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Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Lord God Jinnai, On the Front Lines!
« on: August 13, 2004, 11:04:18 pm »

This has to stir up some good entertainment... *waits*

Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Screenies of your favorite games!
« on: August 08, 2004, 07:30:58 pm »
I'm sure this thread will not be 56k friendly...

For Starters; Dawn of War (Don't look if you do not like graphical intense pictures such as blood or you are the faint of heart)


Command & Conquer: Generals

I could go on and on... However I don't think Rob would appreciate it, Post screenies of your favorite games because.. I said so... >_>

Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Hardest question in the world
« on: February 03, 2004, 06:18:07 pm »
According to me, that is...

What 2 numbers when added equal 10 and when multiplied equal 130?

Think Algebra 2...

El-Hazard Online RPG / Ch.3 - The Week After.
« on: November 13, 2003, 08:04:52 pm »
After the explosion of the ship, sorrow takes place. Almost the entire Floresca army has been caught in the ship's explosion. People are now realizing the sadness and the pitifulness(is this the right word I'm looking for?) of what is happening.

We flew over 2 cities when we ran away, untill we came across a river. Across that wide river was a tarnished land. Somewhat dark, and I could feel something dark about that place. Apparently Arsyn could as well, I had asked what happened to him. He had disappeared a while ago. Preferrably 2 years before I fell into the wormhole. Apparently... I fell in just after him from this timeline.. I'd say 2 minutes.

"David, I'd suggest setting down near the river on this side. We're far enough from any civilization as it is." I asked him over the radio. The Longsword Interceptor was indeed a genuine fast and powerful machine, nice and maneuverable, but it couldn't take much hits. It had a thin layer of Titanium-B armor, less dense than the A series so it had less weight.

"Miles, I was thinking the same thing. By the way while you were gone, over those 50 years we developed a new ground war machine. I think you'll be quite impressed. We'll be setting down at these coordinates," A blip apeared on the long range radar. It was a suprisingly open area. Lots of grass but no trees for quite a few-hundred meters.

"I want you to land here and wait." Another blip appeared on teh radar. It was a small area, just big enough for me to land. I jammed the throttle to max and flew over, leaving formation with the aerial convoy.

Upon landing, I could hear giant footsteps. David had told me to wait here, so I will follow his orders.... Even though I'm a higher rank...

The footsteps became louder. I could hear trees tumbling, snapping, breaking, the works. Untill it plowed through the last border of trees. It was a walking machine, piloted by David.

"Behold. Project WANZER, it strengthed out ground forces by 42% with this. This is only the beginning of project WANZER, more advanced motors, engines, weapons, equipment, and all that stuff. I can give you a quick lesson on it if you want."

This was an incredible machine. I wouldn't mind taking the most bulkiest version and go crazy with ti's weapons against my foes but... Wouldn't it be hard to control it? "Yea sure, lemme in."

There was a slow transfer between our positions as opening and closing the cockpit was hard. Once in, there were levers, pedals, switches, and a big glass window to see out of. This wouldn't rpovide good protection but still, it's better than nothing.

"Ok Miles," His voice appeared on the radio. He sounded impatient, probably wanted to get back into this thing.

El-Hazard Online RPG / Ch2. Interrogation and Betrayal
« on: October 30, 2003, 10:39:15 pm »
Lame topic I know, but I have things in mind.

Upon entering the interrogation room, there were glass cylinders with Kane, Yumi, Calya, everyone from El-Hazard in there. I first chose to speak to Kane. The marines prodded Kane into the interrogation room. Iron bracelets had weighed him down somewhat, but his body was muscular, obviously didn't render him from not moving fast.

"So... Kane.. Why did you take Calya onto the ship. I told you not to, I hinted at what would happen... Yet you had brought her on, and the others as well. Lana and Yumi have been taken captive as well. What you have done was NOT a smart move. So, how do you explain this one?"

Ok begin posting. The toehr prisoners can talk to each other, they just can't see each other. I'll try to go through all of them. This is a mini-chapter, lets just try to stay in sync for now. I don't want it to be this restrictive for long.

El-Hazard Online / REMINDER: Internet Radio Broadcast
« on: October 01, 2003, 05:17:16 pm »

This time I decided to post this 3 days early, hoping to grab more people's attention.

This time I plan to host the IRB at Saturday noon, PST (-8 hrs GMT)

Once again, I'll do all teh stuff I had planned - play music, talk a little, andswer your IMs, take requests blah blah blah... You get the drift

So remember kiddies and uhh... The few adults, the IRB will be Hosted this week on Saturday!


EDIT The T1 server is down. Therefore, you will all have to settle with my hosting. THe limit will be 6 users, as that is when bandwidth will likely be strained.

El-Hazard Online / Internet Radio Broadcast (maybe)
« on: September 27, 2003, 09:29:18 pm »
I feel like hosting an internet radio broadcast. For those who don't know what it is... It's like a radio, but over the internet basically. You have to connect to it though.

Doing this, I will talk about El-Hazard, what I know, what some others know, as well as play music. Not everything I'm doign is about El-Hazard though, that topic will get old fast ;) so I might just find stuff to do and whatnot. Nonetheless, I will try to make this enjoyable.

I will stream at the lowest possible setting I can, the lowest possible setting sounds like an FM radio as clear as it gets though, so it isn't that bad. 56K users MIGHT detect some skipping, nonetheless, I say it won't be bothersome.

I plan to do the radio broadcast around 12:00 PST on Sunday.. Or Sundays, depends on what I get :)

You can also talk to me via AIM if you wish, I will listen and I will answer your questions on the air.

I dont' knwo hwo long this will last, probably an hour, most likely an hour, but we'll see.

See ya, and please tune in tomorrow!

Edit: OH I almost forgot, I'll tell you how to connect tomorrow. I might either use a T1 server, or my Cable, depends on the availability. You connect in your bowser doing tsomething liek http://x.x.x.x:8000/ the 8000 being the port number.

El-Hazard Online RPG / *OOC* Post Character Specs!
« on: June 11, 2003, 11:05:30 pm »
In order to play, you must first post your 'character specs'. For Example, here's what my character bio is.

Name: Miles Herrera
Age: 27
Birthdate: Unknown
Location (Side): Roshtaria (Chaotic Neutral (Covertly Planning evil...))Evil Meter (---|-------)
Occupation: Commanding officer of the 56th Flying Soverignity
Previous occupations: None
Height: 5ft 10in
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Blood Type: A--

Character infromation INCLUDED

-Location (Which side you are on (basically for you power-hungry people  :P)
-Previous Occupation
-Hair Color
-Eye Color
-Blood Type.

Please read the topic "EHOL RPG???" and vote on the timeline. Polls close at the start of friday, 12:00 sharp, after that, me or Spanner will announce the results, and we'll begin playing.


Please post on the topic "EHOL RPG??? if you wish to talk here.

El-Hazard Online / El-Hazard OAV3! [Rob: keep in one thread, okay?]
« on: November 12, 2002, 08:35:49 pm »
The Prologue, of some really wierd story...

The main character, is the FIRST NAME fujisawa HAHA!... ok maybe something else... Admiral Miles Diego, a former SpecialOP of the year U.C. 2030. OnBoard the A.N.S. Yamato. His profession is rather unique, which makes others jealous. As I did say he was a SpecOps, but  he is alsoa pilot, and his co-pilot for his fighter, which he names the Shround Cruiser, is Shinar.

Miles is someone  with great aptitude, strength, endurance, and overall charm. On the ship, he is basically by himself in his cabin, he gets frequent visits from Shinar,  weither it's just to say hello, bring over some food, or just to play some HoloGame.

Shinar's life was pretty rugged during her childhood years. Alot went wrong with ehr parents, and with school. At the 8th grade he found a friend, his onl true friend, which is Miles. Shinar lookes up to Miles for a long time, even to this day. However, when she hit 15, her parents were assassinated. Leaving her with no home, no parents, but a pantry with hardly any food. She took all that food, and her favorite belongings, and headed out the door, coming to Miles' house. There, Miles' parents foudn out what happened to Shinar's parents, and there fore adopted Shinar. Both Shinar and Miles were very happy. 2 yrs. later, Miles went to go for the military, Shinar was heartbroken, knowing that her one true freind, even family member, had left. 4 yrs.  later, Shinar went to the military as well. Somehow,she got to the same ship, and division as Miles.

Now, 1 more year has passed, a war is going on, with Miles being 21, and Shinar being 18, the A.N.S. Yamato has gone through some hardships, but with them always succeeding.

Chapter 1, The Arkguil Vengeance

"I've seen better days, now this covert attack on the Coalition's Second Fleet is... Well it's not gonna be easy." Miles was thunping around his cabin, looking like he had to make a tough decision. "Well, this IS war you know" Shinar was just sitting on her knees on the floor, just eyeing Miles as he walks by, back and forth. "Well no duh, but it's taking forever for the commander to plot out this attack." "I heard they we're gonna use captured Kavon bombers." Miles just stopped. Looking like he had just seen a ghost. "Attention all personnel in the flight division. Report to the briefing room immediately"

"Well we'd better get going I guess." Shinar said as she walked out the door. Miles followed right behind.

As we sat down in the seats, the commander gave us our briefing.
"As you all are aware, there is the Coalition's Second Fleet to worry about. As you know, we have been delayed, we have been detecting subspace shears, that can result in a worm hole. We were hoping that it would suck the Second fleet up in it, but now our scans report that it just won't happen. So now we have to go ahead and attack ourselves" A small giggle sounded from the back of the briefing room. "Excuse me commander, I thought we were suppost to attack the coalition, not ourselves!" Everyone was laughing except for Miles and the commander. "This is lame... Excuse me commander, can you continue on?"

"Of course, anyway, using the captured Kamov torpedo bombers, we will maskarade as returning prisoners, hoping to get to the 2nd fleet. The clearance codes are on your hud, General Diego will be leading this mission. Therefore you should all take up formation behind him. Once the strike is done, we will then jump out to the battlefield. The Kamovs are junkies compared to what we've got, so make sure you all stay alove, 1 missle of any kind can kill that klunker. After you have docked with the Yamato, immediately go to your fighters and launch. Defend the ship at ALL COSTS."

"Sounds like this is a great chance to hit'em hard" Shinar said with partial grief. As Miles was staring at the board curiously... Miles suddenly perked up, as he was frightened.. "Commander, that ship outline, it looks liek Arkguil's!" A wide variety of gasps came from the briefing room. "Ah hell, you've noticed. Miles, I was hoping to keep that a secret." "Well in that case, since the lead ship contains Arkguil.. Hmm... Don't you think we should, once we get.. How about we all get nto position behind Arkguil's ship? If we get into formation and take up position behind, as well as launch the torpedoes at the same time, I believe we can destroy Arkguil's ship before he can raise shields."

"Excellent plan!" said one of the pilots, somewhere near Miles "Yes, if we do that, they will be disorganised, that will help us attain this 'suicidal' mission. The Yamato can go up against a cap ship, but not a whole fleet. With Arkguil gone, our chances of success become more on our side. Commander, can you give us all the ships their are in the 2nd fleet?" Miles said with great triumph.

"Lets see. Reports are sketchy, but there are 2 light cruisers, 7 gunboats, 3 carriers, and the cap ship." The commander had a dirty look on Miles. Yet none the less, Miles always did have a backup plan. "Yes, we need to use the  A.S.N Endeavor, the cap ship for the Black Vampires? They are very good. They are led by the infamous Captain Lindaxx, right?"

"Yes that is true. By the way, Miles. Since we are talking about ranks, how did you get to Admiral in one year?" Miles would never tell, and this is why he had to keep back-up plans. He pressed a switch on his hand glove, which triggered the Scramble alarm. And that worked out well. Everyone went off to the captured bombers and took off.

"Miles!... you're not suppost to do that." "I do whatever I please. Or, sometmes anyway." A few moments after, the Black Vampires had arrived, but Captain Lindaxx did not  show up. "Where is Lindaxx  guys?" The voice came from the radio, I was just staying still. "He's in sickbay, we are under your command untill we are done with this mission."

The commander came up on the radio next. "Ok guys enough with the talk, Proceed into formation behind Lt. Commander Kovo, and stay into formation once you get there." We all moved into formation, but i was at the end, and I could feel that I would get destroyed first...

We jumped over to the fleet, it was huge! Especially Arkguil's cap ship. "Stay in formation, wait untill we ge to the perimeter sattelite and take up position behind Arkguil's ship" Kovo said very silently, as if they could hear him... Soon after, we were close to the cap ship. "Ok, we're up to the perimeter sattelite, I'm sending the code now." "What's taking so long? Aw man they aren't gonna go for it!!" I said with minor fear, however that fear would rise if soemthing went wrong.

"Alright! The clearance code has been accepted, move into position indicated on your hud." With a sigh of relief I headed to the waypoint. "Hah you thought it wouldn't work." Shinar  said with a creepy face. "They're not as dumb as I first anticipated."

"Ok you are all in position, right? wait for my signal before attacking, upon attacking,  unleash ALL your torpedoes." With that pause, my heart was punping with excitement and fear. Just waiting, twitching the thrigger-thumb... "NOW! LAUNCH TOPEDOES!" I hit the launch button 4 times, all four torpedoes launched. "Get out of the blast radius!" I hit the afterburner and moved out of the way, not easly though. "Damn this is a piece of junk!" And what I saw, as for what I and the team did, Arkguil's ship was destroyed. "Oh yea! look at her BURN!"

Every fighter started after us, shooting at us with all their might. We didn't stand a chance in these klunkers. "Commander, we are ready to, what the hell is that!?" Captain Lindaxx was being sucked up into something like a wormhole. "Oh hell! It's that wormhole! COmmand, do not launch, i repeat, do NOT launch! The wormhole is active!" "I can't break free!!" Seeing as we were about to lose a eader, I quickly rushed twoards him as he was being suked in. "Captain! keep trying to break free!" I said. "It isn't possible! The gravitational pull is too great!" I finally reached him, and I curved up, and went straight down hitting the afterburner, knocking him out of the pull, but what about me?... "Command, Captain Lindaxx is safe, but I'm not."

We were very soon sucked into the wormhole, with circuits going crazy, the ship tilting and turning, Shinar screaming , it was a rough ride.

I'll continue on Ch.1 once I get back!

By the way, the wormhole gives you a hint, this will take place on Roshtaria, don't worry!

El-Hazard Online / No flash... (Rob: But El-Hazard Fighter is funny)
« on: October 18, 2002, 11:08:16 am »
The people who i was talking about, my friends, they have never heard of el-hazard. I showed them this site but no go, it's not enough "info" as they say. I told them how much stuff is in it and they decided to just give up. The 4 series were great, but it's also why they gave up  :( ... So i don't know if i should start a story or not.

I was THINKING of making a vote on making a stoey or not. But there is none soooooo. (something to put in the thing Rob ;)

Rob: It'd be nice if there were such a thing as "topic split" ;p  Well if this silly idea gets on the road for some reason, then it could be taken more seriously... (scroll down a bit past some of these jargon posts)

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