Wanderers/Episode 6 JSV Script: A Game of Chance and Fire


Wanderers Episode 6 – A Game of Chance and Fire

Act 1 Scene i

(Makoto and the others wander on. The Shrine of Wind, despite having a library full of information, had given them no lead to how they could possibly get home. They are getting more desperate. To reach the Fire Priestess, they need to travel across the desert. In the middle of day time… with little water left.)

Alielle (whining) – Master Makoto, please give me water.

(Makoto decided to give her water, but… he checks the pouch. Shaking it with his right hand, he concludes there is no water.)

Makoto – I’m sorry, but mine is also empty.

(Fujisawa tries to get some water from his pouch, but none comes out.)

Fujisawa – I want to drink a good beer.

(He throws his pouch away. Far away.)

Alielle – Huh? Look! It must be the town of Lasve.

(And for some reason, for some BIZZARE reason, she becomes a cannonball and barrels through Makoto and Fujisawa and takes off, leaving them in the dust. I guess she feels her needs are more important than guarding Makoto, eh?)

Alielle – Water! Water!

(Makoto and Fujisawa were knocked down from the feral Alielle. They’re all right. Fujisawa did take in quite a bit of sand, though…)

Fujisawa – Don’t tell me it’s a mirage.

End Act 1 Scene i

Act 1 Scene ii

(The town of Lasve. A lively place full of people, Makoto and Fujisawa are in a diner. Fujisawa downed three drinks since they got there. Makoto is still working on his first one.)

Fujisawa – Ahh! I’m revived! It’s like we crossed the desert for this beer. (Makoto laughs, though I’m not sure if it’s a comfortable laugh) Hey, another glass! (He whispers to Makoto, covering the left side of his mouth) The last of the Three Great Priestesses is okay, isn’t she?

Makoto – (low sigh) The first two were strikes.

(They both proceed to sigh.)

Fujisawa – Strikes? We swung at wild ptiches.

Makoto – This time I hope it’s a good pitch.

(Alielle came in from the door, actually bringing good news.)

Alielle – Master Makoto, I got it! (Comes to Makoto’s right side.) They say the Shrine of Fire is not far afoot from here.

Makoto – Thank you, Alielle.

Alielle – You’re welcome.

(Alielle drinks the orange-juice-stuff up. Makoto stands up.)

Makoto – Shall we go, Mr. Fujisawa.

(That’s NOT what Fujisawa wanted to hear at that moment.)

Fujisawa – Right.

(They all proceed to leave.)

End of Act 1 Scene ii

Act 1 Scene iii

(They climbed the cliff-side of a volcano. As usual, you can expect Fujisawa to be very excited about the idea.)

Fujisawa – The mountain! The mountain is calling me!

Alielle – I wonder what kind of person the last Great Priestess is?

(Fujisawa looked back and sighed. They get to the top and smell something strange. Makoto and Fujisawa both hold their nose with left hand.)

Makoto and Fujisawa – Smells like suflur!

Fujisawa – That must be The Shrine of Fire.

Makoto – I wonder if she really lives there?

Fujisawa – Well--

(Makoto spotted something moving down there.)

Makoto – Mr. Fujisawa, what is that?

(Certainly an odd thing. It looks like a rug with feet. Fujisawa may know what it is.)

Fujisawa – It’s a straw mat. (After it falls over) It fell!

Makoto – Oh, no!

(Makoto ran off, dropping his stick. He takes the hill at a very high speed. He gets to the carpet…)

Makoto – Are you all right?

(…And looks inside and sees a red-haired woman.)

Makoto – A woman!

(Fujisawa and Alielle made it down the hill.)

Fujisawa – How is she?

Makoto – She only fainted.

Fujisawa – A woman. Anyway, why is she dressed like this?

(Fujisawa pulled the string… it’s a naked woman inside of it!)

Fujisawa – (Covers Makoto’s face with his hands) Alielle, take care of her!

Alielle – Yes! Yes! Right away!

(Alielle covers her with the paper.)

Fujisawa – Anyhow, we can’t leave her like this.

(Since they don’t show it, one can only assume they tied the paper up again and carried her to the shrine.)

End of Act 1 Scene iii

Act 1 Scene iv

(Inside the Shrine of Fire. They learn something they did not expect.)

Makoto – What? You mean she is--? She’s Shayla Shayla, one of the Three Great Priestesses?

Fire Servant – Well, yes.

Fujisawa – It’s beyond a wild pitch.

Makoto – It’s a dangerous throw this time.

(They ALL proceed to sigh. They enter the bedroom of the sleeping priestess. She’s dressed.)

Makoto – Excuse me, Miss Shayla Shayla. We have something to ask you.

(No response.)

Fujisawa – Well, we’re searching for a way back to Shinanome City.

(When you are down to the last one, you just have to assume they know.)

Shayla – Shut up.

Fujisawa – Eh?

Shayla – I said shut up!

(They were forced back by the power of her yell. Then, she goes back to sleep.)

Alielle – She’s not listening.

Fujisawa – Well, won’t you please let us at least look around the shrine?

Shayla – Do as you like. Soon, this place will be--

(Then, he heard a woman scream. Big cloaked figures come through the door)

Makoto – Huh?

(And the little one starts attaching red strips all over (even the wanderers).)

Fujisawa – Hey… oof! (Muffled by the red tape) What’s going on?

Alielle – Seized.

Makoto – Seized?

Alielle – Don’t touch a thing.

Makoto – Then, we aren’t going to be able to do any research.

End of Act 1 Scene iv

Act 2 Scene i

(They were thrown out the shrine. Someone else now owns it and they can’t look around for anything at all (among other things).)

Fujisawa – In this situation… finding our way back is not a priority.

Makoto – (putting his right hand out) Why is this shrine being seized?

(She holds a card up with her right hand.)

Shayla – Because of this.

Fujisawa – What’s that?

Alielle – Pettan, isn’t it?

Makoto – Pettan?

Alielle – It’s one of the great games of this country. We play it by thrown a card on the ground the person who overturns the other’s card is the winner.

Fujisawa – It’s like Menko in our world.

Makoto – But, why is this Menko connected with the repossession of this shrine?

Shayla – I played Pettan against this man.

(Flashback – Man versus Shayla.)

Man – Uuuaah! (Slap!) (Slap!) (Slap!)

(Shayla made a loud, long whimper. The bugs took her stuff, including her clothes (in front of public?) and threw her out with her inside tied up paper.)

Shayla – (Laughed very oddly) Well, he beat me every time. He took my clothes, everything… (She stopped laughing and groaned) even the Lamp of Fire in the end.

Makoto – (quietly, covering the right side of his face) What is the "lamp of fire"?

Alielle – (quietly, covering the left side of her face) You know Miss Miz and Miss Afrua had one. It’s their source of magic.

Makoto – (quietly, not covering his face) I see!

Fujisawa – And you say you bet this shrine in the end?

Shayla – That’s right!

(Shayla begins to laugh nervously.)

Makoto – It’s not funny. What are you going to do?

(Shayla laughs a bit longer, then groaned.)

End of Act 2 Scene i

Act 2 Scene ii

(They entered into an arcade of some sort. They are looking for the Evil, Terrible Man (but if you haven’t gotten who it is yet, you will soon).)

Makoto – It’s like a game center.

(The place is very active. There seems to be a large concentration on one part of the room.)

Jinnai – Uuuuaaah! Ha, ha, ha! Isn’t there someone who can defeat me?

(Shayla barrels through the crowd with Makoto and Fujisawa and Alielle.)

Shayla – Excuse me.

Makoto – Please let us through.

(It’s Jinnai.)

Makoto – J-Jinnai!

Jinnai – (arms crossed) I’ve been waiting for you, Makoto Mizuhara.

Makoto – So, you’re the one who took away the Shrine of Fire from Miss Shayla!

Shayla – (brandishing a fist, right hand) Give me back my shrine!

Jinnai – (looks to the right) Don’t be ridiculous. (Looks forward) I won it fair and square. Why should I give it back?

(Shayla is locked in her groaning stance (her 2 arms up to the chest area). Makoto draws near.)

Makoto – Jinnai, that’s enough! Please return the shrine to Miss Shayla!

(Jinnai thinks, placing his right hand on his chin, then says…)

Jinnai – (pointing to the ground, left index finger) Well, I might consider it, if you kneel and beg me.

Makoto – What?

Jinnai – It’s fine if you don’t want to.

(Makoto was thinking of doing something else, but he decided to kneel down.)

Alielle – Master Makoto!

Shayla – Hey!

Makoto – It’s all right.

(Shayla recoiled. Makoto kneeled down lower, placing his head at about spine level.)

Makoto – Is this fine?

Jinnai – I guess so. (Placing his right hand on his chin) I’ve thought it over. (Hits his palm with his right hand) I’ve decided not to give it back!

(Fujisawa, Shayla, and Alielle are in raucous argument. Makoto speaks.)

Makoto – Why, you--

Jinnai – It’s just a joke. Where’s your sense of humor?

(Makoto gave off a long sigh.)

Shayla – Then, what’ll become of my Shrine of Fire?

Jinnai – I’ll give it back, but...

Fujisawa – But what?

(Jinnai, being very dramatic, showed his "Jinnai" card.)

Jinnai – You will have to play a fair Pettan match against me, Makoto Mizuhara.

Makoto – A match?

Jinnai – That’s right. I’ll bet the Shrine of Fire on this match.

Makoto – All right. Let’s do it.

(Jinnai was surprised.)

Jinnai – Just all right? You have to bet, too.

Makoto – Bet what?

(Jinnai can’t believe that Makoto didn’t get it yet, but Jinnai has another idea coming.)

Jinnai – It’s obvious! When you are defeated--

Makoto – When I’m defeated?

(Right before he makes the announcement, he gives the most dramatic point with his right hand you would ever see.)

Jinnai – Makoto Mizuhara, you must swear to absolutely obey me!

(This situation has gotten bad for Makoto. Everyone gasps. Now, he is fending for his own freedom. Will he be able to win or will he become the eternal slave of Jinnai? Jinnai will laugh for quite the bit.)

Shayla – Obey him absolutely?

Makoto – You mean, I’ll be your slave?

Jinnai – Yes, I’ll make you shine shoes, clean bathrooms and more for the rest of your life.

Shayla – (brandishing a fist, right hand) Quit joking! Where’s the sportsmanship?

Jinnai – It’s fine if you don’t want to.

(Shayla is peeved.)

Makoto – Okay, I accept your match.

Shayla – (looks at Makoto) Huh?!

Jinnai – (holds his chin, right hand) Very good! (He looks around the room) It’s a pity to have such a small audience witness the moment that spiteful Makoto Mizuhara becomes my slave. (Getting an idea, he hits the palm of his right hand) I got it! Let’s play a match in the town Coliseum. (Points at Makoto with right hand, and a lust for winning) Might as well have a large audience witness me destroy you!

Makoto – What?

Jinnai – Then, I’ll give you time to prepare. Arrive with a clean neck to be cut off.

(Laughing, he walks off.)

Shayla – (to Makoto) Do you understand what you’re doing? If you lose, you’ll be his slave all your life!

Makoto – Don’t worry. I’ll be all right. I’ll take back the shrine without fail.

Shayla – (thinking) He’s gonna--- for my sake.

Makoto – Huh? Is something wrong?

Shayla – (away from Makoto, obviously too shy to say anything else) Nothing. You fool.

Makoto – Oh?

End of Act 2 Scene ii

Act 3 Scene i

(The next day. A large group has come to see the games. They want to know who will win/keep the Shrine of Fire! Okay, a REALLY large group. While the crowd is coming, there is something else in big demand…)

Man at Table 1 – Hey Give me another beer!

(Guess who?)

Nanami – Yes! Right away! I don’t know what this festival is, but it’s great for earning money.

Man at Table 2 – Give me another round, too!

Nanami – Yes!

End of Act 3 Scene i

Act 3 Scene ii

(At the stadium, Makoto and Jinnai prepare to battle to the end. Makoto is doing some stretches in the waiting area. His friends are there to support him.)

Alielle – (feeling pumped) Master Makoto, give it your best shot!

Shayla – Listen up, you beat him at all costs!

Makoto – (to Shayla) Well, I’ll do my best.

(In the other room, Jinnai is getting massaged and fanned by his cronies. He is getting prepared in a different way.)

Jinnai – If I win this game, Makoto Mizuhara will swear to absolutely obey me.

(Jinnai just couldn’t resist! He starts to laugh and laugh and laugh. His cronies spoke in bugrom.)

Crony 1 – * Did he have to do that? *

Crony 2 - * You know how he is… *

(Outside the chambers lies the stadium exterior. The crowd is at full force for this event. Makoto exits first.)

Makoto – Wow, so many people have gathered.

Alielle – (making a point) Of course. It’s a big match to decide the fate of the Shrine of Fire.

Shayla – (in anguish, her hands twitching) Shit! They’re having fun at the expense of others!

(Jinnai enters. He begins to think.)

Jinnai – (thinking) Makoto Mizuhara, this is the perfect place for me to destroy you.

(They take their spots. Jinnai is on the left and Makoto is on the right. An emcee anounces.)

Emcee – In the red corner, President of Shinanome High School Student Council and world ruler Katsuhiko Jinnai!

(The crowd cheers.)

Makoto – He’s still calling himself that?

Emcee – In the blue corner, the challenger Makoto Mizuhara!

(The crowd cheers and Makoto waves.)

Alielle – Master Makoto, it’s all yours.

Shayla – Go for it, Makoto!

Fujisawa – Set your mind to it, you can do anything.

Makoto – (to the people in the back) Yes, I’ll do my best.

(Makoto approaches Jinnai, hoping to walk away a free man.)

Jinnai – I’ll praise you for not running away, Makoto.

Makoto – Now, let’s start the match right away.

Jinnai – You’ve got the spirit. (Pulls out a large version of his "Jinnai" card. He points at it.) The rules are easy: you can win if you turn over your opponents card with yours or if it lands out the ring. (Makoto pulls out a large version of Shayla’s card. Jinnai pulls out a coin…) We’ll have three matches, the person wins twice first is the winner. This will decide who goes first.

Makoto – Heads!

(… And the coin is shown to be Tails.)

Jinnai – Tails. I’ll go first.

(Makoto places his card on the ring. Jinnai shows that the coin is double-sided. He gets his card out.)

Jinnai – Now, are your ready, Makoto?

(He swings the over-sized card into the ground and Makoto’s card flies into the sky.)

Makoto – What?

(Makoto’s card stays stable for a second and lands… face up. The crowd cheers.)

Makoto – What was that?

Alielle – Aah…

Shayla – Amazing.

Fujisawa – He had such powers?

(Jinnai laughs at the quick win, then goes into deeper thought.)

Jinnai – (thinking) Fool. Take it easy.

(If you haven’t guessed yet, he’s been cheating at this match. There is a large power generator built underneath the stage. Bugrom are working the mechanics. The Groucho Crew are working their exoskeletons running the generator)

The Groucho Crew – (in repeated succession) * Left, Right… *

Jinnai – When I press this switch, my Pettan will stick to the ring. Makoto’s Pettan will be flipped by the force of the hidden magnet.

(One of the cloaked bugrom is looking down at Jinnai. Waiting for something, no doubt. Jinnai will send out signals.)

Jinnai – (in signal)

Pulling hand back, puts tips of fingers together – Too much force.

Shakes his fists above his head, puts fingertips together in a downward motion – Take it easy.

Cloaked Bugrom - * Roger. *

(He heads downstairs to the bugrom generator.)

Cloaked Bugrom - * Stop working. *

The Groucho Crew - * Huh?! *

(At the stadium level. Makoto is preparing to deliver his attack.)

Shayla – Makoto! Don’t lose!

Fujisawa – You can do it!

Makoto – All right! Taiiiiiii-ah!

Jinnai – It’s useless. If I push this switch--

(Click. Slap! The card floats up into the air.)

Jinnai – What? (Runs over to the card, clicking the switch) Why is it floating?

(He tries to blow the card so it lands face down.)

(Alielle waves her arm)

Shayla – Turn over! Turn over!

(Fuijsawa blows back.)

Jinnai – (thinking and blowing his card) – No! Not this way! (Flips face up.) Huh?

Makoto – I did it!

(Fujisawa, Alielle and Shayla cheer "All right!" on the win. Jinnai is steamed. He relays more messages.)

Jinnai – (in signal)

Slides his right palm from his chest area, in a steering wheel position and moving his hands up, and down, waves his right hand in front of his nose, Placing his right hand in front of his mouth, with left hand, grabs his arm at elbow – Who said stop it?

Moves both palms of his hand towards the floor – I just said to take it easy.

Cloaked Bugrom – * Yes sir. Right away. *

(The Groucho Crew were relaxing with drinkable fruit and fans. The cloaked bugrom comes down the stair.)

Cloaked Bugrom – * Alright, start up again. *

(They started up the generator again. Let’s head back to surface.)

Jinnai – (Points at Makoto, left hand) Don’t be so happy, Makoto! My next throw will decide the future, anyway.

(Slap! The card would have done nothing to Makoto’s, except… Click! Zap! It blasted Makoto’s card into the air.)

Makoto – Whoa!

Jinnai – Turn over! Turn over!

Alielle, Fujisawa and Shayla – Hold on! Don’t turn over!

(The card spins around and lands… face down. Makoto breathes a sigh of relief.)

Jinnai – It must be some mistake.

(He goes back to signal them for the last time.)

Jinnai – (in signal)

Places his arms in criss-cross form – It’s useless now.

Right hand out streched, pushes his left hand up next to it, lifts both palms into the air, places his hands on his hip, puts his hands 0n his chest – Increase the power and strengthen our defense.

(Alielle, being wary of what’s going on, sees Jinnai’s suspicious actions.)

Alielle – Look over there. Why has he been doing that?

Fujisawa – Huh?

(Jinnai continues to signal, most likely to tell them the importance of the toss.)

Fujisawa – Is he sending a message to someone?

Shayla – What?

(Jinnai continues to signal to the Cloaked Bugrom.)

Cloaked Bugrom - * Roger. *

(They get into a huddle.)

Alielle – Do you think--?

Fujisawa – I smell something.

Shayla – Okay. Let’s go.

(They follow him down the stairs. Back at the surface…)

Makoto – Taiiiiiii-ah!

(Slap! Jinnai presses the switch and the card stays down. He has a real chance to win now. Underground, the Groucho Crew is working continuously on the generator.)

Fujisawa – They’re controlling Pettans with that machine.

Shayla – Then, he cheated me. Damn him!

(Shayla makes her presence known. She knocks down the big, cloaked bugrom.)

Shayla – Come on, you guys!

(At the surface, Jinnai gives the "your doomed" speech he wrote last night.)

Jinnai – Makoto Mizuhara, it’s over!

(Makoto is still hanging in there, but just barely. Shayla gives some bugrom a good smackdown. She’s doesn’t last too long.)

Shayla – (out of breath) I could beat them easily, if I only had my Lamp of Fire.

(Fujisawa and Alielle are worried for her safety. Fujisawa then looks for something.)

Fujisawa – Hey, it’s…

(All of Jinnai’s won loot was conveniently stored in the corner. There was one thing that caught his eye.)

Fujisawa – (Picks up an article of clothing) Shayla’s clothes.

(The Lamp of Fire clangs onto the floor.)

Alielle – (picks up the lamp) Huh? Is it the Lamp of Fire?

Shayla – What? Yes.

(Fujisawa takes the lamp and throws it at her. She catches it with her left hand.)

Shayla – Now, with this--

(She places the lamp on her left hand and lets off a huge fireball. The power blasted the stage apart. Fuijsawa caught Makoto as he fell and Jinnai landed on the cloaked bugrom. He was winded.)

Shayla – That bastard! He tricked me with this underground device.

Makoto – What?

(The crowd boos Jinnai.)

Jinnai – It’s useless. I’ve been found out. Retreat!

Shayla – You bastard, wait!

(Shayla starts blasting fire at Jinnai. She nails him on the third shot.)

Alielle – Sister Shayla, you’re so cool.

Makoto – I wonder if Jinnai is all right?

End of Act 3 Scene ii


(Back at the Shrine of Fire. They take a look at the stone tablets and… nothing!)

Makoto – We’ve searched here, too. I’m disappointed.

Fujisawa – This means we’re back to the starting point again.

Shayla (shouting from the side) – Hey, Makoto! Let’s play Pettan!

Alielle – Let’s play together. (She slaps her card on the ground)

Makoto – Haven’t you learned?

Shayla – What are you talking about? I lost because it was a rigged game. Let’s play.

Makoto – Whoooaaah!

(Shayla played and Makoto’s card was flipped.)

Makoto – Ah?!

Shayla – Yes! I won!

This is Wanderers Episode 6 in Subtitles.

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