Wanderers/Episode 2 Script: Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 2 - "Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery"

US Age Rating: 13 and up.


Wanderers Episode Two - Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery English

Introduction (For the rest of the Flippin' episodes)

Makoto (Narrating) - Hello! My name is Makoto Mizuhara, a normal high school student from Shinanome High. I was working on a special science project when something went horribly wrong! I've suddenly been transported to a mysterious world called El-Hazard. What was going to happen to me in such an unpredictable place?

(Welcome back to El-Hazard, people!)

Act 1 Scene i

(Still on the same dirt plot he has been in the previous episode, you hear him talking to himself.)

Makoto (thinking, still on the ground with his ass in the grass) - My god... what are these horrible things?

Bug 1 - *gibberish that means "I'm going after him!"*

(Makoto scoots a little bit, then a scream is heard.)

Bug 1 - *gibberish that means "Is that the target?"*

Makoto - Is it Nanami? Oh!

(The bugrom was just not paying attention to him. He finally took the chance and took off. We change it around to see the mysterious woman being chased by another bug.)

Bug 2 - *gibberish that means "You cannot escape now!"*

(She really can't do much. It's a cliff, though, and she jumps.)

Girl (in a praying stance) - Please help me!

Makoto (screaming) - Aaaah!

(Isn't Makoto lucky? He's just caught the girl while she was falling. Wham! He fell over after that. Makoto should be lucky that Fujisawa wasn't around to see that.)

End of Act 1 Scene i

Act 1 Scene ii

(Makoto hasn't gotten up yet. The woman stares back at him. He sees her pretty eyes and all. I bet he feels pretty lucky (to say the least). He's blushing.)

Girl - I'm really, really sorry. Are you alright, young squire?

(Where did she get that from?)

Makoto (breathless tone) - Uh... yeah. I'm okay.

(We see the camera pan up to the bug still on the cliff.)

Bug 2 - *gibberish that means "You're still alive?"*

Girl - We aren't safe for long! What do you plan to do?

Makoto - Well, off the top of my head... RUN!

(Bug 2 makes the jump. Makoto and the girl run off to the right. The bug just missed.)

Makoto (breathing rapidly) - What in the world are those crazy things? Ah!

Girl (breathing rapidly) - They are bugrom, of course. I had no idea they had invaded this far in...

Makoto (breathing rapidly) - Bugrom? What are bugrom?

(As they were running for it, they did not look where they stepped, and they didn't see the just sleeping Fujisawa. He grunts from the impact of the girl who just stepped on him. Makoto and the girl were screaming and latched onto each other.)

Makoto (not knowing what just happened) - What is it? W, what's wrong?

Girl - I stepped on something awful!

Makoto - Huh?

(Fujisawa gets up from the ground. He still seems sleepy.)

Fujisawa - (rubs nose with right hand) What time is it? Ohh... that new sake really hits you in the


Makoto - It's my sensei!

Fujisawa - Oh, Makoto! You still here? (he gets up and yawns shortly with a long strech with his arms.) Mmm, mmm, I thought you went home! (he heard some rustling in the buses and Bug 2 walks in.) Huh?

Bug 2 - *gibberish that means "No! They're getting away!"*

Fujisawa - (impressed tone) Oh, that's pretty good! (he walks closer and inspects him) You must be from the horror fan club! Nope, can't see the zipper anywhere! (he knocks on the bugrom's head with left hand) It's okay, but you should be studying! You maniacs waste too much time!

Makoto - Sensei! He's not a student!

Fujisawa - Come on, which student are you?

(The bugrom didn't like him knocking on his head. The bugrom knocks him on his head with a right hook. Wham!)

Fujisawa - Hmm? Aah...

(He gets knocked back about a few feet.)

Makoto - No! Sensei!

(He gets up, holding on to his head with his left hand, moaning.)

Fujisawa (mad) - Idiot kid! How dare do you hit a teacher like that?! Take off that suit, child, 'cause you are now expelled!!

(The bugrom just stared at him.)

Makoto (calling out) - But he's not a student! He's real!

(Fujisawa approaches the bugrom again.)

Fujisawa (really mad)- Student of this school or not, he's in trouble! (he grabs the head of the bugrom, trying to twist it off clockwise) Come on, take it off. Take off this head!

(Makoto and the girl are just watching, then the other bugrom come. They take off to the left as the bugrom just jumped over their heads!)

Fujisawa (very surprised) - Ahh, oh, ha heh, whoa oh!

(The bugrom and Fujisawa get into a breif melee. Bugrom start flying out of the dust.)

Fujisawa (still mad) - Stop it! Sit down and be quiet!! Ah, you dang kids are all expelled! (rubs his head with right hand) Oh... I've got a headache. Maybe a sip will cure it.

(He reaches in his right pocket for the drink.)

Fujisawa - Let's see... What?!

(He pulls out a bottle that has a broken bottom.)

Fujisawa (yelling about the bottle) - No!! It's my favorite brand!!

(He banged the now unconscious bugrom with the broken bottle.)

Fujisawa - You're expelled from college, too!

(Makoto and the girl run back.)

Makoto (breathing rapidly) - Mr. Fujisawa! Are you okay?

Fujisawa - Huh?

(Apparently taking no notice of Makoto, Fujisawa sees the girl that was with him.)

Fujisawa - That looks real! Did the school pay for that?

(Makoto makes a strange face. Finally, he said...)

Makoto (frustrated) - I've been trying to tell you they're all real! Something happened. She's as real as the monsters!

Fujisawa (questioning) - Monsters? Hmm...

(He starts taking a left leg of a bugrom to inspect. He took his leg next. Then, he looks at the head. He starts twitching and making little gasping noises.)

Londs - Your majesty! Princess! Are you all right?!

Girl - (hushed) It's Londs. (louder) Oh, praise heaven, he's come!

Londs - I have no idea you would wander so far... please forgive me! (he notices the other two) Hmm?

Makoto and Fujisawa - Hmm?

Londs - You must be great warriors from beyond. You deserve royal honor!

Fujisawa - (with no thought into what Londs said) - Uh... I do teach to help those in need, right?

Makoto - Yeah, you do.

Londs - Hmm... (to the guards) Escort the royal guests to the ship!

End of Act 1 Scene ii

Act 1 Scene iii

(They take off on a huge, flying ship. Where are they going, Makoto and Fujisawa don't even know.)

Makoto - We're in El-Hazard?

Londs - Thou must come afar! Our empire encompasses all the lands that any of the living has ever known. It has been known as "The Ancient Holy Land of El-Hazard" from far beyond recorded time. Far beyond all our grandfathers' farthest memories!

(Down on the forest floor, Nanami is still clutching the bottle of soy sauce.)

Nanami (shakey) - Oh, no, UFOs too! Maybe I HAVE been working myself too hard! I've heard that UFOs usually abduct you. (she stands up, in a somewhat infuriated speech with her arms in the air) Hey, you stupid UFO! Don't you know the rules? You're supposed to abduct people in remote areas who don't have any witnesses!! (After a breif pause) Maybe they don't read the tabloids. Gosh, I could have given them a bottle of soy sauce as the first Earth President. (a shot of realization later) Oh... why DO I have soy sauce in the jungle?

End of Act 1 Scene iii

Act 2 Scene i

(It is now going into a sunset as they arrive at the capital of Roshtaria.)

Fujisawa - Oh! That's better than the commercial!

Londs - Floristica, the jewel, Roshtaria's capital city!

(They go into the castle. The city is more beautiful than anything available on Earth.)

End of Act 2 Scene i

Act 2 Scene ii

(They are in the castle where they will get the treatment they deserve.)

Londs - I beg you, good sirs. Please stay here and rest 'till I return.

(They were escorted into a room and has been locked from the outside.)

Fujisawa - (crossed his arms) Hmm. (brief pause) Never heard of El-Hazard. Hmm... or Roshtaria. They don't exist!

Makoto - Wha?

Fujisawa - We're not on Earth. (uncrosses his arms) Where are we?

Makoto - (puts his left hand on his chin) Hmm... well... another dimension.

Fujisawa - (not convinced) What's that?

Makoto - It must have been my machine! I was working on a "folding space" theory I read through conduction means. I suppose we were transported by Jinnai's sabotage.

Fujisawa - Huh?

Makoto - "Electricity and dimensional gateways". That was the title of it. I just remembered right now.

Fujisawa - You should learn to take more accurate notes. I had time off.

Makoto - I built it to work on a much smaller scale, but his rewiring could have... that's it! It wasn't the voltage, but the amps! It must have pulled us in also! Living matter transferred through dimensional gate.

Fujisawa - Living matter? (rubs his chin with right hand) That could be us. Better than DT's, I guess.

End of Act 2 Scene ii

Act 2 Scene iii

(Londs escorts the two to the queen's chambers. Schtalubaugh and the princess are there.)

Makoto - (to the professor) Are you king?

Fujisawa - Excuse my student for speaking out of turn.

Schtalubaugh - Mm-mmm, not king. I am merely Dr. Schtalubaugh, scientific advisor to the royal court. Words tell that you have come from far beyond our royal lands. (The advisor approaches them) And, you hold great powers of strength and you vanquished our worst enemies.

Fujisawa - I guess so.

Schtalubaugh - (rubbing Fujisawa's arms) Yet, you appear to be of a man of ordinary build. It's unusual to think of a man like you could accomplish such feats.

Fujisawa - Well... I do some climbing on my time off.

Schtalubaugh - No kidding?

(It sounds like casual conversation. Then... a guard bangs his stick on the ground.)

Guard 1 - All now shall kneel! The royal ruler of El-Hazard now enters!

(Schtalubaugh and Londs kneel first, then Makoto and Fujisawa. The princess enters. She kneels on a nice, big cushion.)

Rune (who was the girl all along) - I, Rune Venus, bid you welcome.

(Makoto and Fujisawa get up and see the exact girl that was being chased from the bugrom before.)

Makoto and Fujisawa - Huh?!

Rune - You are very welcome to our royal court, great warriors.

Makoto - (after staring for a minute) I don't believe it!

Rune - Speak of any reward, and I will bestow it. I shall bestow it gladly.

Fujisawa - (placing his hand behind his head) We can't accept a reward, because I'm paid by the state and he is a student. (Which is a really flimsy reason why.)

Makoto - Our reward-

Rune - (interuptting) Yes? Ask anything.

Makoto - Please, your royal highness. Please return us to the world we came from.

Rune - The world you came from? What is that?

Schtalubaugh - Princess, these people are not from any lands of El-Hazard. I request time for further study, but I believe these two people are otherworldly.

Rune - They are people from another world?

Fujisawa - It's some crazy accident! We really should get back. I've got classes to teach!

(What about Makoto?)

Rune - Oh. Are you a learned professor on your world?

Fujisawa - Yes, ma'am. I'm the history teacher. My name's Masamichi Fujisawa...

Makoto - ...and student Makoto Mizuhara.

Rune - Dr. Schtalubaugh, you must grant their request. Please, return them immediately.

Schtalubaugh - I cannot.

Rune - But, council, you are the wisest.

Schtalubaugh - My skills in the royal sciences cannot meet this request.

Makoto - But if you know something about people being from another world... there is still a chance! We'll try anything! Help us!

Schtalubaugh - As you have heard, I shall always do my best, your majesty.

Rune - Sir Londs, take good care of our guests... until the solution to their predictament can be found.

Londs - Of course, thy will is my deed.

Guard 1 - Rune Venus has spoken, ruler of all El-Hazard (for all who didn't hear me the first time)!

(Rune gets up to leave, but looks at Makoto. He gasps, and she leaves.)

End of Act 2 Scene ii

Act 3 Scene i

(It is now in the middle of the night. Taking no chances, Londs puts Makoto and Fujisawa together in a room and locks the doors behind them.)

Londs - (to the left guard) Be aware...

Guard 1 - ...of everything you said sir!

(Inside the room, they were served dinner. It looks really strange. But, Fujisawa complains of something else.)

Fujisawa - You'd think a place like this would at least have a bottle of wine. (looks at the dinner) Are these the hors d'oeuvre or the entree? Bunch of crazy, foreign food! How the heck am I supposed to eat this stuff?!

(Makoto eats some of the soup.)

Makoto - It looks unusual, but it tastes okay. We could have wound up forging for food all night outside in the jungle.

Fujisawa - Yeah, but it's too dry! Maybe they got a wine steward! Yes, that's it! They just forgot! (grunting, he gets up) I'll tell them!

Makoto - But, what if it isn't polite?

Fujisawa - (taking no consideration of what Makoto said) Nah... People drink in every dimension! Mm-hmm! That's a fact! I'll just order you a juice or something.

Makoto - But, sensei...

Fujisawa - (realizes that they were locked out by turning the knob) Hey... (he was turning the knob so wildly, he could have removed it, grunt and groaning) Hmm... that's weird, the door's jammed! (Sensibly, he knocks on the door) Hey, these doors aren't working. We're thirsty in here. Maybe your bartender can't get inside either. (stops knocking breifly) Maybe I should knock a little harder. (taking two fists, he thrusts at the door, breaking it down. Makoto makes a strange gasping sound.) I... need a drink?

(The two guards just stare at him.)

Guard - T... true! He is a monster!

Fujisawa - (offering to get him up) I'm sorry, friend. I'm just thirsty, that's all.

Guard - (delieriously) He said you would escape and kill us!

Fujisawa - (shaking the guard like crazy) Where the heck is the bar, you idiot?! (sees the man pretty much out of consciousness) Uh... never mind.

End of Act 3 Scene i

Act 3 Scene ii

(They offically called it a break out. Now Makoto and Fujisawa are running in the castle, they won't leave either.)

Guard - Capture them at once, they've escaped!

(The guards are chasing the two.)

Guard - Bolt the doors!

Makoto - Sensei, I don't get it! What the heck are we running away for?

Fujisawa - From all of them! Maybe they're mad because I broke their stupid door!

(The guard comes around the corner and swings at them with a stick.)

Guard - You cannot escape!

(Fujisawa and Makoto start going up a tall tower.)

Guard 1 - Which way did they go?

Guard 2 - They've disappeared!

Fujisawa - (stops climbing for a second) Hey, this is pretty good! It reminds me of one of my favorite cliffsides!

Makoto - I don't think that this is quite the time for reminising.

(Someone shines a flashlight on them. They were surprised.)

Guard - Stop! There's no escaping! Come down at once!

Fujisawa - (after finishing the climb) Hold on tight, kid!

(They jump into the tower window. They all stared at disbelief.)

Guard - (quietly) We... uh... caught them?

(Boy, are they embarrassed.)

Makoto - Sensei... we're in jail.

Fujisawa - No, no! A ROYAL jail!

Makoto - Anyway, that was great! First those big bugs, that huge door and the way you climbed? It's just like a superhero or something.

Fujisawa - It IS a little surprising, isn't it?

Makoto - And I thought you were just a good history teacher.

End of Act 3 Scene ii

Act 3 Scene iii

(The news of the break out turning into a surprising catch relayed to Londs. He suspected that they were enemies of Roshtaria. Rune is seen staring out.)

Rune - People... from another world.

Londs - Your majesty. It is Londs. (she came over) You summoned me?

Rune - I worry for the strangers. Good Dr. Schtalubaugh can return them back to their own world, can't he?

Londs - I beg your majesty would not worry herself with such matter as these! Besides, are we to believe that they are from another world only by their claim to it?

Rune - You mean you don't believe them?

Londs - The land of Roshtaria has many enemies. Trust their fantasical story, or believe they may be spies (which sounds like splies)?

Guard - Lord Chamberlain!

Londs - Yes?

Guard - As you thought, the strangers have attempted an escape.

(Rune gasps.)

Londs - Dear gods! Excuse me, highness.

(Rune wimpers for a little bit.)

Londs - Attempted? You mean they have been captured?

Guard - Yes. Dr. Schtalubaugh is with them now in the dungeon.

End of Act 3 Scene iii

Act 3 Scene iv

(In the dungeon area, there was a lot of laughing about. What is Schtalubaugh doing in the dungeon area?)

Schtalubaugh - That's pretty funny!

(They are both on the sauce! Makoto is just watching them drink.)

Fujisawa - You know, you're not like other principles. You know how to have a good time!

(He drinks all of it in one shot.)

Schtalubaugh - I tell you I am not a principle! I am a doctor and a royal family advisor.

Fujisawa - I'm sorry, doctor, my mind must have been somewhere else.

Schtalubaugh - Well, you don't really seem like spies to me! If you want a drink next time, come to me, don't destroy the place!

(They both laugh it up. Makoto seems really depressed. Maybe it's because a piece of his hair is in a twirl.)

Makoto - That's great. You're getting drunk and we're in a dungeon.

(NOW he is upset about his drinking problem.)

Fujisawa - Ah, if you were old enough, you'd understand. (to Schtalubaugh) Hey, take it easy!

(After a loud cough, they start laughing again.)

Makoto - Wow... he's really going off!

Fujisawa - The old doc's cuttin' loose!

Schtalubaugh - Right! And no more "principle" stuff!

(They are still in laughter.)

Makoto - I wonder if WE were the only ones brought through the gateways?

(They show the WHOLE CAPTURING OF EVERYONE again, then he says...)

Makoto - What if others were brought here and are somewhere else in El-Hazard?

End of Act 3 Scene iv

Act 3 Scene v

(Back in the jungle area, poor Jinnai was being taken by the bugrom. He had a lot to say...)

Jinnai - Let me go! Let me out of here, I tell you! What do you think you are doing? I'll report you scoundrels to the police! Help, police! You foul, disgusting things! How dare you treat a person of my standing like this?! Put me down this instant! I'm the president of Shinanome High School, you insect freaks! Makoto Mizuhara's behind this, isn't he?! I hate you, Makoto! I will get you for this!!!

End of Act 3 Scene v

Act 3 Scene vi

(Back in the good ol' dungeon... they are both real drunk. Really, really drunk.)

Fujisawa - You know what I mean, don't ya principal?

(Schtalubaugh makes a low groaning sound.)

Fujisawa - Every student is important to us. They're like a part of our hearts.

Schtalubaugh - You make it sound so wonderful, I want to go back to school.

Fujisawa - Ah, I bet you would be a good student!

Schtalubaugh - And the school girls, too!

Fujisawa - Gosh, you're too old for that!

Schtalubaugh - Oh, you would be surprised!

(You know what he is implying!)

Fujisawa - Hey, principal, you're falling asleep again! (He gets up off the floor.) Makoto, it's time for us to get back home. Call a taxi, won't ya?

Makoto - I really doubt we'll find a taxi.

Fujisawa - Oh, use the phone. I got change!

Makoto - But, there aren't phones, either!

Fujisawa - Here, catch!

(He throws a card with a picture of a mountain on it.)

Fujisawa - Use a card instead!

Makoto - (giving the funniest face ever) Sensei... why don't you just lie down?

Fujisawa - (hopping around like a whining child or a man needing the lavatory, speaking drunkily) I'sa said I'm goin' home! I'm Superman now! I leap tall buildings and then fall down and if giant bugs give me trouble... (he grabs the Doc) I grab him like THIS, see? (He lost his strength, so he can't hold him that long) Uh, oh!

(He collapses and Makoto just stares at the drunks piled on each other, sleeping.)

Makoto - Well, at least that's over! (a shot of realization later) Wait a second! He lost all of his superhuman strength all of the sudden! Maybe when he drinks like that, he loses all his power!

(Someone comes down the stairs. It's Rune, but the guards don't know that.)

Guard - Halt!

(They see her face.)

Both Guards - Your majesty!

(Makoto gasps.)

Rune - I demand that the strangers be set free.

(The guards sputter.)

Guard - Bu... but your highness!

Rune - They have saved my life. I will not believe in these false rumors that they are somehow spies.

Makoto - Maybe we have a chance!

(Makoto ran for the door window.)

Rune - I'm so sorry they'd done this terrible thing! Will you ever be able to forgive me?

Makoto - Of course we do. The whole thing was probably all our fault, really.

Londs - Your majesty! What is this?

Rune - Sir Londs, release these two at once!

Londs - Hmm? Hmm...

(He opens the door. Makoto gives a sigh of relief.)

End of Act 3 Scene vi

Act 3 Scene vii

(Makoto, Fujisawa and the Doc are out of the dungeon. Makoto and Rune are outside at the moment. Next to a big fountain and in the moonlight. There is an orb close to them.)

Rune - Noble Makoto, please tell me of tales concerning your world.

Makoto - Do you mean Japan?

Rune - Yes! Please tell me of your lands!

Makoto - Well, Japan is an island. It's smaller, but it's just as beautiful.

Rune - Must be nice. I've only ventured beyond these gates a handful of times. As their ruler, I'm forbidden never to wander afar.

(She wanders to the right.)

Makoto - You're a prisoner.

Rune - Perhaps.

(After a brief moment.)

Makoto - No, wait. Lookit. I've got a picture here you could have. This is my world.

(He gives Rune the phone card.)

Rune - A mountain?

Makoto - Not just any mountain... Mt. Fujisan, and that's our fastest train right in front of it!

Rune - It is such a holy gift...

Makoto - I only got to see it once on a grade school field trip, but I'll go back. I made a promise to myself someday I'm going back there! But, now I...

(Sad face moment... Rune and Makoto were upset.)

Makoto - I'm sorry, Princess.

(Rune approaches Makoto.)

Rune - Don't worry. You'll see your mountain again.

Makoto - You're very kind, Princess Rune.

Rune - Hmm.

(After leaning on the orb, she walked away. Makoto touched it and it started to glow.)

Makoto - Huh?

Rune - What happened?

(It hummed louder and louder and sparklies came out. A soft version of the Eye of God plays.)

Londs - What is that?

(Schtalubaugh looks up from his journal.)

Schtalubaugh - Huh? It is the Holy Orb of the Kings! Never has anyone been able to activate it before, although many have tried!

(Those two stare at it until the scene blacks out.)

End of Act 3 Scene vii

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