Wanderers/Episode 4 Script: The Lonely Priestess


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 4 - "The Lonely Priestess"


Wanderers Episode 4 - The Lonely Priestess

Act 1 Scene i

(Outside the Water Palace. A mailman comes by in a water ski vehicle. He proceeds to perform a jump to the steps.)

Mailman - (throwing a letter with left hand) Heads up! Mail's here!

(We proceed to the chambers inside the water palace. It looks like the Priestess got some mail. Is it encouraging? She opens it up…)

Girl (letter, very spiteful) - Hey, Miss Lonely Heart! Guess who got married?! Of course I thought I should wait until I was a lot older, you know what I mean, but he said he'd just die if it wasn't right now! (She starts shaking the letter, trying to take down the words) He's SO passionate and ROMANTIC! So… how's your love life?! (The servant girls start to inch away from her) I suppose it's just the same, too busy tending the shrine, nothing to speak of, NO MEN HERE! (She's ready to flip…) Well, ol' gal, gotta get back to my honeymoon. Write back soon. (Those poor servant girls have to deal with this too. They fear for their lives!) I'm sure you have the time!

(She shreds up the letter in the same fashion that Jinnai shredded up the posters. The girls take off! She blasted the remaining pieces of the letter with water.)

Priestess (sobbing) - I HATE YOU!

End of Act 1 Scene i

Act 2 Scene i

(Fujisawa is very, very upset. It has been days since he has been in the classroom. The two are on the balcony.)

Fujisawa (groaning loudly in frustration) - All of the history classes are getting behind! It's awful! What am I going to do?!?

Makoto - Don't worry…

(Fujisawa interrupts)

Fujisawa (very upset) - If I don't get back soon, I’ll lose my job!

End Act 2 Scene i

Act 2 Scene ii

(Inside the royal chambers of Princess Rune, she tells Makoto something that might interest him. Separated only by a curtain, she speaks to Makoto in privacy… with maids abound.)

Rune - I summoned you in private to say these words to you. There are three… three great priestesses outside this kingdom. Each one of them controls a specific aspect of elemental magic as practiced in ancient arts of El-Hazard. Perhaps the forgotten past of this world might reveal a pathway back to yours.

(Makoto leaned forward and shouted happily at her)

Makoto - I was sure you knew! (He leaned back, less enthusiastic) I mean before. When you gave us that money and you wouldn't say anything.

Rune (saddened) - I apologize.

(We remember the scene from before when he fainted once from heat and the other when he just got out of the bed. Makoto steps back when he sees the look in her eyes.)

Rune - Be blessed with good health to you who wander far.

Makoto - Uh… yes! I will!

End Act 2 Scene ii

Act 3 Scene i

(Back to the Bugrom Empire, Jinnai just heard about the priestesses' powers. He likes the idea so much…)

Jinnai - Ancient magic? Why didn't you tell me before!? It's… perfect!! (Quietly) You absolutely certain it's deadly?

Diva (excited as well) - Yes! No one dares approach the ancient's powers!

Jinnai (shouting) - THEN I WILL! Roshtaria shall be vanquished by a blast from the past!

Diva (worried) - No, you musn't! Delving or even meddling into these ancient arts beyond those controlled by the priestesses might unveil own written demise! It is forbidden and cursed!

(Jinnai feels superior even right now. He places his hand into his coat like he had a gun hidden inside (or maybe the rope).)

Jinnai - Nothing is forbidden to me and I curse everyone!

(He laughs… again.)

Diva (thinking) - This horrific Jinnai of Shinanome… He does not understand the dangers at stake here!

End of Act 3 Scene i

Act 4 Scene i

(The Wanderers have now heard about the three priestesses and their access to ancient knowledge. They decide to travel off to the first priestess in their struggle to find the answers. They are packing their bags. They have weird horses to ride on as they travel. Rune is upstairs, lying on an archway.)

Schtaulabuagh - I feel you will have difficulty traveling by our maps alone. (Almost systematically, they look up as if he was disturbing something.) Therefore, I have chosen for you an able guide to assist you. She has great knowledge to assist you. Her name is Allielle.

(Fujisawa doesn't seem to be amused, although it is not really a joke. Even Makoto doesn't believe it.)

Fujisawa - Is this a joke? (He takes a better look at her) Do you expect a little girl to be our guide out there?

Allielle - (eyes closed) That's right! And my talent has nothing to do with what age I am, (eyes opened, looking at Fujisawa) that is unless you want to get lost, old grandpa.

Fujisawa (insulted) - OLD GRANDPA?!

Allielle (fast paced) - We head for the shrine of water first. It's a long journey so you better get moving!

(She takes off on her steed.)

Fujisawa - You get back here and apologize you inpertinent little…

(He takes off on his steed, but he wasn’t prepared. He was almost thrown off.)

Makoto – Wait, Mr. Fujisawa!

(Rune is playing with her doll.)

Makoto – (grunts, then says) Huh… Woah… Giddy up! Go! Whoa! Hey wait!

(Makoto and the others travel off… while Rune was watching from the towers.)

End of Act 4 Scene i

Act 4 Scene ii

(In another part of the forest, Jinnai is commandeering his troops toward the first palace (which is coincidentally the water palace).)

Jinnai – Keep it moving, you slackers! With the ancient magic in my power, I’ll soon become God… an honor I have been denied all along!

End of Act 4 Scene ii

Act 5 Scene i

(The team set off to find the palace. They battle through a dust storm under bristling heat and a mountain to get there. They transverse through cavernous valleys. Fujisawa likes it, but Makoto doesn’t.)

Fujisawa – Ah HA!

Makoto (calling out) – Sensei! Hey, can’t we take a rest? I’m getting tired.

Fujisawa (calling back) – How could you possibly be tired at a time like this?! (He goes off on his own trip) Look around! The view alone up here is so invigorating. It’s drop dead gorgeous!!

(Makoto took Fujisawa’s advice and dropped. Allelle shows very little concern for him, just an "ooh" look.)

Allelle – Hmph. He sure isn’t seem to be the type to have supernatural power.

(She thinks back to the conversation she had with Schtaulaubaugh.)

Schtaulabaugh – Allelle… I feel these strangers hold supernatural powers, and I especially want you to keep a close eye on that young boy.

Allelle – You can always trust me, Dr. Schtaulabaugh! (She hits her chest) Rest assured, our family always remains loyal to this house!

(Makoto climbs back up.)

Allelle – This isn’t a game, you know!

(Far off onto the cliff side, the constant, paranoid Jinnai spots him with special "binoculars".)

Jinnai – Ah… it figures! Makoto is after the ancient magic himself!

Bugrom 1 - *gibberish that means "What you doing?"*

(Jinnai turns toward the speaking bugrom.)

Jinnai – Yes? What did you say?

Bugrom 1 – * gibberish that mean "Should we attack?"*

Jinnai - What do you mean attack them? Haven’t you learned ANYTHING (Bugrom 1 gets into a defensive pose) I taught you about being fiendish?! Do you think you can best your enemies without a cruel and intelligent plan?!

Bugrom 1 - *gibberish that mean "What do you mean ‘a plan’?"*

Jinnai – Like I said… a fiendish plan! I need some time to think. (He gets into a thinking pose ala looking away and placing his right hand on his chin.) Hmm… Oh, yeah!

End of Act 5 Scene i

Act 5 Scene ii

(The Wanderers continue on their path to find the water palace. The trail is rough, and it’s about to get rougher.)

Makoto – What?

(They notice something in the distance. It looks like a crying woman, but…)

Makoto – (Placing his hand on his face and raising his right eye brow) That’s a bugrom, isn’t it?

Fujisawa – Yep.

Makoto – But why is it dressed up like a woman?

Allielle – Listen. She’s crying. Ohh…

(Fujisawa grabs Allielle’s head.)

Fujisawa – Hold it! It’s an old trick I’ve seen a hundred times. They always lure all the great film heroes to stray from the path to save a grieving woman and then… suddenly the dastardly arrives to take advantage of them!

(Jinnai leaped from the bushes.)

Jinnai – So our history teacher is also an old movie fan.

Makoto – Jinnai!

Jinnai – How about THIS for a cliffhanger?!

(He reveals a big rock. The bugrom uses a lever to push the rock off the edge. They scream and they get crushed by it. As we all know, if this were true, this would anti-climatically end the story. Jinnai laughs his head off…)

Jinnai – That’ll teach you all of ya not to leave during the intermission. Hmm?

(The rock starts to raise off the ground. Fujisawa saved them. Jinnai and the bugrom freak out.)

Jinnai – I-Impossible!

Fujisawa – Fujisawa PITCH!

(He throws the rock back at them. Jinnai starts whooping as the rock starts coming after them. They run down the hill. A cave is up ahead.)

Bugrom 2 - *gibberish that mean "Is that where you were leading us?"*

Jinnai – Of course! That’s where I was leading you! My brilliant idea!

(They make a dive for the cave. The rock closed the cave. Makoto climbed the cliff. Jinnai starts to yell at the bugrom.)

Jinnai – You IDIOT! How dare you suggest to me where we should hide! Your new god isn’t supposed to hide anywhere! It’s your fault, you stupid buffoon. (He hits a bugrom. They flinch.) Exo-bonehead! (Hits a bugrom over and over again (to emphasize a point).) Don’t you EVER dare again suggest an idea to me without MY approval!! (They walk away.)

End Act 5 Scene ii

Act 5 Scene iii

(They made it. They got to the Palace of Water.)

Makoto – We made it! The Shrine of Water.

Fujisawa – Yeah, we did.

Allielle (thinking) – I always imagined growing up and becoming a holy priestess. Oh how I have envied her and her beautiful, pure, saintly life.

(We go inside the Water Palace. Miz is moaning. She’s brushing her hair. The letter she blasted with water is still on the ground.)

Miz (moaning) – Being a high priestess only means being alone! If I had known this job was going to be so boring I would have never taken it! It’s so deserted and lonely up here! And now my last, crummy girlfriend gets married, too.

(She lets out a long, loud sigh. She stops. The music stops. She sees…)

Miz – (shaking) G-g-g-gray hair?!

(She lets out a loud long scream.)

Fujisawa – Someone’s in trouble!

Makoto – It came from inside the shrine!

(They barge in. The creature Sensuke is cradling her in his arms while she’s crying. Poor thing, because now Fujisawa gives it a good beating.)

Fujisawa – It’s attacking her!

(He kicks the creature out of the room, window and shrine. He fades to nothing.)

Fujisawa – Are you all right now, young lady?

(Young? Miz sees Fujisawa. He looks like a dream… to her anyway.)

Miz – I am NOW!

Fujisawa – (puts his right hand out) You should fear no longer for I am here and I shall protect you in any way I can!

Miz – (Takes his hand) Oh! Dear sir, I am honored. You’re so incredibly strong and brave!

(Fujisawa gave off an uneasy laugh.)

Miz – Do you have a name I may call you by?

Fujisawa – (putting his left hand behind his head) I am, uh, Masamichi Fujisawa.

Miz – (quietly, then builds up to a yell) Beautiful. And so is the strong hero who save me!

(She tackles Fujisawa.)

Fujisawa – (vastly distressed) Please miss! Could you show your appreciation to me in some other way? You see, I have one of my students in this room.

(Makoto and Allielle is looking at her very strangely.)

Miz – Oh? Students? Oh, are you saying that a bug he-man like you is a teacher as well?

Fujisawa – (still distressed) Yeah. I teach history at Shinanome Perfectual High School!

Miz – (thinking) Strong… and a stable career! I think I landed the big one!

Allielle – Excuse me, but we are here to meet the priestess of this shrine.

Miz – Huh? (she clears her throat) You have found her. I’m the priestess Miz Mishtal.

(Makoto and Fujisawa scream in surprise and Allielle just looks at her strangely.)

Allielle – (crudely) I thought the priestesses were younger than that.

Miz – What did you say, dear?

Allielle – (panicking) Oh, no, no, no, no, no! (bridges her fingers together) You see, I never met a priestess before so I never expected someone (tries to look innocent) with such stature dignity and grace!

Miz – Oh, my! (She chuckles) Such an honest girl!

End Act 5 Scene iii

Act 5 Scene iv

(It is later in the palace, and now Miz is serving drinks to the Wanderers.)

Miz – I understand your plight now and so you have journeyed to my shrine seeking help.

Makoto – Yes, please. We are desperately trying to find a way back to our world.

Fujisawa – And I’ve got to get back to classes.

Miz – Indeed. If I could I would surely help you. (Places her left hand on her face.) But I’m afraid nothing in my teachings could show you the way.

Makoto – (sighs) Well… thanks anyway.

Fujisawa – We’d better get to the next shrine.

(Miz did not want Fujisawa to leave.)

Miz – Ooh! (Puts her hands together) Excuse me, where did you say you were going?

Fujisawa – Well I’m afraid, if you can’t help us good lady, then we must move on.

Miz – (Points at Fujisawa, right hand) Oh, that’s not a good idea at all. (places her fist into her palm) That’s right, I just remembered there is a way!

Makoto and Fujisawa – (shouting, real close) Then tell us!

(They are in very close proximity. She has a surprised face.)

Miz – Oh, I couldn’t. (Turns away) You see, unfortunately I’m forbidden by the ancient laws of all the great priestesses never ever to reveal the secret arts to anyone, especially to people I don’t know.

Makoto – So then how are we supposed to get your trust?

Fujisawa – Is there some kind of horrible test to pass?

Miz – No, you just have to take me out onto a date.

(The three yelp at the idea. A date? What?)

Miz – If the other priestesses knew I dated you, then they could hardly say I was giving secrets away to an untrusted stranger.

Fujisawa and Makoto – Sounds logical.

(Miz is going into her fantasy date again.)

Miz – Lonely never more! At last, the date I’ve always longed for. I’ll be sitting there innocently sipping tea on the tiers when SUDDENLY Prince Fujisawa the strong and handsome, arrives with a bouquet of pure white flowers. We’ll stroll arm-in-arm, then set a-drifting in a gondola, sip honey nectar together with TWO straws. Oh! The first dance! And when night falls and it’s time to say our sad farewells, he’ll take me in his arms, look deeply into my eyes, pull me close, and… Oh no, no! You musn’t! I’m way too shy! Oh Masamichi! So bold, and on our first date? Oh, ho ho!

Makoto – Looks like you made it to first base!

Fujisawa – Didn’t even swing.

(Back at the boulder, they seem to have dug their way out. They leave from the hole. 16 of them.)

Bugrom 3 - *gibberish that mean "Finally! This way now!"*

Jinnai – Darn you Makoto! You think you can bury me alive, do you?!? Get me to that shrine of water now!

End of Act 5 Scene iv

Act 6 Scene i

(Fujisawa has been "talked" (if talked mean forced) in to a date with the priestess. He is very uneasy since he never went on a date before.)

Miz – Oh… Mr. Fujisawa. Walking along side you like this is better than I ever imagined. It’s just like I was living an unfulfilled dream!

Fujisawa – (muttering) Sounds familiar.

Allielle – (quietly) That’s stupid!

Fujisawa – Huh?!

Allielle – You have to be more romantic than that!

(Who said that? He’s looking for the source of the talking. He finds it in the bushes.)

Fujisawa – Aah! Will you give me a break? I have never been on a date before. Makoto, you’re at that dating age! Well, tell me what to say! C’mon! Tell me! Help me out!

Makoto (depressed) – Ah! Actually, I’ve never dated either.

Allielle – My heart never dreamt before until there was you!

Fujisawa – That’s awful! It’s too girly!

Allielle – Well, it’s a start. Just make it masculine!

Fujisawa – Okay, I’ll tell it. (He clears his throat with the most original poetry he could come up with.)

"There once was a heart

It woke up with a start

It dreamed it was a fart

It did…" uh–

(It was interrupted by Miz.)

Miz – I never imagined you were a poet also!

Fujisawa – Uh… yeah.

Allielle –

"Yes, what a fool am I to speak of the fairest white lily in the field!

Oh, Miz! I’m tortured and without rest!

You are the flower my soul wishes to gather!

But this heart of mine does not dare touch!

Makoto – Are you SURE you didn’t eat the spoiled food in the travel rations?

Miz – You were saying?

Fujisawa –

"You’re a flower! And when you can’t sleep at night, it really sucks!

Even though there are lots of others flowers, you’re the only one I want to… pluck?"

(Allielle and Makoto collapse.)

End of Act 6 Scene i

Act 6 Scene ii

(They are on a gondola ride.)

Miz – Your rowing is so smooth and quiet!

Fujisawa – Yes. I come from a fishing family. You see, my father was a poacher. He used to steal seaweed. (She gave him a weird look.) I learned to row quietly from old dad.

(He laughed.)

Miz – (nervously) What an unusual occupation and odd upbringing.

Allielle (underwater) – No, no, no! Don’t talk like that! No, no, no!

(She and Makoto were underwater with fake ducks on their heads.)

Fujisawa – Aah! What are ya? Some kind of ninja?

Allielle – (Pointing at Fujisawa) Talk about ROMANTIC things, not your crazy childhood!

Fujisawa – And what is NOT romantic about the sea?!

Allielle – You’re not getting it at all, are you? Okay, I’ll try it again. Now this time, listen CAREFULLY!

(She sprained her ankle in the water.)

Fujisawa – Shark attack!

Allielle – No! It’s just a cramp in my ankle!

Makoto – I’ll save her!

(They both watch this drama in action. Makoto dived for her.)

Miz – Oh.

Fujisawa – (Placing his left hand on his head) I’m sorry, I guess they mean well.

Miz – (Giggling) Actually, I find both of them to be quite charming. (lowers her right hand) Over there seems to be a quiet place.

Fujisawa – If I can out-row them.

(After a few yards…)

Miz – It’s so peaceful out here.

(Fujisawa wondered about what she meant by that.)

Miz – You know, I can’t even remember the last time I got to go out boating like this.

(Fujisawa felt something. Maybe it is love, but he can’t comprehend.)

End of Act 6 Scene ii

Act 6 Scene iii

(This plays off quite quickly. He first tries to drink the nectar. He drinks it way too fast.)

Allielle – No!

(She was trying to crush him with a rock. Miz starts to laugh. Then, he attempts to dance. Unfortunately, he is very clumsy and falls many times. Miz laughs again. Now, he gets her a flower.)

Fujisawa – Hey! Now THAT’S a flower. Wait, I’ll get you one.

Miz – Oh! (Thinking) How sweet of him.

(Makoto and Allielle look on from the rock.)

Allielle – Tell me the truth. Am I a hack at being a romantic advisor?

Makoto – Poetry needs work.

(Finally, they look at the sun going down for the night.)

Miz – Oh… have you ever seen anything like it?

Fujisawa – Honestly? Yes. (Miz giggled) It reminds me of MY favorite sunset, but this sure is a close second-best!

Miz – Is there a better one? One I have never seen?

Fujisawa – I was on a long climb once. Difficult, but suddenly I got above the clouds that were hiding the summit. THAT’S where the best setting sun is. Watching hues of color on the slopes that’s touching each and every peak reaching for the sky. Mount Yarigatake. That’s back on MY world. I get summer time off, you know?

(She was looking at him, then towards the sunset again.)

Miz – You make one day sound like a season.

Fujisawa – YOU’RE like the spring.

(She decides to go for it. She wants to kiss him. He leans back, fearing this. She decided that maybe that wasn’t a good idea.)

Miz – Oh… please forgive me!

Makoto (offstage, very desparate) – SENSEI! HELP!! The whole shrine’s been taken over!

End Act 6 Scene iii

Act 6 Scene iv

(The shrine’s been taken over? By who? You could guess very easily, since the Bugrom are all over. Jinnai laughs out loud.)

Jinnai – This Shrine of Water is now in my power! I might give it back, but only if I am taught it’s magic secrets!

Makoto – You’re nuts! And you have invaded holy ground!

Jinnai – From what my sources tell me, it’s a lot more like "Lover’s Lane"! (He holds out his left hand) Give up, foul templeist! Speak.

Fujisawa – (Obviously defending her) Priestess Miz is as pure as the mountain snow!

Miz – (Charmed) Let’s go back to the boat!

(The bugrom move in. Fujisawa moves to attack.)

Fujisawa – Galactic of Fujisawa Thunder!

(He fought off four bugrom in one sitting. Miz latches onto Fujisawa.)

Miz – Oh! Sweetheart, you’re defending my honor!

Fujisawa – Don’t do that! I’m trying to fight!

(He gets hit by a bugrom, sending him flying.)

Miz – Stupid bug. (Tosses the bugrom into the water. She starts talking to the unconscious Fujisawa) Darling, protect me!

Makoto – Jinnai! Call off the attack! There isn’t any ancient magic here!

Jinnai – Bugrom Reconnaissance proved otherwise. Old witch! Reveal your secrets!

(That was bad. Now she is very mad. Electricity is flowing.)

Miz – You… address me… as WHAT?!

Jinnai – What? I said witch! I don’t care what you call yourself, give me what I came here for.

(She yells. The water starts to rise from the palace.)

Jinnai – Not the water again!

Miz – Be doused by the flood a second time, foul villian. And THIS time, go catch a cold, you icky creep!

(She summoned a powerful stream of water at Jinnai and the bugrom.)

Jinnai – Don’t panic! The waters will subside once they reach my new altar! Huh?

(They didn’t subside. The water took him in.)

Jinnai – AAAAHH! Alright! I’ll let you get away with it this time, but beware! You’ll see me again! I’m warning you, you hear?!

(He’s washed of the mountain.)

Miz – (giggling) Then don’t forget your bathing suit!

(Fujisawa woke up from his unconsciousness.)

Fujisawa – Huh? Where’s Miz at? Is she alright?

Miz – Oh. Oh, my darling, I’m here! Oh, hold me, I’m so scared!

End of Act 6 Scene iv

Act 6 Scene v

(They left the palace of water, but not under a good note. Fujisawa had to leave Miz, and he doesn’t seem to be happy.)

Fujisawa – You… you lied?

Miz – And I’m very sorry. I was so lonely. Telling you I knew a way to help you get you back was the only way I could keep you here!

Fujisawa – Ha, ha. Forget it! It was worth it! As a matter of fact, it was the best day I had in a really long time!

Miz – It is a day I’ll never forget.

Makoto – Sensei? Do you think we’ll get to see her again? Before we leave?

Fujisawa – I’m not sure.

Allielle – You guys should hurry and get hitched before you get too old!

Fujisawa – (angry) Oh, so the baby thinks she’s smart, does she? Then where’s the next shrine?

Allielle – That’s a good question.

Fujisawa – I thought so. Then you find someone who knows the way!

(Allielle enters a small nomadic village. She asks someone known as Nanami Jinnai.)

Allielle – Excuse me! By any chance, do you know where I can find the Wind Shrine?

Nanami – Do you mean the Shrine of Wind?

(Allielle blushed.)

Nanami – Hey, listen up! Anyone here know where the Shrine of Wind is?

Allielle – I just had the weirdest flash of deja vu!

(Short time later…)

Allielle – I found out where it is! It’s that way!

Fujisawa – Let’s get moving!

Makoto – I just had the strangest feeling about Nanami. I hope she’s okay.

Episode 4 In English

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