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Okay, so you've somehow been transported to El-Hazard. You realize that you have no money, no place to stay, and no food. Well, unlike Makoto and friends, not everyone can be fortunate enough to fall into favor with the local monarchy, so what can you do?

The answer is obvious: get a job! El-Hazard is not only a magnificent world, but it's a world of opportunity for those with the desire and drive. So lets pull out those classified ads and see what types of jobs are available.

Attracted to the glamour and glitz that goes with living in the royal palace? Like being near royalty? Perhaps working in the palace as a servant is the job for you! Enjoy the privileges of being at the beck and call of the royal family and their guest! Enjoy cleaning their messes and serving them their meals. Ok, so maybe its not that glamorous, but the job has the benefit of room and board.

Perhaps baggy pants and wooden poles are more your style. There are plenty of opportunities as a palace guard. Looking for something more challenging? Perhaps you can join the Alliance military. See the land of El-Hazard at the expense of the government! It's not just a job, it's a highly routine adventure…

Perhaps you have more technical skills. There is lots of fancy technology to fix and maintain in El-Hazard and those with the right touch can make out a decent living.

Perhaps you're more of a people person? The bazaar marketplace is crawling with opportunities in the selling and service industry. Work as a shopkeeper's assistant or as a waitress or waiter. Got that entrepreneurial spirit? Maybe you can even go into business for yourself.

How about a lifetime career with lifelong pay? Want to devote your life to God? Maybe becoming one of the holy peoples is a job for you. However, career advancement seems to only be open for females and those who have been involved since childhood.

El-Hazard is not a place for the lazy, but if you are willing and able, it is not impossible to survive there on one's own.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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