Wanderers/Episode 26 Guide: The Eternal Dream


The Wanderers: Episode 26 - The Eternal Dream

It has come down to this - either the land gets destroyed or Makoto disappears.

Makoto rushes down the hall as fast as he can. The Roshtarian Palace has started to collapse under the power of the Eye. Afura Mann is trying her best at stopping the amount of destruction, but it is not too effective.

Fujisawa, Miz and Shayla just watches as the drama comes to a final close.

Jinnai is helpless. He wants to stop this madness, but he can't do a single thing. And then, Ifurita loses control. She plops to the ground. Now, she is back to normal. He asks of her to stop the descent of the Eye of God. Makoto and Rune make it to the subspace power reactor. The room has an interesting design, but there is no time for that. They go to the center of the room and activate the sequence to dispel all of the energy. Ifurita keeps trying, but it is hard. It explodes again. Jinnai started to lighten up and encouraged her to go on. Makoto and Rune touch the orb of energy that formed and…

Makoto is gone. He has been removed from El-Hazard.

Everyone tries to return to a normal life, but it would never be the same without Makoto.

Nanami could never tell what she wanted to.

Fujisawa started to climb mountains, avoiding the wedding that Miz so wanted.

Alielle became Nanami's special friend. (Should there be an emphasis on "special friend"?)

Jinnai found compassion in Ifurita. He tries his best to get his old stride, but without Makoto his motivation is gone.

Shayla wanders, taking a path that has no end for her. Afura tags along, much to Shayla's chagrin.

One day, Rune was sitting in the room. It started to react to something. Everyone realized something else…

Makoto has returned to the lands of El-Hazard.


Final Thoughts - There you have it. The episode ends on a happy note as Makoto has returned to the lands. Now, order has been returned to the old land. And they lived in confused happiness forever and ever… until they died.

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