Wanderers/Episode 9 Guide: House of Thieves


The Wanderers: Episode 9 - House of Thieves

All of the Earth People have started anew in El-Hazard… except for Makoto. He wants to make a difference, but not sure how.

He tries to impress Schtalabaugh with his scientific ability. His demonstration ends with a bang. He tries to help Nanami in the kitchen by cutting the vegetable, but he's horribly slow (he feels he has to cut the vegetables a certain way). Nanami thinks that he isn't fit for the place. Fujisawa, on the other hand, has a little problem: His Earth history is different from El-Hazard history. Like a good teacher, he allows Alielle to be the teacher.

Makoto wants to do something, and fast, since he's drawing a picture of Rune in his book. Rune gives him a hello, and he freaks out (drawing a small picture of Rune is alluding to something). Nanami runs in and says that the vegetables are overpriced. 20,000 Roshtals is pretty expensive. The crops are just not coming in. The fields are cleaned out quite literally. After one of the guards find the path, they travel until they find a hive. Jinnai is inside, with a mound of vegetables. He claims he grew them all, and his sister claims he just stole them. Jinnai wants proof and Makoto has none. They leave with fleeting hope of getting to the bottom of this.

As we know, Jinnai IS stealing them (he is just not Jinnai if he didn't). Plucking them from underground or with brute force, he collects the vegetables into the hive. His idea is to starve the Alliance into defeat. That's a good idea, but BURNING the vegetables would have been a better idea, but I'm not the conqueror here. After seeing some wine spilled on Nanami's shorts, he has an idea…

Jinnai still demands proof. Makoto throws a vegetable at him and says that the color is red. Jinnai says they are white. Surprise, surprise, it was red. Makoto used the plant's natural ability of taking in water from the roots to change the color of the vegetables. Jinnai gets so mad he sends his Bugrom after him. Fujisawa comes in and takes them on. Alielle didn't do so hot. Nanami throws a vegetable at him. A food fight breaks out. Jinnai loses, the kingdom gets its vegetables back.

Everything is back to normal… except the wind blows at percisely at the right time and the book opens to the exact page where he drew the picture of Rune. Talk about embarrassing…

What was Jinnai going to do with the excess vegetables? Give the Bugrom manicures. Yeah…

Final Thoughts - It's an episode about stolen food. What else could you write about it.

Lesson for the Episode - Eat something, as long as the Bugrom haven't used it for a manicure.

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