A.K.A.: Karlia; Karia
Current Age: ???; Possibly younger than Ifurita
Birthdate: ???
Height: ???
Japanese Seiyuu: Imai Yuka
English Voice-Actor: ???



OVA Timeline

This Character only appears in this timeline.

Kalia is another in a series of Demon God-like weapons built by an ancient El-Hazardian civilization. However, unlike much of the ancient technology of ancient El-Hazard, Kalia appears to be a remnant of not those who built the Eye of God, but rather, those who the Eye of God was used against. Kalia, therefore, is a tool created by those defeated in the ancient El-Hazardian wars to avenge their loss.

She nicely sums it up herself: “Yes, I was built for revenge, sweet revenge.”

In terms of her as a character, Kalia appears to be a composite of two other lesser-known El-Hazard characters. Her personality seems to be patterned after Myunn, the vengeful spirit who was the main antagonist in the first El-Hazard radio program.

Physically, Kalia bears more than a passing resemblance to Isiel Soel, the Priestess of Earth from the Videogame, at least in terms of her face and hair style. Despite her close resemblance to Isiel, she does stand out as her own character. She is relatively short with white hair and dark tan skin, charcoal colored eyes and a blue ornamentation on her forehead. Her outfit consists of a formfitting white bodysuit with large black boots and gloves that are adorned with large red gems. She also has small air jets on her hips which propel her into the air and allow her to fly like her demon siblings. Occasionally, Kalia will wear a combination cloak/shoulder armor garment, but it appears to serve no purpose.

Kalia was locked away several millennia ago and it appears that whoever sealed Kalia away was determined to make sure that she could never be revived, placing several warnings, impediments, and traps to prevent anyone from securing her key, finding her, and then reviving her. Unfortunately, those who sealed her away could not have accounted for Katsuhiko Jinnai’s cursed good fortune nor his sheer determination that keeps him going toward his goal once he has committed himself to obtaining something, despite the fact of whether he knows what it is he is trying to obtain or not.

Once Jinnai manages to revive Kalia, thinking her to be a similar weapon to Ifurita, Kalia gives no clue as to her true purpose, preferring to misinform and play Jinnai as a fool by giving off a childish and quirky facade. No doubt, Kalia could have very easily have disposed of Jinnai and his remaining Bugrom as soon as she was revived, but she instead seems to prefer this coy game of irritating and frustrating Jinnai by first making him think she’s useless and then by making promises of leading him to a powerful weapon that he so badly craves.

Most likely, she plays this game of deception to use Jinnai into helping her reach her ultimate goal and then she will dispose of him when he has served his purpose.

Her ultimate goal is to find and activate a device called the “Trigger for Destruction”, an appropriately named doomsday weapon that not only destroys countries and land, but the entire universe. A weapon designed to wipe out the conquerors as well as the conquered. To use an overused phrase: If one side couldn’t win the war, then no one will win. Kalia is designed as the center and main controller of this horrible weapon, which appears in the form of a giant flying attack ship.

However, even when she is not inside the Trigger for Destruction, Kalia is a powerful adversary. Unlike other demon gods, she doesn’t need a staff to help control her attacks and instead uses her gauntlets as her primary weapon. She is able to drain energy and life force to create powerful blasts. Not only that but, like Ifurita, she can copy other people’s attacks and, in turn, use them against their creators. Finally, she can act as a vampire and drain the energy from her foes therefore making their attacks useless or rendering the attackers themselves unconscious.

How Kalia was created is lost in the annals of time, but there are some clues to her origins. One thing that is probable is that she is a more advanced model of demon god, or at least much more advanced than Ifurita. Kalia appears to have been created after the Eye of God was used in the ancient wars, while the Ifurita models were created before the Eye was completed.

Also there is a possibility that Kalia is not entirely an artificial construct but rather a modified and enhanced human. Kalia does appear to bleed, as seen after she receives several brutal blows from Ifurita in their one-on-one match. Kalia also appears to act more human than her demon counterparts, using less formal speech patterns, even using nicknames and some slang. Finally, there is the scene in which Makoto accesses Kalia’s memories. What he sees in a poor, dirty, and frightened girl, left homeless in the ruins of an ancient city. Now, this is not proof that she was once human, and it may simply be a constructed memory used to distract Makoto with pity while she went for her kill. However, it may also be that this was an actual memory that she had, and decided to use it to her advantage.

Like many of the foes that Makoto and company face, Kalia was almost unbeatable and indeed when people tried to take her on individually, they were soundly beaten. Kalia, however, fell victim to Makoto and Co.’s teamwork and was no match to a unified force committed to a common goal and was reduced to a puddle of goo after an Ifurita model demon god used a momentary distraction to jam her zenmai into Kalia’s power circuit, thus saving the entire universe from a psychotic and vengeful being.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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