes futile one.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

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