Wanderers/Episode 4 JSV Script: The Lonely Priestess


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 4 - "The Lonely Priestess"


Wanderers Episode 4 - The Lonely Priestess


Makoto – My name is Mizuhara Makoto and I was a normal high school student with some interests in science until one day I landed in the magnificent world of El-Hazard. What’s going to happen to my future.

Act 1 Scene i

(Outside the Water Palace. A mailman comes by in a water ski vehicle. He proceeds to perform a jump to the steps.)

Mailman - (throwing a letter with left hand) Mail!

(We proceed to the chambers inside the water palace. It looks like the Priestess got some mail. Is it encouraging? She opens it up…)

Girl (letter, very spiteful) - Hi! How are you? It’s me. I’m finally getting married! To be honest, I thought it was a bit early but he said he would die if I didn’t marry him. (She starts shaking the letter, trying to take down the words) You’d better get a boyfriend and marry soon (The servant girls start to inch away from her) but I guess you can’t even get a date there. (She's ready to flip… Those poor servant girls have to deal with this too. They fear for their lives! She shreds up the letter in the same fashion that Jinnai shredded up the posters. The girls take off! She blasted the remaining pieces of the letter with water.)

End of Act 1 Scene i

Act 2 Scene i

(Fujisawa is very, very upset. It has been days since he has been in the classroom. The two are on the balcony.)

Fujisawa (groaning loudly in frustration) – This is bad. If this continues, my class will fall behind. I must return.

Makoto – Mr. Fujisawa.

End Act 2 Scene i

Act 2 Scene ii

(Inside the royal chambers of Princess Rune, she tells Makoto something that might interest him. Separated only by a curtain, she speaks to Makoto in privacy… with maids abound.)

Rune – I heard about it from my servant. Of all the Priestesses, there are Three Great Priestesses who rank above all. They have inherited many secret arts known as "Ancient Magic." They may know how to send you back to your own world.

(Makoto leaned forward and shouted happily at her)

Makoto – Really? But… (He leaned back, less enthusiastic) why did you suddenly change your mind and decide to help us?

Rune (saddened) – Well...

(We remember the scene from before when he fainted once from heat and the other when he just got out of the bed. Makoto steps back when he sees the look in her eyes.)

Rune – I’m praying that your wish will come true.

Makoto – Right!

End Act 2 Scene ii

Act 3 Scene i

(Back to the Bugrom Empire, Jinnai just heard about the priestesses' powers. He likes the idea so much…)

Jinnai – What? "Ancient magic"? Such power! Why wasn’t I notified earlier?

Diva – And what do you plan to do about this Ancient Magic?

Jinnai (shouting) – It’s obvious! Using that power, we’ll conquer Roshtaria!

Diva (worried) – Absurd! Ancient Magic is a frightening power. No one but the Great Priestesses should use it. If you do, you’ll be cursed!

(Jinnai feels superior even right now. He places his hand into his coat like he had a gun hidden inside (or maybe the rope).)

Jinnai – If the Great Priestesses can do it so can the President of the Student Council!

(He laughs… again.)

Diva (thinking) – Jinnai—a frightening man who doesn’t even fear curses.

End of Act 3 Scene i

Act 4 Scene i

(The Wanderers have now heard about the three priestesses and their access to ancient knowledge. They decide to travel off to the first priestess in their struggle to find the answers. They are packing their bags. They have weird horses to ride on as they travel. Rune is upstairs, lying on an archway.)

Schtaulabuagh – To depend solely on a map may make you nervous. (Almost systematically, they look up as if he was disturbing something.) Take this servant as your guide. Her name is Alielle.

(Fujisawa doesn't seem to be amused, although it is not really a joke. Even Makoto doesn't believe it.)

Fujisawa – Servant? (He takes a better look at her) Can such a young child act as a guide?

Allielle - (eyes closed) Making fun of youth (eyes opened, looking at Fujisawa) is a trait of aging, old man.

Fujisawa (insulted) – Old man, huh?

Allielle (fast paced) – Let’s go now. The Shrine of Water is closest to this place.

(She takes off on her steed.)

Fujisawa – Wait! Who are you calling old?

(He takes off on his steed, but he wasn’t prepared. He was almost thrown off.)

Makoto – Wait a minute, Sensei!

(Rune is playing with her doll.)

Makoto – (grunts, then says) Giddy up! Hurry!

(Makoto and the others travel off… while Rune was watching from the towers.)

End of Act 4 Scene i

Act 4 Scene ii

(In another part of the forest, Jinnai is commandeering his troops toward the first palace (which is coincidentally the water palace).)

Jinnai – Hey! Keep it going! The time for me to rule this world is approaching.

End of Act 4 Scene ii

Act 5 Scene i

(The team set off to find the palace. They battle through a dust storm under bristling heat and a mountain to get there. They transverse through cavernous valleys. Fujisawa likes it, but Makoto doesn’t.)

Fujisawa – Wow!

Makoto (calling out) – Mr. Fujisawa! Please let us rest for a while.

Fujisawa (calling back) – What? Come on, you’re still young. (He goes off on his own trip) Look at this magnificent view! It’s stunning.

(Makoto dropped. Allelle shows very little concern for him, just an "ooh" look.)

Allelle – Does he really have supernatural powers?

(She thinks back to the conversation she had with Schtaulaubaugh.)

Schtaulabaugh – Do you understand, Alielle? Don’t take your eyes off that boy Makoto. If something happens to him, inform me immediately.

Allelle – Understood, Dr. Schtalubaugh. (She hits her chest) Just leave everything to me!

(Makoto climbs back up. Alielle is yelling at Makoto. Far off onto the cliff side, the constant, paranoid Jinnai spots him with special "binoculars".)

Jinnai – Shit! Makoto is also trying to get the Ancient Magic.

Bugrom 1 - *gibberish that means "What you doing?"*

(Jinnai turns toward the speaking bugrom.)

Jinnai – What’s the matter, Katsuo?

Katsuo – * gibberish that mean "Should we attack?"*

Jinnai - Attack them? (Katsuo gets into a defensive pose) Don’t you have the ability to learn? I taught you cruelty many times! Don’t you still understand?

Katsuo - *gibberish that mean "What should we do?"*

Jinnai – What should we do in this case then? I’m thinking about it. (He gets into a thinking pose ala looking away and placing his right hand on his chin.) Of course!

End of Act 5 Scene i

Act 5 Scene ii

(The Wanderers continue on their path to find the water palace. The trail is rough, and it’s about to get rougher.)

(They notice something in the distance. It looks like a crying woman, but…)

Makoto – (Placing his hand on his face and raising his right eye brow) It’s a Bugrom! What’s he doing dressed like that?

Allielle – He seems sick. I feel sorry for him.

(Fujisawa grabs Allielle’s head.)

Fujisawa – Wait! It’s a trick you often see in period movies. A woman pretends to be sick and crouches on the side of the road. When a concerned person approaches her he is attacked by a group of people that have been hiding.

(Jinnai leaped from the bushes.)

Jinnai – You saw through my plans well.

Makoto – Jinnai!

Jinnai – But still it continues.

(He reveals a big rock. The bugrom uses a lever to push the rock off the edge. They scream and they get crushed by it. As we all know, if this were true, this would anti-climatically end the story. Jinnai laughs his head off…)

Jinnai – Did you see that? This is doubly cruel!

(The rock starts to raise off the ground. Fujisawa saved them. Jinnai and the bugrom freak out.)

Jinnai – W-What?

(He throws the rock back at them. Jinnai starts whooping as the rock starts coming after them. They run down the hill. A cave is up ahead.)

Bugrom 2 - *gibberish that mean "Let’s hide in the cave!"*

Jinnai – What? Hide there? Good idea.

(They make a dive for the cave. The rock closed the cave. Makoto climbed the cliff. Jinnai starts to yell at the bugrom.)

Jinnai – Hey! What’s the idea of imprisoning the President of the Student Counsel? Who said to hide in here? Katsuo! It was you! (He gets into a fight with him.)

End Act 5 Scene ii

Act 5 Scene iii

(They made it. They got to the Palace of Water.)

Makoto – We’ve finally managed to arrive here.

Fujisawa – Yes.

Allielle (thinking) – The Great Priestess is a person that is admired by girls. I wonder what type of person she will be?

(We go inside the Water Palace. Miz is moaning. She’s brushing her hair. The letter she blasted with water is still on the ground.)

Miz (moaning) – What admired career? If I knew I was going to live alone in a deserted palace I wouldn’t have become a Great Priestess. My friends are marrying off one by one.

(She lets out a long, loud sigh. She stops. The music stops. She sees…)

Miz – (shaking) Th-Th—Th-Th-This is a--

(She lets out a loud long scream.)

Fujisawa – What’s that scream?

Makoto – It came from inside the shrine.

(They barge in. The creature Sensuke is cradling her in his arms while she’s crying. Poor thing, because now Fujisawa gives it a good beating.)

Fujisawa – Oh, no!

(He kicks the creature out of the room, window and shrine. He fades to nothing.)

Fujisawa – Are you all right, ma’am?

(Young? Miz sees Fujisawa. He looks like a dream… to her anyway.)

Miz – Y-Yes!

Fujisawa – (puts his right hand out) Please rest assured. You needn’t worry now that I’m here.

Miz – (Takes his hand) Thank you very much you big, strong man.

(Fujisawa gave off an uneasy laugh.)

Miz – Won’t you tell me your name, please?

Fujisawa – (putting his left hand behind his head) Fujisawa Masamichi.

Miz – (quietly, then builds up to a yell) Mr. Fujisawa. What a wonderful name!

(She tackles Fujisawa.)

Fujisawa – (vastly distressed) Well, we shouldn’t be so personal. My student is watching us.

(Makoto and Allielle is looking at her very strangely.)

Miz – Student? Are you a teacher, Mr. Fujisawa?

Fujisawa – (still distressed) Yes. I teach at Shinonome Prefecture High School.

Miz – (thinking) A public school teacher. A stable career!

Allielle – Excuse me, where is the Great Priestess?

Miz – (she clears her throat) I am the Great Priestess, Miz Mishtal.

(Makoto and Fujisawa scream in surprise and Allielle just looks at her strangely.)

Allielle – (crudely) The Great Priestess is an old woman.

Miz – What was that?

Allielle – (panicking) Oh, no… (bridges her fingers together) I was thinking that you’re (tries to look innocent) overflowing with nobility and beauty.

Miz – Oh? (She chuckles) An honest girl!

End Act 5 Scene iii

Act 5 Scene iv

(It is later in the palace, and now Miz is serving drinks to the Wanderers.)

Miz – I understand your story. That’s why you came to me, isn’t it?

Makoto – Yes. Will you teach us how to return to earth?

Fujisawa – My darling students are waiting for me.

Miz – I’d like to do that, if I could (Places her left hand on her face.) but I don’t know how.

Makoto – I see.

Fujisawa – Oh, well. Shall we move on?

(Miz did not want Fujisawa to leave.)

Miz – (Puts her hands together) Where are you going?

Fujisawa – To another shrine. They may know the way there.

Miz – (Points at Fujisawa, right hand) Please wait. (places her fist into her palm) Yes! I remember something!

Makoto and Fujisawa – (shouting, real close) Really?

(They are in very close proximity. She has a surprised face.)

Miz – Yes! (Turns away) But it is a forbidden art that only Great Priestesses are allowed to know so I can’t teach it to strangers.

Makoto – You mean, you can’t trust us?

Fujisawa – What shall we do to gain your trust?

Miz – Have a date with me!

(The three yelp at the idea. A date? What?)

Miz – Then I can understand what kind of man you are and I might trust you.

Fujisawa and Makoto – Yes.

(Miz is going into her fantasy date again.)

Miz – So wonderful. At last, a date I have dreamed of for so long. As I have tea on the terrace Mr. Fujisawa will arrive with a bunch of flowers and the date will start. We’ll walk arm in arm, take a boat ride drink juice from the same glass and dance. When we say good-bye Mr. Fujisawa will hold me tight and his warm lips will meet mine and… Oh, my goodness! I’m so embarrased! Mr. Fujisawa, you’re so bold. It’s our first date, though! Gosh!

Makoto – Are you going to date her?

Fujisawa – Yeah.

(Back at the boulder, they seem to have dug their way out. They leave from the hole. 16 of them.)

Bugrom 3 - *gibberish that mean "Finally! This way now!"*

Jinnai – Damn Makoto! How much will he interfere?! Let’s hurry to the Shrine of Water.

End of Act 5 Scene iv

Act 6 Scene i

(Fujisawa has been "talked" (if talked mean forced) in to a date with the priestess. He is very uneasy since he never went on a date before.)

Miz – It’s like having a dream. I’m so happy to have a date with you, Mr. Fujisawa.

Fujisawa – (muttering) Yes.

Allielle – (quietly) You should reply properly.

(Who said that? He’s looking for the source of the talking. He finds it in the bushes.)

Fujisawa – Huh? But I’ve never had a date before so, I don’t know what to say. Teach me, Makoto.

Makoto (depressed) – What? I don’t know, either.

Allielle – Say: "I also seem to be having a beautiful dream."

Fujisawa – I’m supposed to say that?

Allielle – There’s no time to be shy.

Fujisawa – You’re right. (He clears his throat and tries his best in repeating what she said.) Well, I also seem to be having a beautiful dream.

Miz – Oh, Mr. Fujisawa.

Allielle – Not like that!

Fujisawa – What?

Allielle – How can I compliment a white lily blooming in the field? Miss Miz, you are a flower in my soul. My heart tenses and I lay awake thinking about you.

Makoto – Did you eat something bad?

Miz – What?

Fujisawa – Uh, yes.

"My flower is a white lily blooming in the field.

When I lay awake my heart tenses."

(Allielle and Makoto collapse.)

End of Act 6 Scene i

Act 6 Scene ii

(They are on a gondola ride.)

Miz – You’re good at rowing.

Fujisawa – Well my father was a fisherman. When he went to poach seaweed (She gave him a weird look.) he often made me row the boat.

(He laughed.)

Miz – (nervously) I see that you’re father was a radical man.

Allielle (underwater) – No! No!

(She and Makoto were underwater with fake ducks on their heads.)

Fujisawa – Are you guys ninjas?

Allielle – (Pointing at Fujisawa) Be more romantic.

Fujisawa – It’s romantic for a man.

Allielle – What’s romantic? I’ll give you advice again, so memorize it well this time.

(She got a cramp.)

Fujisawa – What’s the matter?

Allielle – A leg cramp!

Makoto – Alielle!

(They both watch this drama in action. Makoto dived for her.)

Fujisawa – (Placing his left hand on his head) I’m sorry for the disturbance.

Miz – (Giggling) Don’t worry. You have such energetic students? (lowers her right hand) Shall we go over there?

Fujisawa – Yes,

(After a few yards…)

Miz – It feels wonderful.

(Fujisawa wondered about what she meant by that.)

Miz – It’s been a long time since I had a boat ride like this.

(Fujisawa felt something. Maybe it is love, but he can’t comprehend.)

End of Act 6 Scene ii

Act 6 Scene iii

(This plays off quite quickly. He first tries to drink the nectar. He drinks it way too fast.)

Allielle – What are you doing drinking it all?

(She was trying to crush him with a rock. Miz starts to laugh. Then, he attempts to dance. Unfortunately, he is very clumsy and falls many times. Miz laughs again. Now, he gets her a flower.)

Fujisawa – Are you enjoying yourself?

Miz – Yes. Very much..

(Makoto and Allielle look on from the rock.)

Allielle – It seems like we’re not needed much anymore.

Makoto – Yes.

(Finally, they look at the sun going down for the night.)

Miz – A beautiful setting sun.

Fujisawa – Truly it’s the second-most beautiful setting sun I have ever seen.

Miz – The second best? What’s the best one?

Fujisawa – We have a steep mountain called Mr. Yarigatake in my world. It’s very hard to climb bit the setting sun seen from the top Is so beautiful, it makes us forget the hard climb. I want to show that beautiful setting sun to you.

(She was looking at him, then towards the sunset again.)

Miz – I’ve had a very good day.

Fujisawa – Me, too.

(She decides to go for it. She wants to kiss him. He leans back, fearing this. She decided that maybe that wasn’t a good idea.)

Miz – I’m sorry.

Fujisawa – What?

Makoto (offstage, very desparate) – SENSEI! Big trouble! The shrine!

End Act 6 Scene iii

Act 6 Scene iv

(The shrine’s been taken over? By who? You could guess very easily, since the Bugrom are all over. Jinnai laughs out loud.)

Jinnai – We’ve occupied this shrine! Now, Great Priestess hand me the Ancient Magic.

Makoto – Jinnai, what do you need it for?

Jinnai – It’s obvious—to rule over this world! (He holds out his left hand) Now, capture the Great Priestess!

Fujisawa – (Obviously defending her) You will never touch Miss Miz!

Miz – (Charmed) Mr. Fujisawa

(The bugrom move in. Fujisawa moves to attack.)

Fujisawa – Galactic Fujisawa!

(He fought off four bugrom in one sitting. Miz latches onto Fujisawa.)

Miz – So wonderful, Mr. Fujisawa!

Fujisawa – No! Don’t hold me now!

(He gets hit by a bugrom, sending him flying.)

Miz – (Tosses the bugrom into the water. She starts talking to the unconscious Fujisawa) No, Mr. Fujisawa, hang on!

Makoto – Jinnai, Stop it! What’s this going to prove?

Jinnai – Don’t give orders to the President of the Student Council! Katsuo! Capture that old woman!

(That was bad. Now she is very mad. Electricity is flowing.)

Miz – Old… woman?!

Jinnai – What? Don’t look at me like that. Give up, old woman!

Miz – Unforgivable!

(She yells. The water starts to rise from the palace.)

Jinnai – What?

Miz – Calling a maiden who’s not even 30 an old woman! That’s unforgivable!

(She summoned a powerful stream of water at Jinnai and the bugrom.)

Jinnai – Don’t panic! It’s only water. It won’t kill you.

(They didn’t subside. The water took him in.)

Jinnai – AAAAHH! I’ll let it go this time but it’ll be the end when we meet again!

(He’s washed of the mountain.)

Miz – (giggling) Did you feel the power of a Great Priestess?

(Fujisawa woke up from his unconsciousness.)

Fujisawa – Miss Miz! Miss Miz, are you all right?

Miz – Oh, Mr. Fujisawa! I was so scared.

End of Act 6 Scene iv

Act 6 Scene v

(They left the palace of water, but not under a good note. Fujisawa had to leave Miz, and he doesn’t seem to be happy.)

Fujisawa – What? A lie?

Miz – I’m sorry. To tell the truth I don’t know how to get you back to your world.

Fujisawa – Ha, ha. Don’t worry. As I said before I can see the second-most beautiful sun because of you.

Miz – Mr. Fujisawa.

Makoto – Sensei? Miss Miz was a nice lady, wasn’t she?

Fujisawa – Yeah.

Allielle – You could have been a good husband for her.

Fujisawa – (angry) Fool! You shouldn’t tease adults! Where is the next shrine?

Allielle – Well…

Fujisawa – This guide is unreliable!

(Allielle enters a small nomadic village. She asks someone known as Jinnai Nanamii.)

Allielle – Excuse me! Do you know where the Shrine of the Wind is?

Nanami – Shrine of Wind?

(Allielle blushed.)

Nanami – Does anyone know where the Shrine of Wind is?

Allielle – A beautiful lady.

(Short time later…)

Allielle – I found out. Over there!

Fujisawa – All right! We’re off!

Makoto – I wonder what Nanami is doing now?

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