El-Hazard Trinkets


While most of El-Hazard exists in video and book form, there's a few little things produced for it, both official and otherwise, that simply are rare and one-of-a-kind.

Zurich Calligraphic

A TrueType font for MS Windows that well superscedes Matura Script Capitals in style! This one appears

to be a MUCH closer match to a "true" El-Hazard font! Wow. =D

Matura Script Capitals

This Windows TTF used to be what I concidered the closest thing to an El-Hazard font... however, this has been well supersceded by Zurich Calligraphic above! Ah well, I'll keep this one here anyway. It's somewhat there but not quite.

El-Hazard Pencil Board

As my sister put it: In Japan their notebooks are very flimsy cos they don't have that nifty cardboard backing... so they make Pencil Boards which are thin sheets of plastic that provide a bit of a writing surface.

They are very decorative and you can get them with your favorite cartoon characters on them. They are usually limited run so all of them are generally collectable.

I believe there are a total of (or at least) four El-Hazard pencil boards in existence. I now own three...

Pencil Board #1 Front
Pencil Board #1 Back
Pencil Board #2 Front
Pencil Board #2 Back
Pencil Board #3 Front
Pencil Board #3 Back

El-Hazard: The Wanderers, Few Seconds in GB Land

I have no idea why this exists, except to believe that this mysterious "Mega_Man_X" who created it was at least a Wanderers fan.

This is a Gameboy ROM file that plays a few seconds to about the halfway point from the Wanderers intro, in beautiful 4-color monochrome. This alone takes 512KB, which to a ROM cartridge on an 8-bit system, is a lot of memory. I guess that's why FMV wasn't seen often on the consoles.

You will need a Gameboy emulator for your respective platform to view this, like the VisualBoy Advance.

El-Hazard Clear Files

9" x 12" folder for files. Comes in a pack of three. May be limited availability, so if these interest you, get them while you can. I found them here, and as of this writing (2/15/03) still in stock! Scanned by Tim, he called these "two-tone" scans, because of the translucency of the file, they look completely different "unloaded" (without paper) as opposed to having a sheet inside, which brings out the true color.


Files in Packaging
Price / File Folder Images
File Folder 1 w/o Sheet
File Folder 1 w/ Sheet
File Folder 2 w/o Sheet
File Folder 2 w/ Sheet
File Folder 3 w/o Sheet
File Folder 3 w/ Sheet

Donated by fatora:

Clearfile Front
Clearfile Back

Ad for The Wanderers DVD's


Uh... bought it off eBay for the hell of it! Yeah.

3 Priestesses Adjustable Belt


This is just ... unique. It shows up on eBay once in a while. (I've only actually seen it twice myself.) I have no idea if it's authentic or just someone with some spare time on their hands. Given its obscurity and no further information, I'm guessing the latter.

Animerica Vol 3, No. 7 featuring El-Hazard

Animerica's interview with the screenwriter for El-Hazard.
Interview Page 1
Interview Page 2
Interview Page 3
Interview Page 4
Interview Page 5
Interview Page 6
El-Hazard Coming Soon
Summer Guide

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