A.K.A.: None
Current Age: ???
Birthdate: ???
Height: ???
Japanese Seiyuu: N/A
English Voice-Actor: N/A



Manga Timeline

This Character only appears in the El-Hazard Manga Timeline.

Jinnistacia is one of two demon gods found and reactivated to do the bidding the notorious Phantom Tribe. Of those two, Jinnistacia appears to be the more deadly and dangerous.

Physically, Jinnistacia is the smaller of the duo but she certainly looks more menacing, resembling something like a devilish imp, efreet (a desert spirit), or maybe even a djinn (a genie). She has a feminine but childish face with long hair and pointed ears and dresses in an elaborate garb, much like Ifurita, but more grandiose.

As a weapon, she is a powerful and an extremely versatile one. Like most demon gods in the Manga Universe, she uses her zenmai (key staff) as her primary weapon, but unlike most other demon gods, hers does not just fire simple blasts and beams, but also functions as a weapon to stun her opponents by emitting electrical blasts. The head of her staff also emits an energy blade, causing the staff to resemble a scythe and her to resemble a very evil grim reaper (that is, if the Grim Reaper could become more evil).

She, along with Ab-Zahal, fought with Ifurita and as a team both we’re nearly unbeatable, easily knocking out Ifurita without breaking that much of a sweat (If demon gods do, in fact, sweat). They are, to say the least, very confident in their abilities.

However, it was that very overconfidence which led to her downfall. When she was forced to confront Ifurita one-on-one, Ifurita took advantage of a momentary distraction of the Eye of God going berserk to undermine Jinnistacia’s defenses. However, Jinnistacia, overconfident and unaware as to what Ifurita did, found out too late that Ifurita had planted her Zenmai into her vulnerable spot; her power circuit; and a moment later, Jinnistacia was blasted in half.

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