Wanderers/Episode 8 Guide: Reunion


The Wanderers: Episode 8 - Reunion

Miz and Fujisawa are rejoined together in this episode, like no one has seen that coming.

Miz, after leaving her post with Nanami, went off to Roshtaria, looking for her Masamichi. At the Bugrom Empire, Jinnai is still up in the wee hours of the night, working on yet another plan to take over the land, like no one has seen that coming. After bickering about the tea, he continues his plans.

It is morning in Roshtaria, and everyone is washing up. Rune is thinking about Makoto, and Fujisawa is thinking about class (he IS a teacher, you know…). Right before he could begin class, Miz comes in and latches onto Fujisawa like a bloodsucking leech. Class is canceled for the day. Miz meets up with Rune and talk about why she is there (Fujisawa). Thus, Fujisawa gets a second date with the Priestess. Going to a fountain, she convinces Fujisawa to throw a coin in to see if a rainbow appears. If it does, they were to be together forever. Surely enough, the fountain started working. Before it seemed that Fujisawa is stuck with her for good, the rainbow… doesn't appear. Miz becomes very disoriented and PO'ed. She automatically concluded that something is wrong at the Shrine.

Something was different, all right. The shrine became a water park. Many people are coming to enjoy the new attractions. Water slides, pools, entertainment bungie jumping… it certainly not much of a shrine anymore. Because of the booming business, Nanami has raked in quite a bit of Roshtals for herself. It was only now that Miz explained that the Water Shrine is, essentially, a large pump for the people of Roshtaria. That's bad, since all of the water is now being used for the attractions. When they get to the pump room, it starts busting apart. That's really bad, because now the place gets flooded. The rushing water caught everyone by surprise, and they were almost washed away, if it weren't for Miz's last-second intervention. Makoto, Alielle and Fujisawa saw Nanami and were overjoyed.

Miz is left behind since she has to clean up the shrine and fix it, wondering about if she and Fujisawa were meant to be together. Nanami joined up with the others and they travel back to Roshtaria. And Jinnai… well, let's just say "too much of a good thing is not a good thing".

Final Thoughts - We learn a valuable lesson today: Never leave your shrine to a businessman/woman. You might lose it by his/her own stupidity.

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