Wanderers/Episode 2 Guide: Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 2 - "Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery"

US Age Rating: 13 and up.


Makoto finds himself surrounded by Bugrom! He manages to escape from a small group, and runs wildly outward... Princess Rune, also being chased by them, jumps off a cliffside with only a hope that she'll survive... she lands chest-first right on Makoto! They pair up, and run outward, until they come across Fujisawa, lying across the ground. He gets up, and sees the Bugrom, but assumes they are students in costume from the "Horror Fan" club. This idea is quickly dissolved, as soon as Fujisawa is punched in the face ... well, that's not enough either. First he must knock out all the Bugrom and physically grab one.

Eventually, the royal court discovers them, and they are brought back to Roshtaria. Makoto requests that their reward be getting sent back home, but this, of course, cannot be granted, except with a promise of "trying their best". Londs of the royal court seems to have a different idea about them being not being the other worldly travelers they claim to be. He orders them locked up for the night.

Eventually, Rune learns of this and orders them freed, despite Londs' warnings that El-Hazard has many enemies, and that Makoto and Fujisawa may be spies. While in the cell, Fujisawa had been drinking with Dr. Schtalubaugh, and Makoto noticed he had only the strength of a normal guy. Thus, the secret to Fujisawa's strength by not drinking is revealed. Later, Makoto is with Princess Rune on a balcony, as they talk about Makoto's home. A strange orb is there. Makoto touches it, and it begins to glow brightly... Dr. Schtalubaugh exclaims from his study that it is "The Orb of the Kings!" No one has previously been able to activate it. Thus a hint of Makoto's inherited ability is already thrown in, with no subtlety.


Princess Rune unknowingly steps on Fujisawa's body

"I stepped on something awful!"

Fujisawa, still not getting that the Bugrom aren't students, declares them expelled from the high school for hitting a teacher. When he finds he liquor's been busted in the brawl...

"You're expelled from college too!"

Nanami sees the royal airship fly overhead

"Hey, you stupid UFO! Don't you know the rules? You're supposed to abduct people in remote areas who don't have any witnesses! ... Gosh, I could've given them a bottle of soy sauce as the first Earth present. Huh, why do I have soy sauce in the jungle?"

Great logic... talk about jumping to conclusions.

Fujisawa: "Never heard of El-Hazard ... hmmm ... or Roshtaria ... hmm ... they don't exist!"
Makoto: "Huh?"
Fujisawa: "We're not on Earth! Where are we?"
Makoto: "Well... another dimension."

They had to get this one in...

"Living matter...? That could mean us. Better than DTs I guess."

Fujisawa auto-logic (possibly a make-fun of the original series?)

"People drink in every dimension! That's a fact."

Makoto and Fujisawa in a dungeon cell

Makoto: "Sensei, we're in jail."
Fujisawa: "Nuh-uh, a ROYAL jail."

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