Character Figurines


Ah, you don't remember any figurines being made for El-Hazard? Well, member Saucer explains this the best:

"Cold cast resin figure assembly and collection is actually a huge sub-genre of anime otakism in Japan, and also has a small following in the rest of the world. Some of the kits can be quite expensive. There are tons of magazines dedicated to the hobby. Some people even go to the trouble to create their own models from scratch. There are also "garage kits" where they take an existing figure and make a mold of it then mass-produce reproduce and sell them. There are also pre-assembled/painted figures sold as well."

So here's a bunch of figurines Tim found on his journey looking for fanart:

Flat Z

Figurine FlatZ ifreeta1.jpg
Figurine FlatZ ifreeta2.jpg
Figurine FlatZ ifreeta6.jpg

Matuoka's Page

Figurine Matuoka Ifritah.jpg
Figurine Matuoka Ifritah2.jpg
Figurine Matuoka Ifritah3.jpg

Midnight Blue

Figurine Midnight Blue If01.jpg
Figurine Midnight Blue If02.jpg
Figurine Midnight Blue If03.jpg
Figurine Midnight Blue If04.jpg
Figurine Midnight Blue If05.jpg

Figurine Midnight Blue If06.jpg
Figurine Midnight Blue If07.jpg
Figurine Midnight Blue If08.jpg
Figurine Midnight Blue If09.jpg
Figurine Midnight Blue If10.jpg


Figurine Milkhouse ruu 1.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse cou 1.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse cou 2.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse cou 3.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse cou 4.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse cou 5.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse cou 6.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse cou 7.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse cou 8.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse ifr 1.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse ifr 2.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse ifr 4.jpg
Figurine Milkhouse ifr 5.jpg

Yaba's Room

Figurine Yabas Room ifre01.jpg
Figurine Yabas Room ifre02.jpg

Chinnensan Web Shucchoujo

Figurine CWS arere1.jpg
Figurine CWS arere2.jpg
Figurine CWS arere3.jpg
Figurine CWS arere4.jpg
Figurine CWS arere5.jpg
Figurine CWS arere6.jpg
Figurine CWS arere7.jpg
Figurine CWS arere8.jpg
Figurine CWS arere9.jpg


Figurine Hundingsbana c007 01.jpg

Mouka Ningen - Networked People

Figurine Mouka Ningen aleele01.jpg
Figurine Mouka Ningen aleele02.jpg
Figurine Mouka Ningen nanami01.jpg
Figurine Mouka Ningen nanami02.jpg
Figurine Mouka Ningen nanami03.jpg
Figurine Mouka Ningen nanami04.jpg
Figurine Mouka Ningen rune01.jpg
Figurine Mouka Ningen rune02.jpg

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