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Many special thanks to Spanner, Mr. What, Dooky, Isamu, Shaylas Raven, Manx, Nepotism Chainsaw, Jojo, Icy EyeG, Stinko, and Helio for their great contributing works and overall community spirit, as well as everyone else who helped to make El-Hazard Online a great success, useful resource, and good community for all El-Hazard fans!

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(19.Mar. 08:04)
What's going on on this picture? [?]
Re: Top Ten Anime Lists for 2006
(19.Mar. 08:02)
Whoa, what it was 10 years ago but the lists are still so actual and the anime movies and series never get old. [?]
Re: El-Hazard Saturn to PC port
(14.Jan. 18:33)
(Even laterer reply)

Sorry you're no longer proud of your fanfic-ish translation. Sort of reminds me of the AMV I made years ago but could never be fully satisfied with it (even now).

I just wanted to say that even after maybe a decade and a couple dea... [?]
Re: *OOC* Post Character Specs!
(12.Oct. 21:38)
In order to play, you must first post your 'character specs'. For Example, here's what my character bio is.

Name - Mioto Fijisawa
Age - 16
Gender - Male
Birthdate - Septaria 3
Re: Post Character Specs!
(12.Oct. 21:28)
nice choice  ^_^V [?]


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