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The first thing any traveler will notice when they first come to El-Hazard is all the foreign and unusual species of florae and faunae that inhabit this world. There are new and exotic plants and animals that have never been seen by an Earth-born human that don't even cause an El-Hazardian native to bat an eye.

But fear not, wanderers. Here is a brief introduction to a few of these natural wonders that you may encounter as you make your way through El-Hazard.


Plants on El-Hazard serve the same kind of purposes as plants do on Earth. They make the air breathable, they serve as food for other living organisms, and they can be used as decoration. The major difference is simply in physical appearance. Plants on El-Hazard have leaves, stems, and flowers in shapes and sizes that even the most notable Earth-born botanist has yet to see or consider.

Since some plants may resemble plants on Earth, it is wise to consult with an El-Hazardian native before ingesting any local plant matter. What may look like an apple may actually be deadly poison on El-Hazard.


Much like Earth, El-Hazard is full of wildlife of all shapes and sizes. Some that may be familiar to any traveler such as birds, snakes, and insects, while some are so strange that even coming up with name with them is difficult. Listed here is a brief description of some of the more unusual species.

The Dolphin-Bear

(Seen in OVA 1, Episode 1)

These guys are quite an odd breed. Their upper bodies resemble that of a dolphin, with a bottle-nose and smooth head, but a long mane of hair leads down to their lower body which is another story all together. Their lower bodies are covered in greenish and white fur and their short stubby legs have claws at the end.

These guys seem to like lurking in the forested areas in the underbrush. They emit a distinct cry that sounds like a deep-voiced "Bum bum bum…" Whether this cry has a specific purpose is unknown.


(Seen in OVA 1, Episode 1)

These large creatures resemble a creature from Earth's ancient past called a Brontosaurus. Not much is known about these creatures and all we see of them is a pair of them grazing on a cliff overlooking a valley.

Tree Fish

(Seen in OVA 1, Episode 1)

These herds of red creatures resemble something of a fish of Earth, but instead of swimming the seas, these creatures fly in the air. They dwell in constructed nests located high in the trees and they seem to be used as a food source by the Roshtarians.

Armor Cats

(Seen in OVA 1, Episode 2)

A race of semi-intelligent creatures that resemble an animal known as a cat on Earth. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and seem to live in both the wild or as domesticated pets.

These creatures have the unusual ability to contort and stretch their bodies in a variety of ways. They also have an extremely tough natural pelt that can deflect even weak laser blasts and bladed weapons. Because of these two traits, these creatures are worn as a natural living armor. They can contort their bodies around a subject and protect that person from harm. Afterwards, they can return to their normal shape.

These creatures can speak, which leads one to think that they are definitely intelligent. However, the full range of that intelligence isn't entirely clear. Do they allow themselves to be used as armor as part of an agreement between the humans and the cats, or have the cats simply been trained to act as such? If we could answer this question, we could possibly shed more light on these fascinating creatures.

Wild Horse Creatures

(Seen in OVA 2 and Wanderers)

El-Hazard seems to have two species of creature that look to serve as a domesticated transportation animal. These creatures could best described as acting like horses as they are hoofed creatures that allow humans to ride on their backs at decent speeds.

Of the two species, one more closely resembles a horse with a long mane and tail and a shorthaired body, with the exception that the head is very hairy, which almost gives the creature the appearance of a mask.

The second species actually resembles something like a llama but with a much shorter neck.

Sheep Creatures

(Seen in OVA 1, Episode 5)

We see a herd of these creatures grazing on a grassy set of knolls. They resemble something like the Earth sheep, but with hair that is extremely overgrown and shaggy, not giving any clue as to which end of the creature is the front or back. Most likely, these creatures are herded for meat and wool, as our own sheep are.

Shaggy Dog Behemoths

(Seen in Wanderers Episode 3)

These creatures sort of resemble an affectionate sheep dog, only the size of a VW bus. They seem to be a domesticated pet, probably because of their soft fur and friendly nature. However, their enthusiasm can lead to problems and one has to be careful not to be crushed or trampled in the process.

Wild Boar-Dogs

(Seen in Wanderers Episode 10)

These animals resemble wild dogs, except with protruding tusks from their lower jaws. These are vicious animals that often prey on farm animals and other forest creatures in the jungles of El-Hazard. They should be approached with extreme caution

Fang Wolves

(Seen in Wanderers Episode 11)

These creatures resemble a cross between a large wolf and a cat-like predator. They have shaggy coats of fur and large fangs that protrude from both the upper and lower jaws. Much like the Wild Boar-dogs, these creatures hunt other animals and should be approached with extreme caution.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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