El-Hazard AIC Manga Anthology


Story By: Various
Art By: Various
Published by: AIC/Pioneer LDC
Release: 9-28-1996
Price: 1,456 Yen
ISBN 4-900817-10-4 C0979


A book compilation of several smaller manga stories all featuring, yep, you guessed it, EL-HAZARD - The Magnificent World. We believe that all stories featured in this anthology were El-Hazard related stories previously printed in other AIC comic publications.

But wait, there's more! Not only do you get lots of El-Hazard stories in this particular book, but you also get all these added bonuses:

  1. Princess Fatora Paper Dolls
  2. Female Cast Swimsuit Pop-up
  3. A Doubled-Sided Pin-up
  4. An El-Hazard Board Game
  5. Cosplay Photos of one pretty lady dressed up as TV Rune Venus
  6. Bugrom Medals Cut-outs

But, of course, I guess that all plays second fiddle to the real reason collectors search out this tome, and that is, of course, the stories. So, FYI, I'll briefly summarize these tales of the Magnificent World for you here.

Story 1

Universe: OVA

It looks like it's ladies' night in the palace and since Makoto and Fujisawa aren't ladies, they ain't invited. But seriously, what could all those women be doing behind locked doors? Makoto and his sensei are dead set on finding out. What they find, much to their chagrin, is Nanami's new side business of selling revealing photos of Makoto and Fujisawa to the other ladies at a tidy profit!

Story 2

Universe: OVA

All Shayla wants is to win the heart of Makoto Mizuhara and maybe she's found an unexpected ally in her quest in the impish Alielle. A little advice here, a seductive outfit there, and Shayla is ready to go get her some Makoto.

What she gets is not her manly stud, but the Princess with the turbo libido! The moral of the story: NEVER trust Alielle, ESPECIALLY in matters of seduction.

Story 3

Universe: OVA

Dr. Schtalubaugh discovers a ring that can let people switch bodies. However, before he can put the ring to work toward his own naughty ideas, an unlikely candidate takes it... Ura!

Looks like Ura is sick of taking laser blasts and being used as a fashion accessory and payback is gonna be a real bitch! Ura uses the ring to swap bodies with Makoto and goes on a rampant spree of lewd and degenerate behavior, causing everyone's opinions of Makoto to sink lower and lower.

Let's put it this way, after this whole experience, Makoto is pretty eager to test out the old proverb and see if there really IS more than one way to skin a cat!

Story 4: "Killing Machine"

By: Kurokawa Mio
Universe: Wanderers/OVA

Ever wondered what happens to a Demon God when they get drunk? Apparently, in the case of cute and cuddly TV Ifurita, she magically transforms into her OVA counterpart!

However, the morning after, she doesn't recall what she had been doing or where a strangely out of place Key Staff came from.

Story 5

Universe: Wanderers

Call it Episode 26.5 of the first TV series. Just what exactly happened to Makoto after the Eye of God sent him long, long ago to a galaxy far, far away?

Would you believe he ended up back on Earth, and back at his very own high school to boot? (A little convenient perhaps, but what the hell…) Well, That's exactly what happened and wouldn't you know it, now that he finally made it home, all he wants is to get back to El-Hazard (Geez, isn't this guy ever satisfied?)

Unfortunately, it looks like the accident that sent him and everyone else to El-Hazard in the first place also blew up the science lab and his only real chance to return.


…Makoto just happens to call upon the assistance of a certain red-haired galactic genius from another AIC series (No, I won't say who, but her name starts with a "W" and she's from a series that rhymes with "Menchi Puyo!)

Long story short (Audience: too late!), after a minor incident involving entering yet ANOTHER series, he finally makes it to his desired target, just in time for his destined reunion with Rune on the hillside.

Story 6

Universe: OVA

Um, I don't think I really want to venture a guess what the hell this one is about, but if I were to hazard one... well... um...

It looks like Jinnai is a little peeved that everyone is getting a little action and he isn't. Makoto's got girls swarming all over him and even his teacher managed to get a little sumthin-sumthin, but is there any love for our favorite despot?

Well, actually, there is, and that where it get's um... disturbing. I would continue, but it involves bizarre insectoid women and a whole bunch of Bugrom that bare a very creepy resemblance to a certain cackling dictator. Let's move on, PLEASE!

Intermission 1: The Shorts!

Universe: Mixed

A collection of short humorous strips involving things like Katsuo's jealously of TV Ifurita and the fact that apparently Rune Venus has 3 hands.

Story 7

Universe: OVA

It's a hard life for Nanami, working a desert marketplace restaurant all day, alone and with no hope of getting back home. That doesn't mean she doesn't like to kick back and chug a few brews, which she does.

However, in a bizarre and chance encounter, Nanami encounters a couple of Priestesses on their way to some purification ritual at some desert hot spring. However, the red head is not being a very polite drunk and two scuffle.

The scuffle is broken up by a certain lesbian princess. Nanami is suddenly ecstatic! Her friend Makoto has come to rescue her! Oh wait, it's not Makoto, so why should she be concerned about the two blue people dragging away this hysterical Makoto-look alike...

In an interesting side-note, when Nanami and Shayla meet again at the shrine in Arliman, it looks like the alcohol has fogged both their memories of their first encounter, which is probably a good thing.

Story 8

Universe: OVA

Fatora and Alielle are bored and what better way to kill time than by kidnapping Makoto and dressing him up in lots of pretty clothes? Watch in amazement has Makoto is transformed from an effeminate boy to an even more effeminate girl! Quake in the horror of multiple copyright infringements as Makoto transforms to characters from Armitage III, Moldiver, and Pretty Sammy!!

And be prepared for the greatest terror of all... Jinnai in DRAG!!!

Story 9

Universe: Wanderers

Looks like the gang is on vacation to the beach! Whee! A day in the fun and sun, and a chance to gawk at Rune Venus' very revealing swimwear!

Uh-oh! Afura's Lamp of Wind has been stolen and it looks like the thief is none other than Jinnai's protégé in evil... Ifurita!

Surely, a Demon God with control over the wind is not something that will interfere in the gang's vacation plans, right? Okay, maybe not. Looks like it's time to battle.

After much battling, Afura regains her Lamp and all is well...

...well except for the giant chunk of the Eye of God that is now missing.

Story 10

Universe: OVA

Poor Jinnai, all he wants is some lovin'. Maybe the power of fantasy will help him through his lonely days.

Hmmm, how about a fantasy with Diva playing the role of the timid underclassman? Yeah, she definitely wears that school uniform well.

But, maybe an older and more mature woman is more to Jinnai's taste. How about Diva playing the role of the seductive teacher? Yes, Jinnai's a naughty boy and he'll have to stay after class...

Oh, what good is fantasy with no real love to turn to? Oh, what's this? A love letter?! For Jinnai?!

Actually, it was just a Loyal Bugrom trying to lift Jinnai's spirits. Well, it's the thought that counts... right?

Story 11

Universe: OVA/Wanderers combined

It's time for another episode of El-Hazard - The Bishonen Pretty Boy World. Makoto goes to Earth to reunite with Ifurita... and finds the entire female cast of both universes waiting for him!

Man, Makoto IS the Mak-Daddy! He can get any woman, and he know's it! So the ladies have their own solution... They'll all marry him! (Fujisawa: Miz?! You tramp, how could you?!)

With the all the ladies decked out in a vast array of pretty shojo wedding attire, who should finally decide it's time for some Shonen-ai proclamations? If you guessed Jinnai, you would be right. And if you are disturbed by those proclamations, you would not be the only one.

Story 12

Universe: Either OVA or Wanderers

It's time to insert some bad dubbing because what we have here is a genuine chop-socky, old-school, kung-fu story, starring... Jinnai!

Jinnai (Lips moving out of synch): I am here to challenge your dojo! Ha ha! I beat everyone! I am the best! Ha ha ha!

Fighter guy (Also badly dubbed): Just you wait! Our Bruce Lee look-a-like will show you!

Bruce Lee Look-a-like: Watta!!! You have insulted our honor, prepare to die! Hiya! Waaaahhhhhhh! Watta!!!

Jinnai: Augh! I am defeated! I must flee!

The End

Wrapping it up: More Shorts!

Universe: Mixed

Yep, we're coming to a close and what better way to end it than by some more spoofy short strips followed by a few farewells by the artists. Hope you enjoyed this journey through the lighter side of El-Hazard.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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