Katsuhiko Jinnai goes crazy - The novelised version


Not really an editorial, but I wrote it anyway. It's basically a novelised version of when Jinnai snaps in the first Magnificent World episode. I wish to do something with writing when I'm older, so do tell me what you think. -- Makoto

Jinnai was unhappy. This was unusual as Jinnai was usually very neutral and blank on the emotions front. But now, he was in despair. He felt so common and normal now. He couldn't take it. He staggered about, almost blind with rage. He saw one of his election posters on a bulletin board.
His strong tall figure stood and pointed at him. Strong. Tall. Unlike him. He read the slogan manically. The poster read 'Vote for me... or burn in hell!!!'. Such a powerful slogan. They thought they could take it down. Never. Katsuhiko Jinnai would always get what he wanted. But now. Now, it had all been taken from him... the power... gone.
He ripped down the poster in a fury. Another poster remained after that one. He kept tearing until his posters were a shredded heap. Just like his ego. He screamed and threw his head back.
"What's happening to me?!" Jinnai shouted. "I used to be so powerful...! I used to own this unruley school! I was their leader! I was their god!!!" His words echoed around the corridor. What had gone wrong?
He slumped against the bulletin board. It was all gone. He wept softly.
After what had seemed like hours, he looked up, and wiped his eyes. He focused on a sheet of paper that was pinned to the bulletin board. Results. Results of an exam. Results of an exam that he took. His eyes drifted to his name written in the neat kanji. He had come in second. Second. Maybe the top wasn't as far away as he'd imagined.
He smiled. It was a happy grin. Slightly demented, but happy. Who had come first? Who had bested him? I bet it was that idiot Kinomoto or that meddling Hashiro...
Jinnai stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes scoured the first place. That bastard. He had turned whiter than usual. That stupid bastard. His eye twitched unnaturally. His hands quivered as he teared the results from the wall. Next to the bold '1' was 'MIZUHARA Makoto' written in a way that mocked Jinnai. "That--" His voice was shaky and his hands were trembling violently. "That... That... BASTARD!!!"
With a full belt of rage, Jinnai tore the results up with all his strength. He grunted and shouted as he made sure the paper was torn into smaller and smaller pieces. He panted heavily, making small random noises. He couldn't take much more of this. Even geniuses get stressed and Jinnai was at his limit. He breathed harder and harder, trying to stay calm. It was no use though... the oxygen wasn't getting to his brain. He was hyperventolating. He was past caring though. He was far too busy staring at a picture that he had uncovered under the results. He smiled idiotically at it.
"Makoto... I... I... hate... you!", said Jinnai, really meaning it. And then, due to his amazing rage and also due to the fact he wasn't breathing well enough, he started hallucinating.

Sports Day at Shinonome High School. The crowds were cheering, the sun was high in the sky and Makoto Mizuhara had just won the 200 metres. Makoto laughed happily as he past the finish line, girls giggling and cheering him on. A few other students pulled in after Makoto, happy to be recieving their respective places. They all seemed to be very happy. It was a very happy day in fact. Well, except for Katsuhiko Jinnai.
Jinnai had come in fifth. Many would have said that the place wasn't bad. Especially as there were 60 students competing in the race. But Jinnai was fuming. Makoto had beaten him! It just wasn't right! Jinnai had been training rigouriously to win this race. He was even slimmer than Makoto! What could have gone wrong? And why was he so tired? How could that be?
As soon as he had thought this, he was on the floor. Panting and trying to regain his breath. He growled over at the adored Makoto. Even his own sister was drooling over him. How could she-- Bam. Someone had stepped on his head.
Meanwhile, back in the Shinonome High School corridor, Jinnai's smile got a little wider.
The view over hanging down town Shinonome was beautiful. Jinnai loved art class more than anything in the world. He felt that he was a great artist and that he could achieve an A star in the subject if he tried really hard. He over looked his sketch proudly. It really was his best. Most days he'd be lucky to capture half the buildings in this way. He really thought he'd nailed it this time. Smiling at his piece, he overheard Hayashi praising someone else's picture loudly.
"Wow, Makoto! That really rules!" Makoto! Not him again! "I'd have to say, that's the best picture I've ever seen, man." Oh, for gods sake. What a suck up. "Hey, thanks Hayashi. I appreciate it. Heheh!" That irritating laugh! Jesus, that idiot makes me so angry. Oh well, at least his picture won't be better than mine.
Peering over, Jinnai tried to get a good look at what Makoto was drawing. His face was smug and happy as he approached Makoto. "Mizuhara! Show me your drawing!" Makoto turned and blinked at Jinnai.
"Ahah, s-sure, Katsuhiko." Picking up the canvas, Makoto turned and brought it into Jinnai's view. Jinnai stared wide eyed. The picture was beautiful. Totally perfect. "What do ya think, Katsuhiko?" Had Jinnai been an actual friend of Makoto's, he would have to congratulate him several times. "Is it good?" But instead, Jinnai just turned around, mouth hanging down, and returned to his picture. "Katsuhiko?"
He stared at his picture for a few minutes. Then at Makoto's picture. Then at Makoto. Then at his picture again. He repeated this several times. Uncontrollably he started to shout.
And with that, Jinnai snapped his drawing in two.
Jinnai was still giving the picture a nice, big grin. His breathing had returned to normal.
Jinnai was having trouble pushing past the people at his high school caffeteria. Ragh. Why did these annoying fat people have to be about? He slipped past another student with a bad haircut. "Hey, you! Get a better hair style! When I become president, I'll make a law that those sorts of hair cuts are banned on the spot!" The student gave Jinnai the finger.
Carrying on down the maze of people, Jinnai tried to shove aside two lovers who were passing an ice cream between themselves. "No, you have it..." Oh, for crying out loud. "Out of my way!" Jinnai shouted, finally moving the brunette. "Haha!"
Jinnai had spotted the last sandwich. The last sandwich. Luck was on his side at last. Nothing could go wrong this time. He reached for the sandwich. But before he could reach it, another hand snatched it away. "Hey!" Jinnai turned angrily to the owner of the hand. Mizuhara! Makoto was smiling as he paid the lunch lady. He was being pleasant and generally making friendly chit chat.
"Again?!" shouted Jinnai. He couldn't believe it. Of all the sneaky things to do! Jinnai started squeezing his milk carton. One day, I'll get you Makoto. He squeezed harder. Just wait! As soon as no one's looking! And harder. I'll get y-- Splat. The carton drenched his face in milk.

"I loathe you, Makoto Mizuhara!" said Jinnai, as he stuck a compass into the picture. He had aimed directly for Makoto's throat. "You are absolutely nothing! You have no special qualities like me! You're just a regular joe! But yet! Yet! Yet!" He breathed in loudly. "You always get in the way of my superiority!" He broke down again and leant against the board.
"If you didn't exist! If you were out of the way! I can make you stop this rivalry! You won't win this time! I'll show you, you asshole!" He hunched over the board now; a new strength filling him. All the things that Makoto had done to him were leading to this moment. It wasn't Jinnai's fault. It wasn't his fault. Makoto had brought this on himself.
"It's not that easy to get rid of me..." He said, rather creepily. "Oh, no." He chuckled slightly, as if he'd made a joke. "I think things would be a lot easier around here, with out you... in the... picture!" Jinnai threw back his head and started giggling. The giggling changed into laughter. Pychotic laughter.
Jinnai was pratically screaming with hysterics as a crowd drew around him. He didn't care though. Better watch out, Mizuhara, because Katsuhiko Jinnai plays for keeps!
A second later, Jinnai choked and started coughing, ruining the atmosphere slightly.

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