Wanderers/Episode 4 Guide: The Lonely Priestess


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 4 - "The Lonely Priestess"


Ah, yes. The work of being a priestess is never done. It can also get downright boring.

Miz Mishtal is a water priestess. She has been working there for, maybe 10 years. While every one of her friends are getting married, she is stuck taking care of the water palace. The letter she received was, to say the least, less encouraging than she would have liked. She is alone… and in desperate need of a man.

Masamichi Fujisawa is a history teacher, but you already knew that. He is very concerned about the time they can get back. His classes are falling behind. He can’t stay very long. He could very well get fired. Makoto Mizuhara is summoned to Rune’s room, where she explained that there might just be a way back. He would need to visit the Great Priestesses that take care of the shrines that correspond to their elements. She was holding this information back before, but now this might give them a good chance of returning home.

Back at the Bugrom Empire, Jinnai just heard about the ancient magic of the priestesses. He believes that if he possessed the magic, he could take down the whole Roshtarian Empire. Diva tires to talk some sense into him, but he ignores her cries and decides to take the magic because "nothing is forbidden to me and he curses everyone". Diva may have a point, but Jinnai will never listen…

The two travelers are loading up their saddles. Taking maps and supplies, they plan to set out. The only problem is that Makoto and Fujisawa don’t know the world by hand. They would need assistance to travel there faster. It was in the form of the service girl named Alielle (the same Alielle as the Magnificent World, but doesn’t seem to show the same characteristics). By her look, she seems to be at a very young age. Fujisawa is not amused, if this was a joke at all. She assures him that she is not a joke, unless he would prefer to get lost "old grandpa". He was enraged by the comment. He is only 31 years old! How dare she! She mentions that they should take off to the water palace first since it is the closest. He demanded an apology just before they took off. Makoto got on his horse and took off after the two who were ahead of him.

They traveled through the desert, feeling the blaring sun’s heat. They crossed a bridge made of stone over a bottomless valley. Then, they climbed a mountain. Being an avid mountain climber, he is at the top before Alielle and Makoto. Makoto wants to take a break, but Fujisawa wants him to take in the view. It’s "drop dead gorgeous"! Makoto almost took that at heart as he slid down the steep mountain climb with barely any safety equipment strapped on to him. Alielle doesn’t really believe that he has any real powers, but Dr Schtalaubaugh says that she needs to watch him. He made it back up and she yells at him that this is not a game. While they are arguing, Jinnai spots them on the mountainside with some goggles. He was fuming when he saw Mizuhara out there, believing that he is after the magic as well. Turning down the idea of doing an attack right now, he decides to try something that’s 10 times more devious (or foolish, you be the judge).

As Fujisawa and the others cross the mountain, they spotted someone. It isn’t just anyone, but a bugrom. But… it’s dressed up in women’s clothing. Makoto was just confused when he saw that. Alielle took heart and started to walk towards the grieving bug. Fujisawa stopped her, though. This trick was done about 1,000 times in old movies. They would approach the maiden and then "wham!" a rock would come from above. Jinnai came out of the bushes and decided to do the rock dropping right then and there. The rock hit dead on! Jinnai that it was the end of his arch nemesis Makoto. That was not the case. Fujisawa lifted up the rock, and Jinnai freaked. How could this have happened? Fujisawa pitched the rock and He and the bugrom took off running. The forces of gravity were not on his side. They saw a cave and ran in. They were safe… except that was a dead end. Jinnai was very angry. The trio left while Jinnai injured the bugrom.

They finally made it! The shrine of water was found. Alielle always wanted to be a priestess. A pure, almost saintly life… well, someone else has her own opinion. Miz thinks that it is boring and lonely. She spends all day tending the shrine and doesn’t have a second to look for a husband. This would not have been her job is she knew this part in the first place. Miz is not even 30 and already she sees something… something that puts dread in anyone’s life (okay, not EVERYONE, but you know what I mean)…

Miz – G-g-g-gray hair?!

Fujisawa took to action after he heard the scream. When they entered in the palace, the poor creature was holding her to comfort her. Fujisawa took this as an attack, and jumped in! With a swift kick, the creature just fades out of existence. Miz was baffled. Who did that? She saw him, and this is when Fujisawa’s world turned upside down. Miz hooked him in like a fisherman, and she isn’t letting this fish getting away. She was going to show her "gratitude", when Fujisawa hastily noted that his student was in the room. Everything she wanted in a man was there… a strong, handsome man with a steady job. She explained to them that she doesn’t know how to get them back, and they start to leave. She then said she did and they wanted to know. First, she needed to know them. How? Not by test, but by date. She fantasizes her date behind their back. Makoto stated that he "made it to first base". Too bad. Fujisawa didn’t even swing.

Meanwhile, Jinnai just dug himself out of the hole (with the help of his bugrom buddies). Jinnai was PO’d (to say the very least).

The biggest bulk of the episode is when they actually start the date. They first take their walk down the path in the forest. Fujisawa was never on a date before, so he was very nervous. Alielle was trying to help him, but he doesn’t follow her very well. He tries his hand at poetry, and fails spectacularly. His poetry was, overall, simplistic (not to mention downright hilarious). The next part of the date is the gondola ride. Fujisawa was a very quiet rower. Why? His father was a poacher, and when he stole seaweed, he asked his son to row quietly. Alielle informs him that he should be talking about something romantic, not about his crazy childhood. After her leg cramps up, Fujisawa rowed away after Makoto went after her. They were finally alone. Fujisawa apologizes, but she likes them for some odd reason. The date played on in a not-very-smooth fashion. He tries to drink the nectar (fruit juice in the Subtitles), but he took it all in one sip. Oops. She laughed at him. Then, he tried to dance with her. He’s not very good at it, since he trips up very easily. She laughed at him. Fujisawa found a flower on a tree and plucked one off for her. It was very beautiful. Alielle wonders if she is any good at helping the two. The poetry needs work. Finally, they see the sunset. It was beautiful. Fujisawa rated it second to his favorite on Mount Yarigatake. In his description, it touched each and every one of the peaks, making the harsh climb worth it. Miz goes for a kiss, but Fujisawa hesitated. She apologizes, and not a moment too soon! There was an attack at the Shrine of Water. Uh, oh.

Jinnai proudly shows off his accomplishment. He took over the whole shrine quickly. His troops surrounded the area. He states very clearly that he will leave only when he was taught the magical arts "foul templist". Fujisawa defended her, and the bugrom attacked. He took down a bunch of them in a matter of seconds. Miz grabbed onto Fujisawa and he was head-butted from the side. He was unconscious. Makoto yelled that he should leave the sacred ground. Jinnai laughed and demanded that the old witch teach him the magic.


She was truly ticked off. She sent a column of water onto the opponent and all the bugrom were washed away, Jinnai included.

Well, in the end, she was lying. Fujisawa didn’t hold it against her. Besides, it was the best day he had for a long time. After a crude comment, Alielle went off to find out where the Shrine of Wind is. They left the area, not knowing that Nanami was nearby…

Overall Impressions – This time, the name wasn’t misleading. The episode is very funny and can be somewhat touching at times. It also shows more feeling. Not the best of them all, but it can keep up well with the competition.


Best Lines – The Poems and Fujisawa’s try…

Allielle’s start –

My heart never dreamt before until there was you!

Fujisawa’s try –

"There once was a heart

It woke up with a start

It dreamed it was a fart

It did…" uh–


Allielle’s Poem –

"Yes, what a fool am I to speak of the fairest white lily in the field!

Oh, Miz! I’m tortured and without rest!

You are the flower my soul wishes to gather!

But this heart of mine does not dare touch!

Fujisawa’s Translation –

"You’re a flower! And when you can’t sleep at night, it really sucks!

Even though there are lots of others flowers, you’re the only one I want to… pluck?"

Runner up – Miz’s Dream Date

Miz – Lonely never more! At last, the date I’ve always longed for. I’ll be sitting there innocently sipping tea on the tiers when SUDDENLY Prince Fujisawa the strong and handsome, arrives with a bouquet of pure white flowers. We’ll stroll arm-in-arm, then set a-drifting in a gondola, sip honey nectar together with TWO straws. Oh! The first dance! And when night falls and it’s time to say our sad farewells, he’ll take me in his arms, look deeply into my eyes, pull me close, and… Oh no, no! You musn’t! I’m way too shy! Oh Masamichi! So bold, and on our first date? Oh, ho ho!

Makoto – Looks like you made it to first base!

Fujisawa – Didn’t even swing.

After her poem, we can only assume…

Makoto – Are you SURE you didn’t eat the spoiled food in the travel rations?

We can all sleep peacefully now… thanks to Fujisawa’s dad!

Fujisawa – Yes. I come from a fishing family. You see, my father was a poacher. He used to steal seaweed. (She gave him a weird look.) I learned to row quietly from old dad.

You know what’s odd…

Throughout the episode, the population of bugrom that was following around Jinnai changed several times over. He began with 7 or 8 bugrom buddies. He then loses 2 to make 6 before he fell into the cave. When he dug out, the population exploded to get 16 bugrom. By the time Jinnai got to the palace, there was enough bugrom to cover all the floors. Coincidence? Or are the bugrom very frisky? You decide.

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