Wanderers/Episode 2 JSV Script: Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 2 - "Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery"

US Age Rating: 13 and up.


Wanderers Episode Two - Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery English

Introduction (For the rest of the Flippin' episodes)

Makoto (Narrating) - I'm Makoto Mizuhara... an ordinary high school student... who is a little bit intrested in science... but somehow I've come to El Hazard, the mysterious world. What's gonna happen to my fate?

(Welcome back to El-Hazard, people!)

Act 1 Scene i

(Still on the same dirt plot he has been in the previous episode, you hear him talking to himself.)

Makoto (thinking, still on the ground with his ass in the grass) - What are they?

Bug 1 - *gibberish that means "I'm going after him!"*

(Makoto scoots a little bit, then a scream is heard.)

Bug 1 - *gibberish that means "Is that the target?"*

Makoto - Nanami?

(The bugrom was just not paying attention to him. He finally took the chance and took off. We change it around to see the mysterious woman being chased by another bug.)

Bug 2 - *gibberish that means "You cannot escape now!"*

(She really can't do much. It's a cliff, though, and she jumps. Makoto makes an akward gasp.)

Girl (in a praying stance) - God help me.

Makoto (screaming) - Aaaah!

(Isn't Makoto lucky? He's just caught the girl while she was falling. Wham! He fell over after that. Makoto should be lucky that Fujisawa wasn't around to see that.)

End of Act 1 Scene i

Act 1 Scene ii

(Makoto hasn't gotten up yet. The woman stares back at him. He sees her pretty eyes and all. I bet he feels pretty lucky (to say the least). He's blushing.)

Girl - I'm sorry. Are you alright?

(Where did she get that from?)

Makoto (breathless tone) - What? Uh, yes.

(We see the camera pan up to the bug still on the cliff.)

Bug 2 - *gibberish that means "You're still alive?"*

Girl - It's dangerous here. Let's run away together.

Makoto - But where? (after a bit) Oh! Let's run away!

(Bug 2 makes the jump. Makoto and the girl run off to the right. The bug just missed.)

Makoto (breathing rapidly) - What on earth are they?

Girl (breathing rapidly) - I didn't think that the Bugrom had invaded here. I was careless.

Makoto (breathing rapidly) - Bugrom?

(As they were running for it, they did not look where they stepped, and they didn't see the just sleeping Fujisawa. He grunts from the impact of the girl who just stepped on him. The girl screamed "No!" and latched onto Makoto.)

Makoto (not knowing what just happened) - Oh!

Girl - Something is there.

Makoto - What?

(Fujisawa gets up from the ground. He still seems sleepy.)

Fujisawa - (rubs nose with right hand) Did I sleep too much? My head is stupefied.

Makoto - Sensei!

Fujisawa - Oh, Mizuhara! (he gets up and yawns shortly with a long strech with his arms.) Is it morning now? (he heard some rustling in the buses and Bug 2 walks in.) Huh?

Bug 2 - *gibberish that means "No! They're getting away!"*

Fujisawa - (impressed tone) Oh! This is well-done. (he walks closer and inspects him) It's a doll for the festival, isn't it? You made it so percisely. (he knocks on the bugrom's head with left hand) You're a maniac, aren't you? Where is the zipper?

Makoto - S-Sensei, it's...

Fujisawa - Who's in there?

(The bugrom didn't like him knocking on his head. The bugrom knocks him on his head with a right hook. Wham!)

Fujisawa - Hmm? Aah...

(He gets knocked back about a few feet.)

Makoto - No! Sensei!

(He gets up, holding on to his head with his left hand, moaning.)

Fujisawa (mad) - What do you think you're doing to a teacher?! State your name and class! I suspend you from school!

(The bugrom just stared at him.)

Makoto (calling out) - Mr. Fujisawa, this is a real one.

(Fujisawa approaches the bugrom again.)

Fujisawa (really mad)- I don't care if it's a real one or not! I won't forgive you!(he grabs the head of the bugrom, trying to twist it off clockwise) Take off such a cloth! Take it off!

(Makoto and the girl are just watching, then the other bugrom come. They take off to the left as the bugrom just jumped over their heads!)

Fujisawa (very surprised) - Duahhh!

(The bugrom and Fujisawa get into a breif melee. Bugrom start flying out of the dust.)

Fujisawa (still mad) - Stop it! Stop it now! You all should leave school! (rubs his head with right hand) Unh... I've got a headache. At times like these, liquor is the best...

(He reaches in his right pocket for the drink.)

Fujisawa - Oh?

(He pulls out a bottle that has a broken bottom.)

Fujisawa (yelling about the bottle) - No! My sake is gone!

(He banged the now unconscious bugrom with the broken bottle.)

Fujisawa - This is all your fault!

(Makoto and the girl run back.)

Makoto (breathing rapidly) - Mr. Fujisawa, are you all right?

Fujisawa - Huh?

(Apparently taking no notice of Makoto, Fujisawa sees the girl that was with him.)

Fujisawa - Who are you? What costume is that?

(Makoto makes a strange face. Finally, he said...)

Makoto (frustrated) - As I said, they are all real... the girl and those goblins.

Fujisawa (questioning) - Real?

(He starts taking a left leg of a bugrom to inspect. He took his leg next. Then, he looks at the head. He starts twitching and making little gasping noises.)

Londs - Princess Rune! Princess Rune!

Girl - Londs! I'm here!

Londs - Oh, Princess Rune! I'm glad you're safe. (he notices the other two) Hmm?

Makoto and Fujisawa - Hmm?

Londs - Was it you who defeated them?

Fujisawa - (with no thought into what Londs said) - What? Well, maybe... right?

Makoto - Yes.

Londs - Hmm... (to the guards) Leave the ground now!

End of Act 1 Scene ii

Act 1 Scene iii

(They take off on a huge, flying ship. Where are they going, Makoto and Fujisawa don't even know.)

Makoto - El Hazard?

Londs - I don't know where you came from, but... this is a holy land called El Hazard... from the ancient days.

(Down on the forest floor, Nanami is still clutching the bottle of soy sauce.)

Nanami - UFO? Such an airplane can't exist... so it's a UFO, isn't it? (she stands up, in a somewhat infuriated speech with her arms in the air) Hey, Makoto, look at that! Someone, please see it! It's a UFO! (After a breif pause) Everybody lost a good chance. Anyway, why am I in the woods with a bottle of soy sauce?

End of Act 1 Scene iii

Act 2 Scene i

(It is now going into a sunset as they arrive at the capital of Roshtaria.)

Fujisawa - Wh-what's that?

Londs - It's the capital of Rashtaria, Florestica.

(They go into the castle. The city is more beautiful than anything available on Earth.)

End of Act 2 Scene i

Act 2 Scene ii

(They are in the castle where they will get the treatment they deserve.)

Londs - Please wait in this room for a while.

(They were escorted into a room and has been locked from the outside.)

Fujisawa - (crossed his arms) Hmm... El Hazard? Hmm... Rashtaria? Hmm... What does it mean?

Makoto - What?

Fujisawa - What's happened?

Makoto - (puts his left hand on his chin) Well... it might be...

Fujisawa - What?

Makoto - I heard that a scientist succeeded in twisting space... by letting electricity flow through a huge coil... and opened a hole in another dimension.

Fujisawa - Huh?

Makoto - And he saw an unknown world. I was trying to recreate that experiment.

Fujisawa - You're a horrible guy.

Makoto - I didn't expect I could do it, either... as it was very small-scale. But I can't imagine another possibility. At that time... we came to this strange world, I think.

Fujisawa - Strange world?

Makoto - Yes.

Fujisawa - Strange world... (rubs his chin with right hand)

End of Act 2 Scene ii

Act 2 Scene iii

(Londs escorts the two to the queen's chambers. Shtalubaugh and the princess are there.)

Makoto - (to the professor) Who are you?

Fujisawa - Are you the king of this country?

Shtalubaugh - Not at all. I'm advisor to the royal family, Shtalubaugh. (The advisor approaches them) You're the ones who came from a strange world aren't you?

Fujisawa - Yeah.

Shtalubaugh - (rubbing Fujisawa's arms) By your appearance, you seem an ordinary man. Do you have any special training?

Fujisawa - I do a little mountain climbing.

Shtalubaugh - I see.

(Then... a guard bangs his stick on the ground.)

Guard 1 - Princess Rune Venus has appeared.

(Shtalubaugh and Londs kneel first, then Makoto and Fujisawa. The princess enters. She kneels on a nice, big cushion.)

Rune (who was the girl all along) - You may look up.

(Makoto and Fujisawa get up and see the exact girl that was being chased from the bugrom before.)

Makoto and Fujisawa - Huh?!

Rune -Thank you very much for saving me.

Makoto - (after staring for a minute) Princess...

Rune - I'll give you a reward. Say what you want.

Fujisawa - (placing his hand behind his head) I can't receive a reward, as I'm a public official.

Makoto - Well...

Rune - (interuptting) What?

Makoto - We ask that you let us go back to the world we came from.

Rune - The world you came from?

Shtalubaugh - They're not people of El Hazard. They seem to have come from a strange world because of some accident.

Rune - What a wonderous thing.

Fujisawa - Can't you help us? I can't take a rest from my work at school.

(What about Makoto?)

Rune - Are you a teacher?

Fujisawa - Yes. I'm teaching history... at Shinonome Prefectural High School.

Makoto - I'm a student at the school.

Rune - Shtalubaugh, let them get back to their world.

Shtalubaugh - Well...

Rune - You can't?

Shtalubaugh - I've not experienced such a thing before.

Makoto - There must be a means to go back as long as we came here. There must be!

Shtalubaugh - I'll do my best.

Rune - Londs, treat them well till he finds out how to send them back home.

Londs - Yes, your majesty.

Guard 1 - Princess Rune Venus is leaving us now.

(Rune gets up to leave, but looks at Makoto. He blushes, and she leaves.)

End of Act 2 Scene ii

Act 3 Scene i

(It is now in the middle of the night. Taking no chances, Londs puts Makoto and Fujisawa together in a room and locks the doors behind them.)

Londs - (to the left guard) I ask you.

Guard 1 - I know very well.

(Inside the room, they were served dinner. It looks really strange. But, Fujisawa complains of something else along with the food.)

Fujisawa - I expected delicious wine and an hors d'oeuvre. (looks at the dinner) This looks like a maigre dish for a training bonze.

(Makoto eats some of the soup.)

Makoto - We can't complain. It's better then spending a night in the woods, I think.

Fujisawa - That's true, but I have no appetite without liquor. (grunting, he gets up) I'll go ask for some liquor.

Makoto - I'm afraid that might be rude.

Fujisawa - (taking no consideration of what Makoto said) They might have just forgotten to serve it. What do you like, Makoto? A juice?

Makoto - Mr. Fujisawa...

Fujisawa - (realizes that they were locked out by pushing the door. He was pushing really hard, but it wouldn't budge.) Oh? That's strange. Is it locked? (Sensibly, he knocks on the door) Excuse me, but please open the door.Please, won't you give me liquor? (stops knocking breifly) Can't they hear me? (taking two fists, he thrusts at the door, breaking it down. Makoto makes a strange gasping sound.) S-sorry.

(The two guards just stare at him.)

Guard - It's--It's an escape.

Fujisawa - An escape? I just want--

Guard - (delieriously) Gee! H-help me!

Fujisawa - (shaking the guard like crazy) I said, I just want-- (sees the man pretty much out of consciousness) Uh... sorry.

End of Act 3 Scene i

Act 3 Scene ii

(They offically called it a break out. Now Makoto and Fujisawa are running in the castle, they won't leave either.)

Guard - They've escaped! They've escaped!

(The guards are chasing the two.)

Guard - They've escaped!

Makoto - We don't need to run away... I think.

Fujisawa - Too late! They're after us!

(The guard comes around the corner and swings at them with a stick.)

Guard - You can't escape!

(Fujisawa and Makoto start going up a tall tower.)

Guard 1 - Can't you see them?

Guard 2 - Where are they?

Fujisawa - (stops climbing for a second) The blood of the mountaineer is coming up.

Makoto - This is no time to be saying that!

(Someone shines a flashlight on them. They were surprised.)

Guard - There they are! You can't run away. Come down!

Fujisawa - (after finishing the climb) Hold on tight.

(They jump into the tower window. They all stared at disbelief.)

Guard - (quietly) We've caught them.

(Boy, are they embarrassed.)

Makoto - Sensei, I'm afraid this is...

Fujisawa - Yeah. Looks like a jail.

Makoto - Anyway, you're great! You made holes so easily in that stone wall.

Fujisawa - I can't understand what's going on.

Makoto - What do you mean?

End of Act 3 Scene ii

Act 3 Scene iii

(The news of the break out turning into a surprising catch relayed to Londs. He suspected that they were enemies of Roshtaria. Rune is seen staring out.)

Rune - Another world, different from this world.

Londs - Londs has come. (she came over) What's your business?

Rune - Can't you send them back to their own world?

Londs - You don't need to worry about that. Besides, it's not clear yet that they came from another world.

Rune - What do you mean?

Londs - They might be spies for our enemies.

Guard - The Great Chamberlain.

Londs - What!

Guard - They tried to escape.

(Rune gasps.)

Londs - What?! Excuse me.

(Rune wimpers for a little bit.)

Londs - You've captured them, haven't you?

Guard - Yes. Dr. Shtalubaugh is now examining them.

End of Act 3 Scene iii

Act 3 Scene iv

(In the dungeon area, there was a lot of laughing about. What is Shtalubaugh doing in the dungeon area?)

Shtalubaugh - That's funny!

(They are both on the sauce! Makoto is just watching them drink.)

Fujisawa - You're a cheerful man, principal.

(He drinks all of it in one shot.)

Shtalubaugh - I'm not a principal. I'm the advisor to the royal family.

Fujisawa - Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that.

Shtalubaugh - You don't seem to be a spy. Well, drink.

Fujisawa - That's why I said we were innocent.

(They both laugh it up. Makoto seems really depressed. Maybe it's because a piece of his hair is in a twirl.)

Makoto - How can you drink in such a situation?

(NOW he is upset about his drinking problem.)

Fujisawa - Don't talk like a book. (to Shtalubaugh) Now, principal...

(They start laughing again.)

Makoto - He's easygoing, a real B-type personality.

Fujisawa - The old doc's cuttin' loose.

Schtalubaugh - Right! No more principals.

(They are still in laughter.)

Makoto - I wonder if we're the only ones who have come to this El Hazard.

(They show the WHOLE CAPTURING OF EVERYONE again, then he says...)

Makoto - Is there anyone else here except Mr. Fujisawa and me?

End of Act 3 Scene iv

Act 3 Scene v

(Back in the jungle area, poor Jinnai was being taken by the bugrom. He had a lot to say...)

Jinnai - Hey, let me out of here! Can't you hear me?! I'll complain to the police! How dare you treat me like this?! I'm the president of the student council! Damn you, Makoto Mizuhara! This is all your fault!

End of Act 3 Scene v

Act 3 Scene vi

(Back in the good ol' dungeon... they are both real drunk. Really, really drunk.)

Fujisawa - Principal, I think all students are my treasure.

Shtalubaugh - What a wonderful... (he laughs)

Fujisawa - Can you understand my heart?

(After alot of laughing)

Fujisawa - You've fallen asleep, principa? (He gets up off the floor.) Now, let's go back home, Makoto. Call for a taxi.

Makoto - We have no taxi here.

Fujisawa - Call on the phone.

Makoto - We have no phone, either.

Fujisawa - Here is the telephone card.

(He throws a card with a picture of a mountain on it.)

Makoto - (giving the funniest face ever) Sensei, sleep now.

Fujisawa - (hopping around like a whining child or a man needing the lavatory, speaking drunkily) I says I'm going home! I am strong. I won't be defeated by an insect. (he grabs the Doc, but he lost his strength, so he can't hold him that long.)

(He collapses and Makoto just stares at the drunks piled on each other, sleeping.)

Makoto - What? What a shame. (a shot of realization later) Anyway, can he be as powerful as all that when he's drunk?

(Someone comes down the stairs. It's Rune, but the guards don't know that.)

Guard - Who goes there!

(They see her face.)

Both Guards - Princess Rune!

Makoto - What?

Rune - Let them free.

(The guards sputter.)

Guard - But--

Rune - They saved my life. They can't be spies.

Makoto - Princess!

(Makoto ran for the door window.)

Rune - I'm terribly sorry to confine you in such a place.

Makoto - We were wrong. What we did made you doubt us.

Londs - Princess...

Rune - Londs, let them free!

(He opens the door. Makoto gives a sigh of relief.)

End of Act 3 Scene vi

Act 3 Scene vii

(Makoto, Fujisawa and the Doc are out of the dungeon. Makoto and Rune are outside at the moment. Next to a big fountain and in the moonlight. There is an orb close to them.)

Rune - Makoto, please tell me about your world.

Makoto - About my world?

Rune - How is it?

Makoto - Well, it's nothing so special.

Rune - I've grown up in this palace since I was born so I don't know many things about your world.

(She walks to the right.)

Makoto - Since you were born?

Rune - Yes.

(After a brief moment.)

Makoto - Look.

(He gives Rune the phone card.)

Rune - Oh.

Makoto - It's called Mt. Fuji. It's the highest mountain in my country.

Rune - It's a beautiful mountain.

Makoto - I climbed it halfway when I was a junior high school student but I'll go up to the peak someday. Someday...

(Sad face moment... Rune and Makoto were upset.)

Makoto - By all means...

(Rune approaches Makoto.)

Rune - You can go back home. You can.

Makoto - Thank you, Princess.

(After leaning on the orb, she walked away. Makoto touched it and it started to glow.)

Makoto - What?

Rune - Oh...

(It hummed louder and louder and sparklies came out. A soft version of the Eye of God plays.)

Londs - That is...

(Schtalubaugh looks up from his journal.)

Schtalubaugh - The Sigh of King moves though on one can move it so far.

(Those two stare at it until the scene blacks out.)

End of Act 3 Scene vii

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