Wanderers/Episode 7 JSV Script: A Golden Opportunity


Episode 7 – A Golden Opportunity (Subtitled Script)

Act 1 Scene i

What are you going to do? Makoto had tried his hardest and is still on Square 1 on what to do. The Three Great Priestesses didn’t help. Now what?</p> <p>Never mind him. What about Nanami? She wants to get a business up and going, but she needs to do the legwork. On the beach, there are many people. Perfect for any girl wanting to make a sale with food.

Nanami – This is a good place.

She is wearing a goofy looking suit. She bangs the drums and hit the cymbals. Everyone looked. She even blew through a hollowed out stick. She got their attention. "Who is that?" "Is everything all right?" were some of their responses.

Nanami (calling out) – Attention, attention, step right up!

She threw different ads about the restaurant.

Nanami (calling out) – Fast, cheap, and really delicious. "Tetsujin", the ocean restaurant is this way. (She spins around and around) A relaxing place that is the oasis to your heart. (They’re still staring) We’ll be awaiting your arrival with heartfelt feelings! (She bowed, with a trail of kids behind her.)

End of Act 1 Scene i

Act 1 Scene ii

"Tetsujin", a small establishment. It’s small, it’s little, but it will get a surge in business.

Nanami – I’m back, Master.

(The Boss looked and saw Nanami. She threw off her clothes and people appear) I’ve brought customers with me… (Now she needed to clean the dishes.) Ahh. Alright! (The Boss lets out a loud yawn and Nanami didn’t like that.) Hey, Master, don’t just sit there. Take some orders.

The Boss points at himself

The Boss – Me?

(Nanami let’s out a growl and, after thinking for a moment, went off to take off and take orders. Nanami starts to think.)

Nanami – I can’t depend on him…

End of Act 1 Scene ii

Act 1 Scene iii

Flashback time.

Nanami – Now that I think about it, it’s been several days since I’ve landed in this strange world. Not knowing what is left from right in this foreign land I’ve had to endure a lot of hardships to survive. But I began to run to a land called freedom. I can’t go back now! (Back to the restaurant, shaking her left fist) Although this is an old, dirty beach restaurant(holds on to the pan with right hand, thunder clash) I’m now the chef who runs the kitchen! Even though no one has said this, people say that I have skills of a culinary circle superman. I’ll show them!

End of Act 1 Scene iii

Act 1 Scene iv

Back to reality, The Boss lays down a pile of orders. Now she needs to get started.

Nanami – Alright then!

She viciously cuts a cabbage. The Boss looks on and… looks on. She cuts away, wowing the crowd.

Nanami (thinking) – I’m a hit.

She peels away at another vegetable. Everyone is watching closely. She flips, she stirs, she’s doing a good job. The crowd cheers her on. She cuts up a yellow vegetable, but it didn’t quite separate from itself.

Nanami – Uh-oh.

Who cares? The crowd cheers her on, and she laughs nervously.

Nanami – Now, let’s see how this tastes. (After a small sip and a big spit) Ugh! Terrible! Why is this so awful? Aren’t there any good seasonings around here? Come to think of it… (Remember… Soy Sauce…) I’ve got soy sauce! Smells so good! Mmm… Smells good. Let’s try it.

End of Act 1 Scene iv

Act 1 Scene v

The taste test. Someone must try the chef’s concoctions. Everyone looks at the stuff. Finally, the Boss and a civilian tries the food.

Civilian A – Oh! It brings out the flavor of the ingredient with a great aroma and the right amount of salt.

Civilian B – The sauce is different! A hidden taste we’ve not experienced before. It improves the overall flavor.

Civilian A – Delicious!

Civilian B – Delicious!

The crowd goes on a frenzy over the fish. The boss wants the sauce, but Nanami takes it away at the last second.

(Waves her fingers) Tch, tch, tch, (points at the sauce) Sorry, but this is mine. (Over and over again She crushed the Boss.)

Nanami – With this I could possibly go into business for myself!

End of Act 1 Scene v

Act 2 Scene i

In the middle of the night. Fujisawa and Allielle are continuing on, but Makoto…

Makoto – I can’t go on! (He falls)

Fujisawa – What’s the matter Makoto? To pass out at this point is pitiful. (He goes into his teacher stance) Look at me! (Makoto peeks his eyes at him) I can go on for another two days! See! Hup! Hup!

He does several squats.

Makoto – I know you can survive in the mountains for ten, twenty or so years, but

Allielle – Master Makoto doesn’t eat enough. (She emphasizes with her fist) You should eat a lot more, and develop your physical strength.

Makoto – (looking to the side, looks at the ground) I know, but the food here is-- I know that people like its light, fresh taste (…then to the heavens) No matter how much I like light-flavored food, something is just missing.

Fujisawa – That’s not true. The liquor is good.

Makoto – But Mr. Fujisawa, liquor is like your main diet.

Fujisawa – (laughs) How do you expect to blossom without liquor? (Laughs it up again)

Makoto (sighs) – If I knew this was going to happen. I should have thoroughly enjoyed Nanami’s lunches. (Looks to the sky) I can remember her tasty omelets.

Fujisawa – Seasoned okra goes well with sake.

Makoto – For me it’s takoyaki eaten when it’s still hot. I can’t take it!

Allielle – Hmm… (Right hand on face, little squeaky noises from his stomach) Hmm?

Makoto – (Arms underneath suit) Oh no! I’ve gotten hungrier!

Fujisawa – (scratches his head, left hand) But what are we supposed to do?

Allielle – (Points behind Fujisawa) Hey, look at that!

"Huh?" Makoto and Fujisawa went. She sees a festival far, far away. They head there.

End of Act 2 Scene i

Act 2 Scene ii

A festival is going on. There seems to be a lot of food stands available.

Makoto – This is amazing! It’s what we call a festival in our world, right?

Allielle – It’s a ceremony to pray to the God of the mountain. But everyone except the shrine maidens are celebrating till the next morning.

Makoto – It’s the same in our world.

Makoto’s eyes start to wander.

Allielle – This place is usually deserted. I guess we got lucky.

Fujisawa – This is a great atmosphere. (He chuckled, then pulls out a bottle with his right hand.) It’s excellent for drinking. (He guzzles the bootle.)

Makoto – Fujisawa-sensei, doesn’t something smell delicious?

Allielle looks around as well.

Fujisawa – Yeah, it brings back memories.

Allielle (pointing) – Is that it?

Makoto looked and his stomach turned again.

Allielle – If you’re so hungry, let’s go there, Master Makoto. Come on!

Makoto – With so many people there, we won’t know when we can eat.

Allielle (dragging Makoto with his right hand) – It won’t matter, they’ll continue until the morning.

Makoto (being dragged) – Sensei!

End of Act 2 Scene ii

Act 2 Scene iii

"Nanami’s" At the front of the line is Nanami. She is serving up her dishes. Looks like cooked sushi.

Nanami – Welcome! Sorry to keep you waiting. This way please. (Thinking, looking out to the crowd) Luck is upon me, from the first day of my independence. After all, this is the only thing I can rely on in this strange world.

Someone inserts coins into a tip jar. Then, a familiar hand tries to give a wad of Roshtals into the small slot. Nanami gets worried. Back at the line, Makoto hops around like a kid who desperately needs the head.

Fujisawa – Hey, Makoto, control yourself!

Makoto (acting funny) – But Fujisawa-sensei, I know this is the smell of soy sauce that I’ve dreamed about. Aaa! It’s driving me nuts!

The whole crowd moved forward. Fujisawa laughed.

Fujisawa – Look, if you patiently stand in line your turn will come up before you know it.

Allielle goes for the front. Fujisawa, trying to be responsible orders her back.

Fujisawa – Hey Allielle, don’t cut in line!

Allielle – Aww…

Fujisawa – That’s right, one must also have some manners as well.

He laughs loudly until the line went up in an uproar. What’s going on?

Makoto – What’s that?

Shayla – That’s why I’m telling you I paid for it so there’s no reason for you to complain!

Angry Citizen – Money’s not the issue! Everyone’s been waiting, so leave some for us!

Shayla – No way!

There was a squabble with Shayla and a citizen because of line issues. Oy. Shayla puts a lot of the stick of food into her mouth at once. Nanami looks worried.

Angry Citizen – Why you!

Shayla – Get your hands off me!

Angry Citizen – Give me some!

Shayla – You trying to start a fight?

Nanami (nervously laughing) – Oh no! I’m sold out and closed for the day.

Shayla got really angry and blew up the whole area.

Fujisawa – What happened?

Nanami – (yelling) Coming through! Out of my way! Excuse me! (She was running with the cart, past of Fujisawa and Makoto, after she was gone…)

Makoto – What was that?

End of Act 2 Scene iii

Act 3 Scene i

The Water Palace. Miz is still sulking since Fujisawa left the palace. Lonesome, she leans on the edge of her balcony.

Miz (thinking) – Even though the sun glows brightly and the earth extends endlessly my heart lies deep beneath the ground. (She messes around with a cloud and makes a spitting image of Fujisawa’s head.) It all started that day I met you. I’d like for you to gently smile at me once again. Oh, my dear Mr. Fujisawa, my dear Mr. Fujisawa.

The Cloud (literally! In Fujisawa’s voice, but…) – Miz…

Miz – What?

Water Priestess Servant Girl A – Miss Miz?

Water Priestess Servant Girl B – Miss Miz?

The cloud turned back into a cloud of no shape.

Miz – Oh, it’s you two.

WPSG A – I’m sorry to disturb you while you’re resting, but…

Miz sighed loudly.

Miz – I’ll look at them later, leave them over there.

WPSG A – Yes…

The girls look at the large pile that still hasn’t been sorted as of yet.

Miz – Mr. Fujisawa, do you understand the feelings of a painfully heartbroken maiden who only thinks of you? I am now alone and quietly… (She closed her eyes, then tumbling is heard. She got mad) Silence! What’re you doing? (She turned away, still looking at them) I’m in a sentimental mood.

WPSG B – But Miss Miz… you should sort through the mail that you’ve received.

WPSG A – To leave them stacked here any longer is preposterous!

Miz – Alright! All I have to do is clean it up, right? What’s that?

Down there, on the courtyard, Nanami is selling her kind of lunch.

Nanami – Attention, step right up! How about a delicious lunch box, specially made by Nanami! (People want to buy. She starts to talk bull right about now…) They’re delicious, healthy and really good for your beauty and body! It’ll absolutely shave 10 years off your life(age?)!

WPSG B – Oh!

WPSG A – My!

WPSG A and B – It’s perfect for you Miss Miz!

Miz was mad at that comment, and they wisely decided to cover their mouths.

Miz (chuckles) – How dare she conduct business in front of this holy shrine of Miz and in broad daylight. (She chuckles again) Let’s go!

WPSG A and B – M-Miss Miz!

Nanami had a heck of a time with the customers. She made a lot of money, and she placed it in the right place…

Nanami (thinking) – Splendid! My special lunches are a hit again. My instincts were right! I thought this was a strange castle and sure enough there are many tourists. Luck is really with me! (Using vocals) Well, shall I go make some more money?

Miz – Excuse me.

Nanami – Huh? Yes.

She did not expect someone to sneak up behind her. She hopes its just another customer.

Miz – You’re a stranger, aren’t you? (Nanami just realized it) This is the holy Shrine of Water. Only those who are in standing with the shrine are allowed to enter.

Nanami – Oh?

Why COULDN’T it be another customer?

Miz – Just to check. Please show me your business permit.

Nanami – "Business Permit"? (Frantic Thought) I don’t have such a thing.

Miz – What’s the matter? Now…

WPSG A + B – (sequentially) Now. Now.

Nanami – Uh… (Frantic Thought) W-what should I do?!

Miz – Unless you have a permit you’re forbidden to enter this shrine from this point on and all proceeds of sales are forfeited.

Nanami – But! If you take away my profits from today’s sale, how will I live?


Nanami – No choice! (Looks at the Priestess again) This isn’t for myself. What’ll become of daddy who is waiting in a deteriorating hut (Tears up) in the mountains for me to return?

Miz – Your daddy?

Nanami – Unless I buy medicine with this money my… my dear father will…

Nanami "cries" on the ground.

Miz – Is he sick?

Nanami (making it up as she goes along) – Yes, with senility..

WPSG A + B – Oh?

Nanami – Besides, it’s said no one can recover from this illness. (She "cries" again, louder than the first) I know it’s wrong, but I heard everyone at this shrine is so kindhearted so I came all this way from another country. Please have some compassion!

Miz has to think about this. She placed her left index finger on her chin.

Miz – Well… I guess there’s no choice.

Nanami looked up.

Nanami – Really? (She smiles) It was meant to be!

Miz looked at her. She was not out of this yet.

Miz – However, it cannot be unconditional!

Nanami – Huh?

Miz – Won’t you work part-time?

Nanami – Work part time?

End Act 3 Scene i

Act 3 Scene ii

Nanami is now stuck working for Miz to pay off her debt. She’s carrying some packages for her and walking down the hallway.

Nanami – Excuse me, Miss Miz, how far are we going?

Miz – To this point. (They stop) You’re going to help me out all day today. Oh, it’s just a little cleaning up.

Nanami (happy) – That’ll be a bargain then.

Miz – I’m glad to hear that. Well.

After turning the knobs, Miz moved to the side quickly. Maybe Nanami shouldn’t have said that. A wall of presents collapsed on her as she screamed incessantly. She was buried in presents. Miz peeked out to see if she is still alive.

Nanami – What? (Sees more boxes) You mean all this?

Miz – Yes.

End Act 3 Scene ii

Act 3 Scene iii

Miz and Nanami were in the room. Miz is trying to start, but it’s very cluttered.

Miz – I hate this! There’s no end!

While Miz is whining, Nanami is looking in some of the presents. She holds a dish with a pig on it.

Nanami – Wow, how could she let it pile up? (Holds hands out and gives obvious deduction) Miss Miz, do you like collecting these things?

Miz thinks otherwise.

Miz – Of course not!

Nanami flinched.

Nanami – Gee, I’m sorry!

Miz sighed and Nanami relaxed.

Miz (sad) – Well, I can’t blame you for thinking that way. To a young girl like you, I must look like a fool. I’ve resulted (resorted?) to collecting gifts from weddings…

Miz started to cry a little.

Nanami – (looking at Miz) I didn’t mean that…

Miz – Don’t worry about it. I’ve been so busy with my job, when I suddenly noticed I was the only single person.

Nanami interrupts.

Nanami – That’s not true! I think a woman who can focus on her career is fascinating!

Miz turned around and looked at her.

Miz – R-Really! Do you really think so?

Nanami – Yes!

Miz crawled over to Nanami.

Miz – (making a point, holding her index finger and thumb in the air, puts hand down) But a career woman is treated so coldly by the world.

Nanami – I understand! I understand! It’s so hard for a woman to live by herself. Especially when it comes to love.

Miz – I’m so shy, but I can’t lie to myself.

Nanami – (states the obvious) Miss Miz, you’re in love, aren’t you?

Miz – Yes, yes, I am! But those around me don’t understand it at all.

Nanami – They say you can’t combine work and love. (She looks up to Miz with a concerned face) That’s just a prejudiced view.

Miz – You seem to have had a hard life, even though you’re young.

Nanami – (Placing her right hand behind her head) Well, let’s say a similar experience rather than a hard life.

Miz – (cuffing her mouth with her hands, looks to the ceiling) Such a woman will fall in love with an unadaptable man. He’s honest, but awkward and old-fashioned.

Nanami – He really loves the outdoor life?

Miz – Yes, yes!

Nanami seems to know what she is doing since she knows the guy.

Nanami – (looks away) No way, I know a man like that. (Looks at Miz) He devotes himself to his job and is so timid to girls.

Cut to Fujisawa sneezing, then back to Miz and Nanami

Nanami – But you’re lucky he lives in the same world at least. Yes, that’s right! (Miz says "What?". Nanami stands up, looking out the window.) You can’t just let the day go by. (Looks at Miz) You must go to him!

Miz – N-Nanami!

Nanami – (back out the window) There’s nothing wrong with a woman who lives for her job, to live for love. If they don’t understand how you feel, make them understand!

Miz stared back at Nanami.

End Act 3 Scene iii

End Act 4 Scene i

In the middle of the night. Miz decided to take Nanami’s advice and look for her love, Masamichi. Packed with her clothing, a cloak and a staff, she leaves. Her servant girls come for her.

WPSG A and B – Miss Miz!

WPSG A – Miss Miz, where are you going so late at night?

WPSG B – What about your duties to the shrine?

Miz – II can’t just let the day go by. If he leaves, I must pursue. That’s life. (The two servant girls gasped.) Don’t worry, I’ve place the shrine in Nanami’s care. Farewell.

WPSG A and B – But… Miss Miz!

WPSG B – Nanami?

They look at each other.

WPSG A – Then what’ll become of her sick father?

End of Act 4 Scene i

Act 4 Scene ii

Nanami has money in mind. Let’s face it: Nanami would make money off of anything if she gets an opportunity. And guess what…?

Nanami – Well, 30 Roshtals per hour to watch the shrine. She’ll be gone for at least three days… so… no way! I took the job, because Miss Miz really insisted, but it’s a pretty good deal. She said I could use the shrine as I please while she’s gone. (She gets up from her pillows.) Luck seems to be smiling upon me more and more. Now, Nanami won’t be defeated!

End of the Episode, Subtitle flavor.

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