Wanderers/Episode 25 Guide: The End of the World


The Wanderers: Episode 25 - The End of the World

The Bugrom pull an all-out invasion! Jinnai has the Eye of God! The elements have gone mad!

Makoto knows that he has to get to the Eye of God. He walks down the hall to the Stairway to Heaven. Only one problem… he still needs Rune. He patiently waits for her. Victory seems to be at hand for Jinnai. Nothing can stop his devious plan of crushing his enemy in the most literal sense of the world. Diva charges on as her children raid the land. Makoto tries to get to the Eye of God, but it won't budge. Fujisawa fights some more Bugrom. Miz continues to battle the element. Shayla starts to fight the Bugrom herself.

Jinnai didn't realize it, but Ifurita's true purpose is about to be revealed. She was designed to send the land into nihilism (timeless world… nihilism). Jinnai demands her to stop, but she is beyond control now. The Eye of God starts to fire onto the land. He becomes very worried. He can't rule his land if there is none. No land, no ambition. Everyone watch in horror as the Eye of God starts to fire across the land. Even the Bugrom are starting to fear for their lives.

Afura, Nanami and Rune race to town as fast as they can. Bugrom won't stop them. Remember that she invented "road rage".

Jinnai only watched in horror as he saw what he has done. The land he wanted to conquer is now becoming a wasteland… and it is his fault.

Nanami, Afura and Rune arrive just in time, not slowing down for the guards. They probably hit some pedestrians along the way to the palace. They were all happy to see them, especially Alielle.

Rune runs into the room where Makoto was. She whispered something to him, but he couldn't hear her (whatever it was). When they arrive at the Eye of God, they followed the small "indicates" to the location of Jinnai and Ifurita. Makoto thought that Jinnai was doing this on his own, but Ifurita filled Makoto in. After giving her thoughts back, Ifurita directed to what they had to do. There was only one problem. If Makoto activated to reversal function his would disappear.


Final Thoughts - It all comes down to this: the destruction of the land, or Makoto's life?

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