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El-Hazard Online / Re: El-Hazard as a TCG?!
« on: March 21, 2006, 02:36:29 am »
Ah, yes - Ani-Mayhem. If you look under Goodies -> Trinkets from the main page, you can find a complete list of images of the El-Hazard cards from that game.

I tried playing Ani-Mayhem for a while, and while I dearly wanted to enjoy the game I found that the rules were too complicated and clunky for the game to be enjoyable. The math involved in resolving conflicts between character cards got to be extremely involved at times (and don't even get me started on the insanity of Charm battling!). Single turns took a VERY long time to complete. And, on top of that, it was all too easy to forget just whose cards were whose out on the field.

So, kudos to Pioneer (now Geneon) for making such a bold step in promoting its anime (and anime in general), but it really didn't turn out so well.
Well yes, even after reading the rulebook, there were some things I thought were confusing. But, within the small group of people who still play Ani-mayhem, we've refined the rules to our liking while still keeping with the original rules of the game. For example, a charm battle is now based on whomever has the highest after power card bonuses and such. Also, the whole rule with Havens now counting as a free spot where you may unload your items should you aquire them from a location. And different colored sleeves are very useful in seting the different cards apart.  ;D

El-Hazard Online / El-Hazard as a TCG?!
« on: March 18, 2006, 05:25:29 am »
Man...it seems like forever since I last stepped foot onto these forums. Sure alot of things have changed, (No more MP3's  :bawl ) , but I'm sure the people posting here are still the same as when I first posted.

N-E-ways, so I stumbled upon an old anime trading card game called "Ani-Mayhem", which apparently was an old anime card game using the universes of Ranma 1/2, Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyo, and of course El-Hazard! So thrilled at the idea of El-Hazard characters being apart of a TCG, I've hunted up and down for the now defuncted card game packs and proxys to create a dream El-Hazard deck. Having the great Lord God Jinnai save the Ani-verse while having the Bugrom ruin the other players is so much fun. Plus, everytime you play, it's like writing a on the spot fanfic!  :D

So has anyone else heard or used to play Ani-Mayhem? And for those who haven't, I'll see about posting some of the cards up for all to see... ^_^V

El-Hazard Online / Re: El Hazard: The Eternal Dreamers
« on: November 08, 2005, 07:04:49 pm »
Hehehehehe, that's okay, it's just that after bringing such a topic, that does seem like a plothole, what has happened to real world after the four disappeared? I still say they should reference El Hazard in another AIC title, like put a news or interview on how sad most of the students and teachers are of their disappearance, except maybe for Jinnai, they won't miss him. And another funny thing, they make a theory on how Fujisawa disappeared, saying he go drunk and ended up kidnapped by modern day pirates or something. Another idea, a seemingly insane conspiracy theorist gets involved. And gets in the way.

Actually, I've figured that out! If you've read the introduction on my first post, you'll remember that my main male protagonist Morio remembers seeing a mysterious void opening up with Makoto and Ifurita leaving to go back to El-Hazard one early morning. This becomes his obession for the next four years to know what was the cause of that and thus sets the stage for him following Makoto's footsteps.  :D  

El-Hazard Online / Re: El Hazard: The Eternal Dreamers
« on: November 07, 2005, 12:35:19 am »
Well, I have these ideas for an adult or surrogate Fujisawa accompanying them.

First idea: A teacher, female teacher this time, who is very sexy and likes to act cool to her students and a bit tomboyish, but all the guys like her, but she still takes pride in her work, and is smart, and she loves parties, sports, drinking and having fun. Typical character, popular, big front, short hair, easy going, a bit rude, and speaks in a Kansai accent. Says something like: "When I was still a teenager, I was never the most popular, always the shy, glasses wearing student sitting in the corner, that's why I became a teacher, so I can be popular, even as an adult!(Flashes V-sign)" The female protaganist always argues with her, saying that she is not doing her job seriously, and is a bit of disgrace.

Another idea: A private investigator, who is very serious, and looks mean and vicious, but he is a gentle giant, he is a Japanese-Filipino man, with a physique that of Mickey Rourke of Sin City, except he isn't crazy with a condition, but he has a sad past, when he was a 15 year old, his younger sister disappeared while he was playing basketball, when he was supposed to pick her up, and somehow forgot. After the police failed in finding her, and he spent the rest of his puberty searching for her, even dropping out of school day and night searching, until he gave up and lived with regret, for his remaining teen days, he repeated high school in Japan at 18, with his Uncle and Aunt, because his parent couldn't take care of him,  he is somewhere near 50, and he decided to search for the students in someway to atone for himself, but he always feels guilt and torment.  He decided to take on the case of the missing students and teacher, and he took it seriously after hearing the sad pleading words of Makoto's parents, and after hearing from them, he keeps hearing his parents grief when his sister disappeared, so he decides to look for them and hopes to find them. And he keeps telling the students to stop searching because they might get lost too. The investigator is tall like 6ft something, light dark skin, hails from Mindanao, and is Muslim.
What do ya think?

Nice ideas there Kaji. Though I really just wanted the kid's to show themselves as independent, away from the adults and out on their own. Kinda reflected how I felt at the time when I wrote this... ^^;  

El-Hazard Online / Re: You mean...there's a place just for me?
« on: September 23, 2005, 08:36:47 pm »
Welcome fellow wanderer! This site is a dream for those who remember! :D Enjoy what this site has to offer. Believe me, I sure have! XD

El-Hazard Online / Re: Who's your fave El Hazard Character?
« on: August 30, 2005, 01:04:37 am »
I think I might be the only person here who ACTUALLY likes Miz... :o But as for my other characters, T.V. Ifurita (Juile Ann Taylor WHOOT!), Fujisawa, and of course, the Great Lord God Jinnai! ;D

El-Hazard Online / Naming my Wanderers...
« on: August 28, 2005, 04:13:46 am »
Well...it was a long time coming for this day personally. But thanks to your comments and my undying love of the El Hazard universe, I've decided to "officially" name my intrepid group of wanderers. XD A little background info on why I choose the following names; I was reading a TIME magazine article about the surviviors of the Hiroshima bombing. According to the article, they were dubbed as the "Hibakusha" - "those who survived the day when the world goes dark". In a sense of the El Hazard universe, it will be those whom come out to challenge the darkness of their old world/lives and step into the light of a new day/new world that'll make their journey to El Hazard a memorable one. So, without further delay, my "official" naming of the principal cast of "El-Hazard: The Eternal Dreamers"

Main Protagonist(Male): Morio Iwata (Nickname: Mori-chan)

Female Companion: Kinuyo Watanebe (Nickname: Kiyo)

Male Companion: Jiro Tatsumoto (Nickname: Tatsu)

Main Antagonist(Female): Hiroko Konishi (Nickname: Konishi)

Henchman Lackey (Male): Yuji Egusa (Nickname: Little Bitch XD)

So...what do you guys think?

El-Hazard Online / Re: El Hazard: The Eternal Dreamers
« on: August 28, 2005, 03:49:43 am »

That's an interesting concept, Nirvana; have you written any of it yet? :]]
Some of it...I've written the prologue and a few key scenes...aside from that, nothing really more than that...I was still in the middle of naming my intrepid group of wanderers :'(

El-Hazard Online / Re: my el hazard
« on: August 27, 2005, 03:29:57 am »
I takes approximately 20 minutes to carry out a drawing ^^ and now sexy ifurita a gift for the men of the forum ;)

...That's hot... =,]

El-Hazard Online / Re: Possibilities....
« on: August 27, 2005, 03:26:32 am »

Gives me idea's for the El-Hazard Campaign I'm running right now.

-_- Well...if you plan to do anything with my story, be sure to give credit when credit is due alright...that or explain to me this "campaign" you are doing...

El-Hazard Online / Re: El Hazard: The Eternal Dreamers
« on: August 27, 2005, 03:24:37 am »
That does sound interesting, people investigating what happened to the Makoto, Jinnai, Nanami, and Fujisawa. You know I think Fujisawa made an appearance in Tenchi In Tokyo. Tenchi Muyo should've referenced this in their series, like there would be an article or news of 4 people disappearing, and Tenchi gets surprised learning a teacher of his went missing. That would really be funny. Oh by the way, do you have a surrogate Fujisawa in your story? That would be cool another teacher disappears. Maybe you could put a private investigator in place of Fujisawa. A X-Files like guy, or a paranoid guy, that would be interesting.
Hmmm...that is something to think about. However, I wasn't really going for any adults to accompany our hero's this time around. Their personal independance in making the decision to travel to El Hazard was one issue I was focusing on at the time I was writing this...

El-Hazard Online / Re: Question about Dubs
« on: July 25, 2005, 11:51:44 pm »

Holy crap! I've been in those stores lots of times and never bothered to look for anime because I didn't think they had them. Cool, now all I need is some money...  ;D
...I can't believe you didn't know that those stores carried anime... ^^; I would know...I"m a frequent customer of Suncoast and Best Buy.  ;D While on the subject, there are no more El Hazard related DVDs in those stores anymore...The best thing I can do know is E-bay...and most of the time they're bootlegs... :'( Such a sad shame...

El-Hazard Online / Re: Problems, possible bug on el hazard game
« on: July 19, 2005, 02:18:51 am »
Hey, I just downloaded the game today, and I seem really stuck.

I had Alielle and Nanami in my party, and I went to the throne room to uncover Gallus. It happened correctly, but every time i go back there it keeps repeating the same "evil gallus" scene.

Also, Miz gave me the ring to show Afura, but nothing happens when I go to Afura, with or without Miz.

Am I doing something wrong, I just seem really lost and confused and nothing new has happened for like 30 minutes as I have marched around with the different character combinations...  :-/
The ring that Miz gives you is meant for you to show Shayla when Jinnai attacks for the second time. That or you could decide not to tell Miz about your problem with Afura then go see Shayla for another scenario... ;)

El-Hazard Online / Re: El Hazard, Year 10
« on: July 18, 2005, 04:09:39 pm »
Well, here's me in the completed Groucho armor.


There's tons more pics if ya want em.
Damn that's an awesome costume! I really wish I had someone like you to help me out with my Jinnai cosplay. T_T

El-Hazard Online / Re: Jinnai Cosplay Help!
« on: July 16, 2005, 01:46:23 am »
Oh yes...but before I forget...Thanks to those so far whom have given me ideas on the cosplay. Keep those suggestions coming guys! ^_^V

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