El-Hazard the Magnificent World: The Game


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Possibly for the first time ever in the history of English El-Hazard sites, and possibly with more information then ever publicized on a typical fan site, I present to you El-Hazard for the NEC PC-9821 and the Sega Saturn console system. Some info about old Windows PC and Gameboy Advance ports I made once are also noted.

The El-Hazard Game is yet another tweaked-out cross-breed version much like the manga. Unlike the manga, however, the Game version appears to play a more Wanderers card then Magnificent World. This one seems to range something like 60% Wanderers, 10% Magnificent World, 30% originality. The large notable block of originality is important. This version introduces some unique concepts such as the fourth elemental priestess, Ishiel, the priestess of Earth (renamed to Nature in our versions to avoid the reference to the planet Earth), as well as Makoto's ultimate love relationship being variable on the player's choices throughout the game!

Our love for El-Hazard and our great strides to remove the obscurity of the things that never leave Japan drove me to produce "English" versions of the Game. The "English" versions were actually more like sort of bad fanfiction that we wrote based on a guide written by Lucan Duran, and thus have been decommissioned, unless someone wishes to revive them. To read more about it, please select the PC version from the menu at left.

This is the only known video game ever produced commercially for El-Hazard. And sadly, it's not a great thrill for most to sit through, either. It's main interaction is reading text and select menu choices. But I think any El-Hazard fan ought to give it a go at least once. Maybe I'll even get a chuckle or two out of you.

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