Wanderers/Episode 7 Guide: A Golden Opportunity


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 7 - "A Golden Opportunity"

US Age Rating: 13 and up.

This is a beautiful day to go to the beach. It's sunny, warm, and kids who are running around (duh). This is also a good place to sell food. And Nanami knows how to get customers. Wearing a ridiculous suit and using various instruments, she collects a crowd.

She is currently working at the Saw-Tooth Café (or "Tetsujin" in the subtitled version), where her boss is the lazy and she has to do all the work. Though she dislikes the job, it was better than working with the nomadic tribe she was with. She ran off in the middle of the night and came to this restaurant. At least she is the chef. When she gets the orders, she gets straight to work, impressing the crowd with cutting up a red cabbage, peeling, and cutting a yellow vegetable into circles (despite messing it up). They were cheering her across the whole way.

Nanami is critical, though, and she did not like the way the food tasted. She needed spices, but she didn't have any with her… except the soy sauce. She used it and the taste came out the way she wanted. Everyone thought the food tasted great and went for it. The Boss wanted her secret sauce, but she took it away. She knows that her food would be a big hit now.

To night. Makoto, hardly eating anything collapsed onto the ground. Fujisawa, being very fit, told Makoto he needed more exercise. Allielle said that he needed a proper diet. Makoto says that he wants something that tastes good. He wished that he had one of Nanami's lunch boxes. After talk of food, Makoto just became hungrier. And wouldn't you know it! There's a festival that's happening on the mountain.

The festival is stockpiled with merchants and such. Fujisawa takes this opportunity to drink while Makoto looks for something to eat. There was a large line filled with people. With a long wait, Makoto wondered if he would ever get to the front. Nanami was raking in money like crazy. The line moved slowly, and Makoto couldn't wait. He's hopping and jumping, and Fujisawa was worried about him. Allielle wanted to get ahead, but Fujisawa stopped her.

There was a fight that started at the front of the line. Shayla and another civilian got into a squabble (over food in the subtitled and who was in front in the English version). It ended in a fiery explosion and Nanami shutting down for the night.

At the Water Shrine, Miz is still thinking about Fujisawa. She wishes to see him again (and again, and again, and again…) the servant girls were having a hard time understanding why, and bring her mail. She hasn't tended to the mail for some time and now has stockpiled into a heap. Miz is upset, and its time to take it out on someone else. Nanami was selling sandwiches on the front porch of the Shrine. Giving off positive spins on her product, Nanami was selling them off like hot cakes (okay, more like boxed lunches). But she never expected to meet up with Miz.

Miz wanted her to provide her with a License (Permit) that Nanami clearly didn't have. She demanded that Nanami give her all of the money she earned in the sales. Figuring no other way out of this, Nanami decided to make up a story about her father and his sickness (chronic sinilliitis in the English version or senility subtitled). Miz decided that Nanami could be let off the hook… on condition.

Nanami has to help her part time to pay off the debt. Nanami thought it was just going to be a little job of organizing a few items. It turned to be a few hundred items. Miz has a collection of unused, unopened, given away wedding gifts. A hobby of hers, she doesn't seem to like it that much, but she has them anyway. Miz told her she likes someone and Nanami picked up on it right away. She even guessed who this man might be. Before Miz could tell about her duty, Nanami said that she should go find the man.

Miz left that night. Leaving Nanami in charge, Miz left the shrine for her love.

The episode could've ended here, but Nanami has other plans. She plans to reconstruct the whole shrine into a new place. Part of her growing business empire, "Nanami, Incorporated". Now nothing can stop her (or so she believes).

Final Thoughts - Let's face it. Nanami is a Jinnai, and the common trend is to be in control and to take over. She focuses more on the business sector than on world conquering, but she still.


Obviously these people were having a blast watching her brutalize vegetables. It just seems silly. It would be impressive, but not awe-inspiring.

Makoto is starved…

Makoto is HUNGRY throughout the episode.

"I’d give a million Roshtals right now for a Nanami’s Super Box Lunch. She had one for me the day we left. I wonder if it’s the one with the omelet? I sure miss soy sauce."

"Mmm… Takoyaki you’re calling my name. They’re hot… they’re… ohh… Darn! Now I’m making myself hungrier!"

"I’m afraid I’m dying now. Go ahead without me. Ah…"

…and Fujisawa is there for encouragement (somewhat).

"Hey, what’s the matter? You really should try to take care of your health more. You need more exercise. Use me as an example. I can hold out for days."

" They should make liquor a basic food group."

How poetic…

Miz is still thinking about Fujisawa. She makes her own muses about the man.

Blue Eyes?

In one scene, Miz has blue eyes. It's a mistake, but it's still there for a few seconds.

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