Wanderers/Episode 3 Script: The Enchanting Princess


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 3 - "The Enchanting Princess"


Wanderers Episode Three - The Enchanting Princess

Act 1 Scene i

(For whatever reason, Makoto is in a dungeon. He is chained up and looking out a window that is really high (maybe 10 stories). This is a dream sequence.)

Makoto - *low groan* I wonder what my family thinks? They probably think I'm dead by now. (he lowers his head) There's just no way out.

(Somewhere outside, Nanami is calling out.)

Nanami - Special half-price off! Fastest train to home boarding now!

(She opens the shutter and peers in.)

Makoto - Thank god! Can I go?

Nanami - Limited offer! Our discounted tickets include a free lunch! Only 2-and-a-half million yen! Wanna go?

Makoto - Nanami! You can't be here! Am I dreaming?

Nanami - Passengers with questions - Next window!

Makoto - (yelling) No, wait! You HAVE to take me back! I can pay it! Don't leave!

(He managed to scale the wall to a point. The chain pulled him back down. He is out for the count. He wakes up only to be back in the lab. He is surprised that he is there again.)

Nanami - Makoto-chan? What's wrong? Are you okay?

(He wakes up from his, what seems to be, a floor nap.)

Makoto - Huh? (he stands up to a sitting stance) I'm in the laboratory! I guess I was dreaming... In El-Hazard.

Nanami - What are you talking about, Makoto-chan?

Makoto - Oh, thank you! (he goes to grab Nanami) Thanks a ton for rescuing me from that crazy place! And at no charge!

(He realized what part he latched on to (the chest area) and flew off of her. Fujisawa was sleeping right next to him. It turned out to be a dream.)

Makoto - Wow... what a dream within a dream! Or am I dreaming now?

End of Act 1 Scene i

Act 1 Scene ii

(Apparently, Makoto is now wandering around a bathhouse, looking for the library. He doesn't know that the princess is bathing in its waters right now.)

Makoto - If I could find a library around here, maybe I can discover a way to get us back home! Well, at least I could wash up. (He starts to take in some of the water in his hands and wash his face. And then, he was handed a towel… or what looked like a towel.) Oh, good. Thank you very much. (After he finished rubbing his face into it.) That's nice.

(Then, he notices that the "towel" is actually the tail part of a huge creature. He speaks to him in his own little language (which actually sounds a bit like the bugrom). Makoto takes a few steps backward and the creature gets his head. He squirms around as the creature has his head. Then, after the creature lets go, takes off real fast.)

End of Act 1 Scene ii

Act 1 Scene iii

(This is yet another part of the bathhouse. The princess is in the water. Don't forget: Makoto doesn't know she's there. She's washing her hair on her right shoulder. After taking a look to the left to make sure no one was there, she dives under. Makoto then runs in.)

Makoto (panting) - Right out of Ripley's "Believe it or not!"

(He then looks and sees the princess in the water. What does she have?)

Rune - Whatever shall I do with the strangers? I want to help them, but I don't think I can.

(There's a little dragon… thing in the water. It moves it head to the left with a little "Hmm?" to the move.)

Rune - Well, Londs think they may be spies from an enemy land. (The dragon makes another little noise.) But I just don't believe that. 'Cause they're kind. How could people like that pose a threat to Roshtaria? (The dragon crosses its arms and makes another noise.)

(Whether Makoto was trying to get closer or get away, I'm not sure, but he trips on a log that was in the way of his foot. Thinking fast, she makes a really loud gasp. The dragon is actually a doll. A small, rubber doll you can find anywhere (well, not this one). Makoto is rubbing his bottom with his hand and then looks at the princess. The princess looks back. Give it a few seconds, then reality kicks in. Makoto gasps.)

Rune (with her left hand on her face) What are you doing here, in my royal bath?

Makoto - Nothing. (He puts his left hand behind his head) I think I got lost.

Rune (points to the right with the right hand (which has the doll on it)) - I command you to leave at once!

Makoto - *gasp*

Rune - *louder gasp as she sees that the doll was still stuck to her hand*

(Makoto looked at her body, now with a bigger view of her royal bath clothes. They do show various parts of her body.)

Makoto - I… I'm sorry, you're majesty!

Rune - It's too late. You already have seen it, haven't you?

Makoto - Well… I guess… yeah?

Rune (moaned) - If you ever tell anyone, I shall never forgive you! Never say anything of what you've seen here!

Makoto - I promise! I promise! I don't even know what… it… (turns around, showing both palms of his hand) What the heck is it?! (turns back around)

(I think Rune is very slow to realize things. She JUST realizes how revealing the clothing was, and dives back down as fast as possible.)

Rune - Yes, I guess people like you BELONG in a dungeon!

Makoto (turns around) - No! You don't understand!

(Rune screams real loud and Makoto turns right back around.)

Rune - You're the worse kind of spy!

Makoto (angered) - That's it! I'm finding a way out of this crazy, weirdo zoo TODAY!

(Rune proceeds to suck her thumb.)

End of Act 1 Scene iii

Act 2 Scene i

(We go to the bugrom empire, where an alarm was set off! Someone has escaped the dungeon! Bugrom were scrambled all over the place.)

Queen - He has escaped! Find him at once!

Jinnai - No need for that. (Jinnai is on top of one of the bugrom with a bugrom gun) Are you the one in charge here?

Queen - It's impossible! No one has EVER escaped from the dungeons of MY palace! They are the strongest in all El-Hazard!

(Jinnai laughs it up a bit.)

Jinnai - I did it easy enough!

(We go into a small flashback of, I assume, a few minutes ago. For whatever reason, Jinnai is picking his nose with his right hand.)

Jinnai - I simply (starts to move rapidly while holding on to the stomach area, the guard sees him) pretended that I had a stomachache and called to the guard. (Reaches out to the guard) "Oh I'm dying! Please! *Cough* All I ever wanted in life is to hold one of those beautiful weapons you have! Oh, please! Let me hold one before I die!" (He gets hold of the weapon and recovers real quickly, then points at the guard. He basically jumps with all arms flailing) The stupid actually took pity on me! (Like a disclaimer or the "drink responsibly" at the end of beer ads, he speaks real quickly) It's one of my basic rules of life to take advantage of the sympathy of fools who are willing to give it.

Queen - What a horrible person! I can't believe it! Using another's kindness to escape from jail!

Jinnai - Better believe it! You have to step over EVERYONE if you want to become a great ruler!

Queen - So, it's true! You're are a ruler! From what empire do you hail?

Jinnai (using some of the biggest bull since mankind existed) - I come from the strongest empire! The empire of Shinanome High School! I am Lord God Jinnai!

Diva (it was the whole time) - (in a stance with her left hand in front) And I am Lord Queen Diva, ruler of the invincible Bugrom Empire! Well met!

(Let the "Pong" match begin (not literally, just that it bounces between for a good bit)!)

Jinnai - I love ruling!

Diva - And so do I!

Jinnai - You love destroying people?

Diva - Every chance I get!

Jinnai - Do you want to be the ultimate ruler of the entire world?

Diva - Of course! Yes!

(It's done.)

Jinnai - Then I shall make you that ruler and I will simply become you're guide!

(Diva gives a really, really long gasp. Her wings rise up. You can interpret that any way you want. I believe that she is really excited about the proposition. Jinnai laughs. Diva laughs. They laugh in unison with the bugrom wondering what the heck is going on.)

End of Act 2 Scene i

Act 3 Scene i

(Roshtaria's palace, again… or is it? It's down to Makoto and Fujisawa who are walking the path outside the city surrounding the palace.)

Fujisawa - I forgot, Makoto… How much money did you say we have again?

Makoto - (opening his wallet) It's uh… a hundred Roshtals. I suppose it's enough.

Fujisawa - I never cared for charity!

Makoto - (puts the wallet into his right suit pocket) They said it was enough to get by for at least a week. You really shouldn't be complaining so much.

Fujisawa - Yeah, you're right. Wanderers like us don't deserve it!

Makoto - Don't say that! At least what they gave us gives us a chance to find our way home again.

Fujisawa - I guess our only choice IS searching around. She did act strange though… (Refer to Act 1 Scene iii)

Makoto - Hmm…

(Flashback to the time they were in the royal hall again. Read these lines, then read the last two or three words. You get now that there is supposed to be an echo.)

Fujisawa - We're desperate! I have to get back to the school! You're majesty, we'll take any help you could give us!

Rune - We cannot help.

Makoto - But, perhaps there's someone in the kingdom you haven't thought of yet!

Rune - Hmm… is their anyone else? *Gasp*

Makoto - Do you know someone?

Rune - No, I'm afraid there's no one! No one in this kingdom!

Makoto - Well, then somewhere else? (After a split-second pause) I guess that's all she has to say…

(Back to the present.)

Makoto (thinking) - I wonder what she is hiding? *sigh*

End of Act 3 Scene i

Act 3 Scene ii

(Rune is watching from above. She's using a telescope that is grafted into the building itself. She specifically has Makoto in her sights.)

Rune - Huh? Oh.

(The creature that got Makoto's head before gets him again… by the head.)

Rune - Shanoir's seeing them off. But he's never so friendly to strangers.

(You call being bitten on the head and you're sensei trying to pull you out of its mouth friendly? Strange creature, strange Rune.)

Rune - Indeed, they must be of good heart.

(With cartoon noise, the Wanderers takes off at high speed, yelling.)

Rune - Oh…

End of Act 3 Scene ii

Act 4 Scene i

(How long have they've been traveling? They are in the middle of the desert. A castle similar to Roshtaria's is within the midst of the desert town. Something, though, is wrong.)

Makoto - Hey! Look!

Fujisawa - What's this?

(All of the people are moaning, groaning, and unable to move.)

Makoto - Look at everybody, sensei! They're all like this! Do you think maybe they're sick or something?

Fujisawa - I don't know!

(They come to what looks like a dried up river.)

Makoto - Wow! No wonder everyone is so miserable! The river is completely run dry! What do you think happened?

Villager 1 - It's been dammed and the village chief was completely powerless to stop them.

Fujisawa - But who did this?

Makoto - Look! The other side!

(The whole village screams. The bugrom were seen.)

Makoto - Sensei! It's the giant insects again!

Fujisawa - Yep.

Villager 1 - The bugrom.

Bugrom 1 - (Speaks in an unknown language…) (using his left, upper hand) "Ready… Fire!"

(They fire arrows that are on fire. Why don't they use their guns? The plot thickens. Everyone is getting their belongings out of their houses as fast as possible.)

Fujisawa - I just can't believe they be that cruel!

Makoto - Sensei, we should help them put out the fires!

(All the while, Jinnai and Diva are on their little thrones, looking on at the madness. Diva is laying down, while Jinnai is straight up with his legs and arms crossed.)

Diva - Why, it's perfectly fiendish! First dam up the river then burn the entire village to the ground! It's work of pure evil… You are a genius, Jinnai!

Jinnai - I'm pure evil genius! That's right!

Diva - Do not stop now, my minions! Shoot them-

Jinnai - Ignore that order!

Diva - Huh?

Jinnai - Remember now, Diva… you're the one being taught here!

Diva - Yes…?

Jinnai - I'm not quite ready to burn the village to the ground yet. A TRUE ruler and conqueror makes them pay to be torched at first.

(Jinnai laughs. Then Diva laughs.)

End of Act 4 Scene i

Act 4 Scene ii

(The village is still on fire. They remove as much of the stagnant water as they could to put out the fires. The pressure is now gone, though.)

Villager 1 - Well, I guess that's the last of the stagnant water. The rest shall burn.

Villager 2 - But we saved many of the homes with your planning and these strangers' quick actions. But I fear we won't fare quite as well should the enemy return.

Makoto - (lifts his right arm slightly) It's very odd. Why didn't they continue to attack when we were at their mercy?

Fujisawa - (crossing his arms) Hmm…

Villager 3 - Village elders!

Villager 2 - Yes? What is it?

Villager 3 - (kneeling stance) It's the bugrom. They've returned.

Villager 2 - What? Attacking us again?

Villager 3 - They aren't! They've come… to do business!

Villager 1, 2, Fujisawa and Makoto - Come to do business?!

End of Act 4 Scene ii

Act 4 Scene iii

(Ah, good ol' Jinnai… yeah right. Jinnai is planning to sell their own water at a price no one could possibly afford. Bugrom are with him.)

Jinnai (over megaphones) - Thirsty, citizens? Lose a river lately? Pure, delicious water at rock bottom prices. We're selling our extra large, 2-liter size for a mere 100,000 Roshtals! It's not a bargain… it's a steal!

(Jinnai laughs it up. A little girl tries to get some of the water.)

Mother - No, don't.

(A bugrom stands in her way. She really, REALLY wants the water, but he is blocking her.)

Mother - We can't afford it, dear.

(Fujisawa, Makoto, and Villager 1 and 2 approach Jinnai's bugrom.)

Villager 1 - We wish to speak to your leader here.

Jinnai (away from the megaphones) - That, of course, is me!

(Makoto and Fujisawa recognize who he is. It's Jinnai, and he's on the side of the bugrom? Jinnai is not very delighted to see Makoto. In fact, he despises this moment.)

Makoto - It's… Jinnai!

Jinnai - (to Makoto) YOU'RE HERE?! (To Fujisawa) AND Fujisawa?!

Fujisawa - (not seeming to be phased by Jinnai's side) Well, hey! What do you know? Another student!

Jinnai - What are you two doing in my village? I see! You brought Makoto here to thwart my plans again!

Makoto - (holding his arms close to his chest) It figures you're behind it all! (Oh, really?) No one else would ever stoop so low!

Jinnai - (swings his hand across) Shut your mouth! Never mind! The water sale is off as long as Makoto's here!

Fujisawa - (trying to reason with him) But Jinnai! You're the student president! You KNOW you are not allowed to act this way!

Jinnai - (crossing his arms) Allowed? You're talking to the new ruler of El-Hazard! You're no longer a teacher (points with his left hand) but I could let you be mayor. Choose you're side well!

(Jinnai is bargaining with Masamichi Fujisawa, a proud teacher of Shinanome High School? For some reason, it looks like Fujisawa is a bit confused of what's going on.)

Makoto - You know he'd never side with you!

Jinnai - The price of the water remains, with a special added incentive that if you don't buy the water now, I'll set fire to your precious village again! Pay, or burn.

(Some of the bugrom ready the flaming arrows.)

Jinnai - First customer in line, stand up!

Villager 2 - But we're a poor village!

Fujisawa - You can't be serious!

Jinnai - Dead serious!

(Diva was hiding behind the large bugrom the whole time.)

Diva - It's so beautifully cruel and fiendish! (Diva raises her wings and they start to do something I never though her wings could do… wave like that) I never thought learning to rule could be this much FUN or give me the quivers like this! (Small, giddy laugh.)

Jinnai - You must buy it, even if you don't have money! (How?) Therefore, I give you six hours to gather the equivalent in jewels and gold!

(The bugrom and Jinnai charge off, with him laughing away…)

Fujisawa - Awful kid.

Villager 3 - Elders! (Kneeling stance) Rune Venus and her entourage are here and now reside at the old summer palace!

Makoto - Oh…

End of Act 4 Scene iii

Act 5 Scene i

(At the old summer home, Rune is looking at the now, dying plants and fish. Old memories resurface on how the palace used to look. This, apparently, was also the day that she got the dragon puppet. She sees Makoto again. She runs off, sobbing.)

Makoto (weakly) - Wait…

(She continues to run. Schtalaubaugh, Fujisawa and Londs come from behind.)

Londs - This was her summerhouse, where joy turned sorrow and memories of her father, the Great King linger though he has passed on. The princess' tears echo all our feelings for the kingdom's loss.

Makoto - (as if Londs never spoke) Wait, listen! I think I've got an idea that'll work!

End of Act 5, Scene i

Act 5, Scene ii

(In a steam room, Makoto hopes that all of the heat will remove any trace of saki in Fujisawa.)

Fujisawa - Ooh… Some great plan Makoto had! Sweat every drop of saki out, and I haven't had a drink in days!

Makoto - He's super human when he doesn't drink! You already know how strong he is and Londs, even you have saw him beat those bugrom single-handed to save Princess Rune! He's ten times stronger then usual, so if he was completely sober, he'd be able to make it even faster to the inland lakes where the water must be dammed. Dr. Schtalaubaugh and I have made calculations that show that he could easily make it there and back! And then we would have enough! All the water we'd need to foil the bugrom! All we need now is the largest container you have that you can find in Roshtaria! A huge reservoir, a tub, a bowl or anything!

Schtalaubaugh - But such a thing does not exist nor has ever been built!

(No bowls? No tubs? Reservoirs maybe, but you do have bowls and tubs in Roshtaria!)

Makoto - Hmm…

End of Act 5 Scene ii

Act 5 Scene iii

(Outside. A roof is being removed, for the sole purpose of getting a lot of water at once. Makoto becomes very, very bossy.)

Makoto - (trying to yell, with his left hand on his head and pointing to the right) No, no, no! We need more people around the other side! Hurry! (Spontaneously, he switches his hand to the left side) Hey, what are you doing?! Don't remove that support yet! Are you crazy?!?

Londs - It is amazing!

Makoto - (panting) Wow… bringing down a roof around here takes a lot out of a guy.

(He sees then sun, then he faints.)

Rune - No!

End of Act 5 Scene iv

(Inside the tent. Makoto has been out for quite a bit.)

Rune - Ah!

Makoto - Aah! (Grabs Rune) Princess Rune! I'm sorry, I've must've fainted! Are the bugrom here? How long was I out for?

Rune - No, it's okay! It was only for about a few minutes or so!

(Makoto lets off a big sigh of relief, keeping his right hand on his heart.)

Makoto - I thought it was hours! (Spark of realization) Oh, no! They're waiting!

(He springs to action… for a few feet, then he nearly faints again.)

Rune - You're exhausted! You can't.

(He shakes off the exhaustion.)

Makoto - (in sort of disbelief) What do you mean I can't? I can and I will save your father's summerhouse! I should go now!

(Rune looks worried.)

Makoto - (opens a flap with his left hand) I'm perfectly fine! Okay?

(Rune gasps.)

Makoto - Don't worry!

End of Act 5 Scene iv

Act 5 Scene v

(Outside. The roof is finally cut off. Now, it is up to Fujisawa to get the water.)

Fujisawa - Ah! Is that the biggest roof? It's only a little soup bowl! Rar! Rar!

Makoto - (during Fujisawa's joking around, about "a little soup bowl") - Sensei! You must remember that you hurry now!

Everyone - Oooohhhh…

Fujisawa - It's… so easy!

Everyone - (murmuring about what happened)

Fujisawa - I'll be back sooner than you think!

Makoto - Don't forget our plans include as much liquor as you want when you come back!

Fujisawa - That's the only part I heard! Yahoo!

Makoto - I'm counting on you, sensei! Please help them!

Villager 3 - Elders! (kneeling stance) The bugrom have arrived… much sooner than expected!

(Yes, he decided to arrive before he was supposed to.)

Rune - You arrived sooner before the time proclaimed! We are not prepared!

Jinnai - Any more proclamations that I make are flexible. But you simpletons never expected that, did you?

(He laughs again.)

Makoto - (thinking) Sensei… please hurry! Everyone in the village are all counting on you!

(Brief interlude in this part of the show has Fujisawa carrying the roof across the forest area. Branches are falling in front of him as we speak.)

Fujisawa - Aaahhh… uh oh!

(He falls fast, and the roof crushes itself! Now what?)

Fujisawa - Damn the architecture!

(Back to Jinnai and the bugrom.)

Jinnai - It's time! Time to buy the water OR choose the fire!

Villager 1 - (defeated tone) We must do as he says…

Makoto - Listen! Even if you give him everything, I bet he still intends to burn everything down, and that's true, isn't it Jinnai?!

Jinnai - (tries to remain calm) Causing trouble again… (moves some of his hair away with his left hand) I'm just here to bring water to the thirsty little village children.

Makoto - You're lying again! I know it!

Jinnai - (bursts out) Yeah, so what? These idiots don't know that! But since I haven't paid for the water yet OR paid for my generosity… (Puts his right arm out) Do as he says! Burn it down!

(They are ready to fire those arrows again…)

Rune - If it must burn… (Uses her right hand to show the summerhouse) …then I implore you - You must set your flames unto my house first!

Londs - Your majesty!

Rune - I wish it burnt!

Jinnai - Oh, that's good… means something special to you, does it?

Fujisawa - (off stage) Look out! Coming through!

(Everyone, and I mean everyone look. The ground starts to rumble. Could it be? The water rushes in. Jinnai watches in horror as he sees his plan ruined.)

Fujisawa - Fujisawa cowabunga!

(He then proceeds to deflect the water into Jinnai's group.)

Jinnai - Help me, I can't swim!

Fujisawa - Then join the swimming club!

End of Act 5 Scene v

Act 6 Scene i

(It is now nighttime in the small village. The river is flowing again, and the children are playing in the water. The river shines with the night. Everyone is happy… especially Fujisawa.)

Villager 1 - Thank you again, sir. Drink, and be merry!

(As for Makoto and Rune… they are in the tower, wondering how it could have possibly worked out at the end. Unfortunately, this is the real line. I just think that it is a terrible reason.)

Makoto - Amazing… I guess when he dropped the roof, the shattered pieces fell upon the dam and… broke it free.

(Assuming that he didn't try knocking a hole into the dam in the first place… or was the dam built that well? Most likely the former.)

Rune - He is a great man.

Makoto - Yep… sure is. But I'm even more amazed at you, princess.

Rune - Huh?

Makoto - How you offered to have them burn your house first, even though this place holds so many memories of your father. They're my people. Their lives are more important than old memories. And besides, even if this house was destroyed, it would never erase the memories I hold protected in my heart. And, above all, you know what they say?

Makoto - No. What do they say?

Rune - Memories are like the moon - Each is only as good as the beautiful one this night.

Makoto - Who said that?

Rune - My father did.

(And just when you thought it was all over… Nanami has to say one thing as she washes the dishes)

Nanami - Wait a second! I didn't get to say anything the entire show! And besides I'm sure it's in my contract! That stupid writer must have forgotten about me.


This is Episode 3, in the text. English version.

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