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A.K.A.: Garus
Current Age: ???
Birthdate: ???
Height: 174 cm (About 5'8 1/2")
Japanese Seiyuu: Ohtomo Ryuuzaburou
English Voice-Actor: Abe Lasser



OVA Timeline

Galus is the leader of the notorious and infamous Phantom Tribe, a race of blue-skinned illusionists who reside in the shadowy underworld of El-Hazard. While he may not be as loud and forthcoming as Jinnai, make no mistake, Galus is just as much a villain as our dear cackling despot.

Galus is a man who would rather use deceit, subterfuge, and trickery to achieve his goals rather than just attacking his enemies outright. And what are goals, you may ask. It is nothing short of the complete annihilation of El-Hazard and its inhabitants.

Why does Galus want to do this? It is his ultimate act of revenge in the name of his people, who were torn from their own home world and placed on El-Hazard. They were innocent bystanders who had nothing to do with the holy wars that happened between the ancient civilizations of El-Hazard. They never even had heard of El-Hazard, yet the Eye of God takes them and puts them there. From that point, they were shunned and called heretics, simply because of their blue skin, different beliefs, and illusionary powers. They were forced to live as outcasts, finding refuge in only the dark underworld of El-Hazard, where their race has dwelled ever since those ancient times.

Obviously, growing up and being told that you are hated by everyone who doesn’t have blue skin your whole life is gonna lead to some resentment. Galus must have wondered why his race was destined to its terrible lot. Anger. Resentment. Motivation. As these things built up inside the phantom tribe leader, he must have come to a breaking point where he said “No more!” It is that point when Galus began his well-thought out and long-range schemes to exact his revenge in his people’s name.

A cunning plan where he would manipulate all the nations of El-Hazard, Alliance and Bugrom alike, so as they would destroy themselves much like those same ancient civilizations that forced this life of misery upon his people.

Physically speaking, Galus has two faces. The first is his primary illusionary disguise, that of a handsome prince from a foreign country with lavender hair and a penchant for tights. With this face he managed to manipulate the Alliance nations to his whims and even managed to make himself the fiancé to Princess Rune Venus of Roshtaria.

However, once his cover is blown (by a well-timed, abet accidental, outburst by Nanami Jinnai) he shows his “true colors” (pardon the pun). His blue skin and scraggly blonde mane match well with his attire that seems suited for a bandit king more than a royal prince.

Galus’ first appearance does lead to some interesting questions. Obviously, if this fake front Galus wore had managed to become so entangled into the Alliance and especially Roshtarian affairs, it must have been a disguise he had adorned for a long time. But, was this “foreign prince” from an actual country? Had Galus killed the original and simply replaced him (And if so, does that mean that Galus is not even his real name)? Or was the entire country he supposedly came from an elaborate Phantom Tribe illusion? The obvious fact that no one ever questioned Galus’ authenticity as a member of a human tribe is more than enough testament to the scale and planning that Galus had gone to for his plan for revenge.

Though Galus is the leader of his people (Or at least it is alluded to; he may simply be a leader of a radical Phantom Tribe sect), he is a man whom seems distanced from them. He carries himself with tremendous authority and none of the other Phantoms seem to question his desire to engulf the world in darkness. Likewise, he shows little concern for the deaths of his people doing his bidding and only shows disappointment when they fail to carry out his orders.

The only person who appears to gained favor and privilege with Galus is the boy, Nahato. The exact nature of their relationship, however, is unclear. Nahato appears to be a second in command for Galus and seems to give orders with the same authority that Galus holds over his people. It is also hinted that Galus and Nahato share some sort of physical relationship, but this is only alluded to and no definitive evidence exist to prove this as fact or fiction.

Galus was presumably killed at the end of the first OVA when he was shot by Ifurita’s staff. However, there is no proof that he is, in fact, dead. Nahato took his leader and the pair vanished, presumably to escape. Since he was never seen to evaporate like all other dying members of the Phantom Tribe, it is possible that he is still alive and plotting. Or possibly he died shortly after, and Nahato carries on his legacy. Galus is very much the embodiment of his people: mysterious and enigmatic.

Wanderers Timeline

This Character does not appear in his timeline.

Manga Timeline

Galus returns in the Manga and he’s still a bad man. First of all, there are some slight differences in his appearance in this version. It seems that now Galus has no illusionary disguise (Since he is not pretending to be Rune’s fiancé in this version, there appears to be no need for one). Now he is the “prince version” of Galus (straight hair and tights) but with blue skin.

In this incarnation Galus manages to orchestrate much of his plan to destroy El-Hazard from the shadows, using his minions like Kiriya and his demon gods Ab-Zahal and Jinnistacia to manipulate everything to his desires.

This Galus appears to have another talent and that is brainwashing, as he manages to hypnotize Rune Venus into doing what he wants by making her think it is her beloved Makoto asking her.

This Galus’ fate is much clearer as he is shot by Ifurita (like in the OVA’s) but this time he evaporates, expressing his satisfaction that even though he is dead, the others will be too. (imagine his disappointment if he knew that they succeeded in stopping the eye in both versions)

Videogame Timeline

This version seems to be different too. Once again, Galus returns to having two “faces”, though the human face doesn’t appear to be Rune’s fiancé, bur rather a visiting dignitary staying at the palace.

He also appears to have a connection to Isiel Soel, the Priestess of Earth (who is half Phantom Tribe). What that connection is exactly, is still unclear at this time. However, if you can shed some light on the subject please reach us through the forum and we’ll be happy to share your insight, along with crediting you for your contribution.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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