Wanderers/Episode 5 Script: The Shrine of Wind


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 5 - "The Shrine of Wind"


Wanderers Episode 5 – The Shrine of Wind

Act 1 Scene i

The wanderers travel to the Shrine of Wind. The water shrine was a bust, now they need to try someone else. Will this priestess help? They travel on. They climbed another mountain to find her.

Makoto – Hey Alielle, what makes you think that THIS priestess will be more helpful to us than Miz was?

Alielle – Well, I heard that Afru Mann was the most scholery of the three priestesses, and I also heard that she has one of the largest book collections in the whole world! The Shrine of Wind is also supposed to be some kind of ancient library.

They get to the top of the path. Their very high up, so there is a lot of wind here. What else is there? Good ol’ windmills. Makoto gasps. Alielle runs to the left.

Fujisawa – (placing his left hand into the air and the right over the shoulder, stretching) This breeze feels great! Wind energy! And it’s pollution free!

Hello, Mr. Commercial.

Makoto – Oh, yeah. That’s right. You talked about it in class. It was the Dutch that started using them. It’s amazing… power like that just from the wind.

Alielle – Look! I think I see it!

Makoto – Huh?

End Act 1 Scene i

Act 1 Scene ii

They arrive at the shrine. It’s very big and awe-inspiring. They walk down the path. Apparently, the shrine also deals with gravity as there are floating rocks in the air. They try the front door.

Makoto (yelling) – We’re visitors here! Hey, hello, anybody inside?!

Fujisawa – Maybe she’s out.

They look around the front of the building.

Alielle – It’s a big place. Let’s go round back.

They head around back. There is a lot of supplies for building something.

Makoto – Could be it’s closed for construction.

Fujisawa – Looks like it.

The priestess is behind them.

Afru Mann – Well, it’s about time you arrived.

She has books in her hands. Why, I don’t know.

Makoto – Uh… we’re here –

Makoto, interrupted.

Afru Mann – That’s obvious.

She places the books down. Alielle blushes.

Alielle – Her eyes are the same color as mine.

Afru Mann – Well, FINALLY they sent someone up here to finish with the expansion.

Makoto (quietly) – Huh?

Afru Mann – Oh, PLEASE don’t tell me they didn’t brief you on my plans yet?

Makoto – Plans? You must be mistaken. We just came here for help.

Afru – Helper, hired hand, or whatever you’re called, you’re late! Are you going to get to work at finishing this job or not?

Fujisawa – Late for WHAT? What’s she talking about?

Afru (leans at Makoto) – You see? Exactly as I expected! More amatures. (turns away from them) And I paid for EXPERIENCED carpenters.

Fujisawa – Uh… (all except Afru Mann) Carpenters?!?

Afru (annoyed) – Oh, I see… (turns to them) you choose to remain idle and incur the wrath of Afru Mann?

Makoto and Fujisawa (surprised) – You’re the priestess?!

Undaunted by the surprise approach, Afru continues on…

Afru – I sent your firm duplicate plans. Do you have them?

Makoto and Fujisawa try to send a body message saying they do NOT have them. She understands it, but still takes them as carpenters.

Afru (surprised) – You don’t?!

End of Act 1 Scene ii

Act 1 Scene iii

Inside the temple. She finally gets the idea that Makoto and Fujisawa and Alielle are NOT the carpenters. About bloody time! The place is a mess. There is hardly room to sit down with all these books around! Afru explains.

Afru – You are obviously aren’t the people I hired to do the building. And if you weren’t, why didn’t you just say so? If your intentions were to access my library, you should have stated it!

Fujisawa – Good. Then can we begin right away?

A long pause (that can’t be good) later…

Afru – I’m afraid not.

Makoto – We can’t? But this library might be our only hope we have!

Another long pause later… Afru Mann stands up from her royal throne made of books.

Afru – The library lies upon holy ground. Only those who are in service of the shrine can have the privledge to seek the knowledge here. I’m sorry, but those are the sacred rules here to which I am strictly bound. (closes her eyes) And I regret that this knowledge can’t be for everyone.

Fujisawa and Makoto groan.

Afru – Besides, the information would be useless to you in it’s current state of disarray. I’d hope to build a library for use by all and where the books would finally be put in order. But no one would build it for free.

True… except if you were very, very desperate.

Makoto – (groaning, then…) Hey! If WE built it, then we would be in service of the shrine. And when it is built, then we can use it.

Afru – Huh?

Weren’t we all caught by that? Fujisawa nudges him with his left elbow.

Fujisawa – You sure about that?

Alielle – Yeah, there’s just three of us.

Makoto (determined) – So, if we finish building it for you and you sort it out, then we can use the library, right?

Afru – Hmm? Y-yes.

Makoto chuckles.

Act 2 Scene i

It’s a bright new day. Makoto and Fujisawa are working their asses off to appease the priestess as she reads a book on… flowers.

Fujisawa (outside) – Makoto, grab that side.

Makoto – Okay, hold on… okay, I got it!

Fujisawa – One, two, three! Over there, to the right.

They carry a plank board across the site.

Fujisawa – Easy! Set it down. We need three more.

Makoto – Okay.

Fujisawa – No, no those…

They continue to argue and they are interrupted by Afru Mann.

Afru – What odd people.

Someone brought her a drink. What is it?

Alielle – Here! I brought you some uh… some tea

Afru – Oh, thank you!

Uh… she seemed eager to drink it. Alielle sits on the floor, blushing.

Afru – Hmm?

Alielle – Hmm…

Afru – Speak your mind.

Alielle (placing hands together) – Well, you are such a really great priestess and I just want to say that I enjoy being a servant to you.

Afru – Well, then, be a good little servant and run along so I can read my book.

Alielle (in a dreamy tone) – Beauty through intelligence… (she blushed)

End Act 2 Scene i

Act 2 Scene ii

Fujisawa is driving wooden stakes into the ground. Does this seem right?

Fujisawa – She’s gonna love it! It’ll be a beautiful log cabin.

Makoto – Uh, but this doesn’t look like any of the plans that Afru drawn out.

Keep that thought Makoto as Fujisawa just found a watering hole! If you don’t know what that is, you will soon… Fujisawa is pleased at the display. Makoto is placing the bricks up to make the wall.

Fujisawa (drunken) – Ah, bricks! Well, I got the plaster.

That is a joke about him being drunk. He will be drinking for a while, that’s for sure.

End of Act 2 Scene ii

Act 2 Scene iii

They’re job seems complete… seemingly…

Afru – No!! What have you done?! It’s… it’s beyond atrocious! Ugh! I designed for majestic, not RUSTIC! Did you read the plans I made?! (she pulls out the plans) Look it, you built me a stupid outhouse, not a library!

She shoves those plans at their faces. One comment…

Alielle – Well… her plans DO look nicer, don’t they?

Makoto – But, it’s very well built and strong. Isn’t that right, sensei?

Fujisawa (while on the sauce) – Yeah, it’s great! It looks like a Canadian Log House I’ve always dreamed of staying in. A-A-Alielle plan is making me proud of saying I built a house like this.

He laughs the good laugh and falls onto the ground.

Makoto – Mr. Fujisawa!

Alielle – Uh… you should keep this stuff locked up.

She should have been doing it since day one.

Afru – It’s too late now! It’s what I should expect from amatures. When he wakes up, you should leave.

She walks away. Makoto chases her back down.

Makoto – No, please. Wait! Please let me try it again. A second chance!

She gives it some thought.

End of Act 2 Scene iii

Act 3 Scene i

Makoto is trying to do what he can without Fujisawa. Driving stakes wasn’t successful. He checks the wood. Then, he gets Alielle to help him make cement.

Makoto – Wait, wait, wait! It’s easy like this, see?

Alielle – Oh.

Makoto – There! That’s one way you can do it.

Afru – I can’t believe how loud he is.

Makoto – When making cement, you have to be very careful of the ratios.

He pours in the cement. It makes a lot of smoke. Lots and lots of smoke. Too much to be exact. Afru Mann appears.

Makoto – Oh, Miss Afru! Did you come outside to help? It’s hard, but it’s really fun.

Afru – Priestesses aren’t allowed to do menial works of dogs you know.

Makoto – How about that?

Using the profession as an excuse, she goes away.

Afru – So odd… my, my… people from dimensions are very strange.

She goes into the library where Fujisawa is plastered.

Fujisawa (sleeping drunkily) – Canadian log cabin.

Afru – I might just have to write a book about them.

While skipping the intense working of the brick wall, they show Makoto pushing cement around carelessly. He tries to make the plans better in the wee hours of the night.

End Act 3 Scene i

Act 3 Scene ii

Makoto works at sunrise, putting the cement all over the foundation. Fujisawa drinks some more. Makoto keeps building the wall. More drinks down Fujisawa’s throat. Can’t you feel the excitement?! Now, she comes out to bitch at Makoto some more.

Afru – It’s all wrong! You aren’t even following my designs at all, are you? And this foundation is completely different then the one I laid out! It’s going to look awful.

Makoto – No, it won’t! This foundation is necessary. You’re designs were okay, but they needed modifications. I just made them un-backwards. Well, more accurate… (he pulls out heavily modified diagrams) It’s better! I promise. Like the West Window. More sunlight from the east. Moving the inside staircase makes more room. And you can have bathrooms on EACH floor. I lined them up. You save on plumbing if you place them over there. Just one over there is just—

Makoto, interrupted again by Afru…

Afru – That’s enough! How dare you modify holy plans without asking!

Makoto – Well, maybe… I’m a dog. Doing what’s right for the master.

Another long pause later… there are a lot of them in this episode.

Afru – You’re right. Do it your own way.

She gets as far away from him as she can.

End of Act 3 Scene ii

Act 4 Scene i

Well, it takes a long time to build the library so to speak. They skip the exhilaration of it being built, and down to the finishing touches.

Alielle – Oh, it’s GORGEOUS! I can’t believe we’re almost done! So, what’s left?

Makoto – A couple of things. (turns to Alielle) But we need to get into town to get them. We better start walking now or we will not get back.

Alielle (whining) – Oh, we have to walk? I’m tired.

Afru Mann gets up to the sun, stretching out to it. She can hear them talking from below.

Alielle – I sure hope Miss Afru likes this and won’t yell at us again.

Makoto – She’ll like it. Don’t worry, her attitude holds more bark than bite. I bet she’s okay inside.

Afru – Very insightful.

End of Act 4 Scene i

Act 4 Scene ii

Makoto and Alielle are shopping. While all the merchants are out selling various goods (including food), they got what they needed and started to head back.

Makoto – And that’s it. Now the library roof could have it’s finishing touch.

Alielle groans.

Makoto – I can try out my new air system. One which will utilize the mountain winds more effectively.

Alielle (panting, whining) – MY system would not be working much longer without food or at least something to drink!

Makoto – There’s no time! We gotta get back to the shrine before dark.

Alielle (whining and crying (practically)) - Can we at least slow down so I can smell the food longer? Oh, Makoto this stuff’s too heavy!

If things weren’t bad enough with Alielle, there are thugs waiting in a resturant that see some money in those bags. Poor Makoto.

Maid – Those three thugs just left. I saw them eyeing a couple of innocent kids. I just know they’re going to kill them.

Nanami (nasty) – Rraugh, I would like to kill all this stubborn dirt.

Maid – It’s too bad. You know that boy looked like a foreigner the way he was dressed.

Nanami (really nasty) – Oh, great! Now it’s a tourist season. Maybe they’ll kill everyone and I won’t have so many dishes to wash.

Predictably, there are some more dishes right beside her, brought to her by her oh-so-caring boss.

Boss – I’m going to have to kill YOU if you don’t keep up with the workload.

She is eating those words right about now.

Nanami (shouting) – Come on, dirt! You’re mine!!

End of Act 4 Scene ii

Act 4 Scene iii

They travel along the dirt road. Makoto could do more, but Alielle is pretty much licked.

Makoto – All right, let’s take a rest.

Alielle – You don’t know how long I was waiting to hear that.

The three thugs that were following them were right behind them. The one with the mustache is considered the leader, there is one with a sword and there is one with a lot of muscle.

Thug Leader – We have been waiting for a rest ourselves, haven’t we boys?

Makoto – Oh. Is this a rest stop?

Alielle – No, they’re a bunch of bad guys!

Leader – Oh, little girl, we’re not so bad once you get to know us.

Sword guy – Yeah, man. Because they got our backs, right boss?

Makoto (worried) – Hey, listen! The stuff inside these bags is worthless.

Leader – (shakes left finger in front of Makoto) Now, now, now young man… as far as worth, there is hidden value. Except the value of life. That’s the only exception.

The Sword guy takes out his sword. Alielle cowers in fear. Makoto thinks fast.


Makoto (pointing outward with right hand) – Look! There’s a UFO behind ya!

They looked behind them. And they turn back around.

Leader – You can’t fool us with tricks like that! (just noticed they were gone) Uh… at least not the next time.

End of Act 4 Scene iii

Act 5 Scene i

Afru Mann went to check out the almost-completed library. It is almost finished and she wonders what he did.

Afru (knocking on the railing) – That’s pretty good. Not a bad color choice.

She walks inside the room. The sunlight is coming in nicely.

Afru – He was right about the light. Hmm, what’s all this lying around?

She notices the mess he’s made with the paper. Old designs that didn’t work and realizations that needed to be made to create the library that they have now.

Afru – He talks really big, but he’s having a very rough time! Huh.

For your viewing pleasure, another shot of Fujisawa in a drunken stupor.

End Act 5 Scene i

Act 5 Scene ii

Makoto and Alielle are in trouble. They are on borrowed time from the UFO calling. Will he be able to get the stuff to Afru’s house or will he face the knife?

Makoto – I’ll draw their attention and you hide. When it’s clear run back to the shrine for help.

Alielle – What if we don’t get back in time?

Makoto – I’m sure you’ll get there and back in time. Don’t worry, I can hold them off.

Alielle – But, I’m slowed down!

Makoto – No, you’re not!

Alielle – But… (he takes the bag and runs) Makoto!

He runs off in the other direction in the fork. The thugs chase him.

Leader – There he is! Get him!

Muscles – I’ll get you, little runt!

Sword Guy – After him!

Alielle (thinking) – He’s right. I just gotta get back in time.

Alielle runs to the edge and falls off. Uh, oh… Makoto climbs the mountain. Sarcasm insues.

Leader – I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s a dead end, my friend.

Makoto just realized that. He sees the edge of the cliff.

Makoto – Bad news. Real bad news!

Sword Guy – Yeah, real news bad! Poor boy who tricked us is dead now!

Is all hope gone? Not yet. There is a tower. If he can get to it… there is no time! He takes off, closing the door behind him.

Makoto – El-Hazard – The land of no elevators. Huh?

He thinks up another big plan.

Makoto – I just gotta make it!

They just arrived. They want the goodies. Alielle is falling off the edge.

Alielle – Oh, Miss Afur, I’m falling… aw forget it! Anybody help me!!!

She falls off, and ends up on a branch.

Alielle – Okay, I’m down here, now.

As she is hanging on, Makoto is working as fast as he can to get the blade off.

Makoto – Oh, I HOPE this idea works!

Inside, the three guys get to the top.

Leader – I’ll get you, little coward!

Makoto just finished unscrewing the blade when they arrived, stacked up from one another. Makoto gasps.

Leader – All right, little coward! Hand over the goods right now!

Makoto – Think I am a coward? Wrong! Do you know any cowards who could FLY?

He jumped off the ledge and started to use the blade. The idea worked. He turned it into a hang glider. The thugs are surprised.

Makoto – Hey, it worked! This is great! I feel free as a bird!

Makoto fell for a bit, yelling. He got some more wind under the wing. He was stabilized. Lucky him. The thugs got down the tower and Afru Mann appeared from the sky.

Sword guy – That must be the FUO.

Afru – Do you understand the penalty for harassing my servants? You don’t, then you are about to learn.

Muscles – That stuff is ours! Get out!

He tries to hit her and miss badly.

Afru (taunting) – What a coincedence. I was just reading this morning about gravity and weight.

They act fearful, thought they keep trying to beat her.

Leader – Huh, she’s only a frail girl. Let’s knock the wind out of her!

That’s two bad ideas at once. One: she is a priestess. You really shouldn’t be insulting a priestess. Two: She is the priestess of wind. She uses the lamp on her right hand and causes a tornado to form in front of them. They are swept away.

Afru – What a clever boy, using my windmill like that.

Makoto – Ah… the wind is so great!

Afru – Indeed.

Makoto – Huh?

She was riding along with him as he flew by.

Makoto – Hey! You should be careful, this is dangerous!

Afru – That is good advice and YOU should be the one heeding it.

Makoto – Yeah, uh, right. It’s my first time.

Afru – You’re an odd young boy.

Poor Alielle is still hanging on by the wire. She is desperate.

Alielle – Mmm… hey, you! Quit playing around! Someone needs to be saved down here!

Fujisawa finally wakes up from his drinking gorging.

Fujisawa (loud yawning) – Ah. Good rest.

He fastens on his final part to the library. It is now complete.

End Act 5 Scene ii

Act 5 Scene iii

The library was sorted. There is a lot of books. Lots and lots and lots of books, bounded onto the wall for anyone to use. That is sure a lot of books.

Makoto – Look at them all!

Alielle – It’s amazing!

Makoto – Ah!

Afru – There. They are all in order now and you may search for all the knowledge you need.

Makoto – It’ll be easy now, right?

Afru – Ah! (blushes) Uh… I suppose. Well, you better begin.

She takes off as fast as she can.

Makoto (quietly) – Thank you.

New problem. They can’t read ancient text.

Makoto – It doesn’t make sense.

Fujisawa – Yeah… at least 1,000 dialects.

Alielle has to be useful for something. They give her the books to read. She wasn’t going to like it. This was happening all night long.

Alielle (slowly, tired) Then, dynasty for the lived 13th of god – no- goddess named Pendavary Alis the Terrible lived…

She yawns. Then Makoto yawns. Then Fujisawa yawns the next morning.

End of Act 6 Scene i

Act 6 Scene ii

They leave the shrine with less than enthusiastic hope of getting back home.

Alielle (sleepily, on his back) – Then after the fourth melenium, she died.

Makoto – All of that work and we didn’t learn a darn thing.

Fujisawa – That’s not true. At least you got an education in building. That was worth it.

Makoto – Yeah, you’re right! And you got a chance to build a really nice Canadian Log Cabin

Fujisawa – That’s right! I forgot!

They continue on their way. Afru Mann is reading in the new library.

Afru – If they return, I could show them the plans for the additions I’ve always wanted.

The roof ornament breaks away from the rest of the building. It takes off on its own as she gasps.

Afru – That strange object he put on the roof. It’s flying!

It flies away.

Afru (chuckling) – I wonder what people will call THAT when they see it.

The roof flies off into the sunset.

End of Act 6 Scene ii

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