Wanderers/Episode 3 JSV Script: The Enchanting Princess


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 3 - "The Enchanting Princess"

US Age Rating: 13 and up.


Wanderers Episode Three - The Enchanting Princess

(Before the beginning, they decided to change his speech. Makes sense, but this could have been avoided…)

Makoto - My name is Makoto Mizuhara and I was a normal high school student with some interests in science until one day I landed in the magnificent world of El-Hazard. What's going to happen to my future?

Act 1 Scene i

(For whatever reason, Makoto is in a dungeon. He is chained up and looking out a window that is really high (maybe 10 stories). This is a dream sequence.)

Makoto - *low groan* Oh, gosh. Everyone must be worried about us now. I want to go back home soon.

(Somewhere outside, Nanami is calling out.)

Nanami - Good news for Makoto!

(She opens the shutter and peers in.)

Makoto - Nanami-chan!

Nanami - Currently, you can go home at the rate of 2,500,000 yen. Want to hop on?

Makoto - Hop on? Why are you here?

Nanami - If you're going to as that, I'm letting you on.

Makoto - (yelling) Hey, wait, Nanami-Chan! Please!

(He managed to scale the wall to a point. The chain pulled him back down. He is out for the count. He wakes up only to be back in the lab. He is surprised that he is there again.)

Nanami - Makoto! Hey, Makoto!

(He wakes up from his, what seems to be, a floor nap.)

Makoto - What? (he stands up to a sitting stance) This is the laboratory. Where is El-Hazard?

Nanami - What are you talking about, Makoto-Chan?

Makoto - I see! (he goes to grab Nanami) You saved me for free, Nanami. Thank you.

(He realized what part he latched on to (the chest area) and flew off of her. His nose was bleeding. Fujisawa was sleeping right next to him. It turned out to be a dream.)

Makoto - Oh, I had dream within a dream.

End of Act 1 Scene i

Act 1 Scene ii

(Apparently, Makoto is now wandering around a bathhouse, looking for the library. He doesn't know that the princess is bathing in its waters right now.)

Makoto - If there's a library, I can find out how to get home but this place is big, and I don't know my way. (He starts to take in some of the water in his hands and wash his face. And then, he was handed a towel… or what looked like a towel.) Oh, thank you. (After he finished rubbing his face into it.)

(Then, he notices that the "towel" is actually the tail part of a huge creature. He speaks to him in his own little language (which actually sounds a bit like the bugrom). Makoto takes a few steps backward and the creature gets his head. He squirms around as the creature has his head. Then, after the creature lets go, takes off real fast, with the creature still speaking.)

End of Act 1 Scene ii

Act 1 Scene iii

(This is yet another part of the bathhouse. The princess is in the water. Don't forget: Makoto doesn't know she's there. She's washing her hair on her right shoulder. After taking a look to the left to make sure no one was there, she dives under. Makoto then runs in.)

Makoto (panting) - What was tat creature?

(He then looks and sees the princess in the water. What does she have?)

Rune - What should I do with those strange people?

(There's a little dragon… thing in the water. It moves it head to the left and makes a loud "wreh" sound during the move.)

Rune - Londs says they're foreign spies but I'm not sure. I don't think they are bad. (The dragon crosses its arms and makes another noise, this time sounding more like a "rowr".)

(Whether Makoto was trying to get closer or get away, I'm not sure, but he trips on a log that was in the way of his foot. Thinking fast, she makes a really loud gasp. The dragon is actually a doll. A small, rubber doll you can find anywhere (well, not this one). Makoto is rubbing his bottom with his hand and then looks at the princess. The princess looks back. Give it a few seconds, then reality kicks in. Makoto gasps.)

Rune (with her left hand on her face) What are you doing here?

Makoto - Well, uh... (He puts his left hand behind his head)

Rune (points to the right with the right hand (which has the doll on it)) - Leave immediately!

Makoto - *gasp*

Rune - *louder gasp as she sees that the doll was still stuck to her hand*

(Makoto looked at her body, now with a bigger view of her royal bath clothes. They do show various parts of her body.)

Makoto - I'm sorry.

Rune - Did you see it?

Makoto - Well, yes.

Rune (moaned) - If you tell anyone that you saw it, I will never forgive you.

Makoto - I won't tell! (turns around, showing both palms of his hand) I promise! (turns back around)

(I think Rune is very slow to realize things. She JUST realizes how revealing the clothing was, and dives back down as fast as possible.)

Rune - I should have kept you in the cell.

Makoto (turns around) - But…

(Rune screams real loud and Makoto turns right back around.)

Rune - Savage!

Makoto (angered) - Very well!

(Rune proceeds to suck her thumb.)

End of Act 1 Scene iii

Act 2 Scene i

(We go to the bugrom empire, where an alarm was set off! Someone has escaped the dungeon! Bugrom were scrambled all over the place.)

Queen - What? An escape?

Jinnai - (Jinnai is on top of one of the bugrom with a bugrom gun) Who's in charge here?

Queen - How did you escape from my palace cell? It's the strongest in El-Hazard!

(Jinnai laughs it up a bit.)

Jinnai - It was easy.

(We go into a small flashback of, I assume, a few minutes ago. For whatever reason, Jinnai is picking his nose with his right hand.)

Jinnai - (starts to move rapidly while holding on to the stomach area, the guard sees him) First, I pretended to have a stomachache. (Reaches out to the guard) "I'll die soon, and before I go I want to hold your magnificent weapon in my hand." (He gets hold of the weapon and recovers real quickly, then points at the guard. He basically jumps with all arms flailing) When he handed me the weapon, he was mine. Then, I threatened your soldiers with the weapon and got here.

Queen - That's despicable! Even to escape from jail you took advantage of the kindness of others.

Jinnai - Fool! That is the basis of becoming a ruler!

Queen - A ruler! Who are you?

Jinnai (using some of the biggest bull since mankind existed) - I'm the supreme ruler of Shinonome High School… Jinnai Katsuhiko!

Diva (it was the whole time) - (in a stance with her left hand in front) Oh? I'm the supreme ruler of the Bugrom Empire Diva!

(Let the "Pong" match begin (not literally, just that it bounces between for a good bit)!)

Jinnai - You too?

Diva - Yes!

Jinnai - Do you love to rule?

Diva - Very much!

Jinnai - Do you want to be a stronger ruler?

Diva - Yes!

(It's done.)

Jinnai - Then I'll be God and let you rule!

Diva - Oh?

(Diva gives a really, really long gasp. Her wings rise up. You can interpret that any way you want. I believe that she is really excited about the proposition. Jinnai laughs. Diva laughs. They laugh in unison with the bugrom wondering what the heck is going on.)

End of Act 2 Scene i

Act 3 Scene i

(Roshtaria's palace, again… or is it? It's down to Makoto and Fujisawa who are walking the path outside the city surrounding the palace.)

Fujisawa - Makoto, how much do you have in your wallet?

Makoto - (opening his wallet) Well… it seems to be about one hundred Roshtals.

Fujisawa - How much is that?

Makoto - (puts the wallet into his right suit pocket) They say the two of us can eat for a week. So, it's about 30,000 yen.

Fujisawa - I see. I am grateful.

Makoto - Mr. Fujisawa, do you think we can find a way home before our money runs out?

Fujisawa - We can't find anything standing here. So, we have no choice but to look around.

(Flashback to the time they were in the royal hall again. Read these lines, then read the last two or three words. You get now that there is supposed to be an echo.)

Fujisawa - Any idea is fine! Don't you know how to get back to Shinonome High School?

Rune - I do not.

Makoto - Then do you know anyone who does know?

Rune - Well, um… *Gasp*

Makoto - There is someone?

Rune - No. I don't know of anyone.

Makoto - But you-- (After a split-second pause) I see.

(Back to the present.)

Makoto (thinking) - Why didn't she tell me? *sigh*

End of Act 3 Scene i

Act 3 Scene ii

(Rune is watching from above. She's using a telescope that is grafted into the building itself. She specifically has Makoto in her sights.)

(The creature that got Makoto's head before gets him again… by the head.)

Rune - Shanoir! Shanoir is so shy. He rarely approaches others.

(You call being bitten on the head and you're sensei trying to pull you out of its mouth friendly? Strange creature, strange Rune. With cartoon noise, the Wanderers takes off at high speed, yelling.)

End of Act 3 Scene ii

Act 4 Scene i

(How long have they've been traveling? They are in the middle of the desert. A castle similar to Roshtaria's is within the midst of the desert town. Something, though, is wrong.)

Fujisawa - Huh?

(All of the people are moaning, groaning, and unable to move.)

Makoto - Isn't there something strange about this village?

Fujisawa - Yeah.

(They come to what looks like a dried up river.)

Makoto - The river has dried up. What happened, Mr. Fujisawa?

Villager 1 - They dammed up the river.

Fujisawa - "They"?

Makoto - Hey, look sensei!

(The whole village screams. The bugrom were seen.)

Makoto - Mr. Fujisawa, we saw them the other day.

Fujisawa - Yes.

Villager 1 - Bugrom.

(They fire arrows that are on fire. Why don't they use their guns? The plot thickens. Everyone is getting their belongings out of their houses as fast as possible.)

Fujisawa - What the hell are they doing?

Makoto - Sensei, let's help them put out the fire.

Fujisawa - Yes!

(All the while, Jinnai and Diva are on their little thrones, looking on at the madness. Diva is laying down, while Jinnai is straight up with his legs and arms crossed.)

Diva - Magnificent. First dam the river, then attack the village with fire. I've never seen such cruel tactics before.

Jinnai - Yes! Yes!

Diva - Everyone, don't stop! Draw your bows and light--

Jinnai - Wait!

Jinnai - It's not interesting if we burn it to the ground.

Diva - What?

Jinnai - This is not cruelty. As long as you're the ruler, let's do a thorough job!

(Jinnai laughs. Then Diva laughs.)

End of Act 4 Scene i

Act 4 Scene ii

(The village is still on fire. They remove as much of the stagnant water as they could to put out the fires. The pressure is now gone, though.)

Villager 1 - We've used up this water reservoir, too?

Villager 2 - We're thankful that the village isn't completely destroyed but if they attack again--

Makoto - (lifts his right arm slightly) Why did they withdraw so suddenly?

Fujisawa - (crossing his arms) Well--

Villager 3 - Emergency!

Villager 2 - What's the matter?

Villager 3 - (kneeling stance) A horde of Bugrom is approaching!

Villager 2 - To attack us?

Villager 3 - No… to sell.

Villager 1, 2, Fujisawa and Makoto - To sell?

End of Act 4 Scene ii

Act 4 Scene iii

(Ah, good ol' Jinnai… yeah right. Jinnai is planning to sell their own water at a price no one could possibly afford. Bugrom are with him.)

Jinnai (over megaphones) - Attention, all in need of water! We're selling Mt. Narse water at a great bargain! Only 100,000 Roshtals for 2 liters. You can't buy water at such a honest, low price.

(Jinnai laughs it up. A little girl tries to get some of the water.)

Mother - No!

(A bugrom stands in her way. She really, REALLY wants the water, but he is blocking her.)

Mother - Stop it.

(Fujisawa, Makoto, and Villager 1 and 2 approach Jinnai's bugrom.)

Villager 1 - Who’s in charge of this?

Jinnai (away from the megaphones) - I am.

(Makoto and Fujisawa recognize who he is. It's Jinnai, and he's on the side of the bugrom? Jinnai is not very delighted to see Makoto. In fact, he despises this moment.)

Makoto - J-Jinnai!

Jinnai - (to Makoto and Fujisawa) Makoto and Mr. Fujisawa.

Fujisawa - (not seeming to be phased by Jinnai's side) You've also landed in this world?

Jinnai - Why are you both here? I see! You're trying to interfere in my affairs again.

Makoto - (holding his arms close to his chest) What are you talking about? Do you really know the situation we're in?

Jinnai - (swings his hand across) Shut up, Makoto! Now that I know you're here, I'll show you no mercy.

Fujisawa - (trying to reason with him) Jinnai! You call yourself President of the School Council? I'm very disappointed!

Jinnai - (crossing his arms) I'll be ruler of this world! (points with his left hand) Makoto, I give you the position of School Council President.

(Jinnai is bargaining with Makoto Mizuhara, the man whom he hated for so long? What is going on here? I'm sure Fujisawa wonders, too.)

Makoto - I don't want it!

Jinnai - Listen up, everyone! You must buy the economy-sized two-liter bottles of this thirst-quenching natural, Mt. Narse water, or…

(Some of the bugrom ready the flaming arrows.)

Jinnai - …we'll burn this village again!

Villager 2 - What?

Fujisawa - Jinnai, are you serious?

Jinnai - Of course.

(Diva was hiding behind the large Bugrom the whole time.)

Diva - Great! What a splendid example of cruelty! (Diva raises her wings and they start to do something I never though her wings could do… wave like that) Oh, my heart pounds with excitement!

Jinnai - You must make a choice! If I don't get an answer in two hours we'll proceed with a full attack!

(The bugrom and Jinnai charge off, with him laughing away…)

Fujisawa - Jinnai.

Villager 3 - Message: (Kneeling stance) The royal army and Princess Rune have arrived!

Makoto - Oh…

End of Act 4 Scene iii

Act 5 Scene i

(At the old summer home, Rune is looking at the now, dying plants and fish. Old memories resurface on how the palace used to look. This, apparently, was also the day that she got the dragon puppet. She sees Makoto again. She runs off, sobbing. Schtalaubaugh, Fujisawa and Londs come from behind.)

Londs - The royal villa holds memories for Princess Rune of the deceased King and Queen. Just the thought of that--

Makoto - (as if Londs never spoke) Everyone, I have an idea!

End of Act 5, Scene i

Act 5, Scene ii

(In a steam room, Makoto hopes that all of the heat will remove any trace of saki in Fujisawa.)

Fujisawa - That Makoto, he'll go this far to drain the sake from me.

Makoto - In the forest battle Mr. Fujisawa took out three Bugrom before you knew it. Thinking about that situation, Mr. Fujisawa's running ability was ten times greater than normal. Completely sober, I'm sure you can run 50 meters in a second. Under such circumstances, you can easily run to the sea and back. That is why I want my sensei to carry a huge jar and bring back water from the sea.

Schtalaubaugh - But where is such a huge jar?

Makoto - Hmm…

End of Act 5 Scene ii

Act 5 Scene iii

(Outside. A roof is being removed, for the sole purpose of getting a lot of water at once. Makoto becomes very, very bossy.)

Makoto - (trying to yell, with his left hand on his head and pointing to the right) No, no! Not that way. More to the right! (Spontaneously, he switches his hand to the left side) No that's too high. Not that far!

Londs - I see.

Makoto - (panting) Boy, giving directions can be pretty tough.

(He sees then sun, then he faints. The princess gasps.)

End of Act 5 Scene iv

(Inside the tent. Makoto has been out for quite a bit.)

Makoto - Ah! (Grabs Rune) Princess, what time is it? How long have I been out? How long has it been?

Rune - Well, about 12 or 13 minutes.

(Makoto lets off a big sigh of relief, keeping his right hand on his heart.)

Makoto - Only that long. (Spark of realization) Oh! I have to rush!

(He springs to action… for a few feet, then he nearly faints again.)

Rune - You're still weak.

(He shakes off the exhaustion.)

Makoto - (in sort of disbelief) If I don't go, there's a lot that people won't know how to do. I'm okay.

(Rune looks worried.)

Makoto - (opens a flap with his left hand) I'm okay, see?

(Rune gasps.)

Makoto - Bye!

End of Act 5 Scene iv

Act 5 Scene v

(Outside. The roof is finally cut off. Now, it is up to Fujisawa to get the water.)

Fujisawa - All right! Here I go!

Makoto - Sensei, please hurry!

Everyone - Oooohhhh… (When he lifted the roof, they were murmuring about what happened)

Fujisawa - I'm going now!

Makoto - We'll have drinks ready want when you get back!

Fujisawa - Yahoo!

Makoto - I'm counting on you, sensei!

Villager 3 - Message! (kneeling stance) They're approaching! The Bugrom army is coming!

(Yes, he decided to arrive before he was supposed to.)

Rune - We still have time before the deadline.

Jinnai - What's the use of keeping promises during wartime? Promises are made to be broken.

(He laughs again.)

Makoto - (thinking) Sensei, the situation is bad. Please hurry.

(Brief interlude in this part of the show has Fujisawa carrying the roof across the forest area. Branches are falling in front of him as we speak.)

Fujisawa - Aah!

(He falls fast, and the roof crushes itself! Now what?)

Fujisawa - Oh, no!

(Back to Jinnai and the bugrom.)

Jinnai - Are you going to buy the water or not?

Villager 1 - (defeated tone) We have no choice.

Makoto - No! If you give them money they won't give you water, they'll burn the village. Right, Jinnai?

Jinnai - (tries to remain calm) Oh, do I look (moves some of his hair away with his left hand) like such a cruel person?

Makoto - Yes! The worst kind!

Jinnai - (bursts out) Silence! You shut up! If you don't listen to us, we'll resort to force. (Puts his right arm out) Burn down the closest homes!

(They are ready to fire those arrows again…)

Rune - Wait! (Uses her right hand to show the summerhouse) If you're going to burn something, burn my villa.

Londs - Princess!

Rune - It's okay.

Jinnai - Interesting. Then, I'll burn it as you wish.

Fujisawa - (off stage) Look out!

(Everyone, and I mean everyone look. The ground starts to rumble. Could it be? The water rushes in. Jinnai watches in horror as he sees his plan ruined.)

Fujisawa - Fujisawa has arrived!

(He then proceeds to deflect the water into Jinnai's group.)

Jinnai - I can't swim!

Fujisawa - That takes care of that.

End of Act 5 Scene v

Act 6 Scene i

(It is now nighttime in the small village. The river is flowing again, and the children are playing in the water. The river shines with the night. Everyone is happy… especially Fujisawa.)

Village children - Take that!

Villager 1 - Please, drink up.

(As for Makoto and Rune… they are in the tower, wondering how it could have possibly worked out at the end. This line is different, though I don't know if it just sounds similar or maybe he has a better guess of what happens.)

Makoto - He surprised me. To think he freed the water because he broke the jar.

Rune - He's a great man.

Makoto - Yes, but… you surprised me even more, Princess.

Rune - Huh?

Makoto - You said you'd set fire to this palace even though it holds many memories for you.

Rune - It holds memories for the villagers, too. Besides, even if I lose this place I won't lose the memories in my heart. And, above all…

Makoto - Above all?

Rune - I can make new memories from now on.

Makoto - That's right.

Rune - Yes.

(And just when you thought it was all over… Nanami has to say one thing as she washes the dishes)

Nanami - Wait a minute! Don't forget about me! Jinnai Nanami is working hard, but I wonder where this place is?

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