Wanderers/Episode 24 Guide: Destiny


The Wanderers: Episode 24 - Destiny

Rune and Nanami escape certain capture by Jinnai.

He is completely pissed off. A great plan… ruined once again. He completely loses it… thinking of one more way of taking over El-Hazard - by force. He demands Ifurita to take him to the Eye of God.

Something very suspicious is happening. The scientists continue to check to make sure it is true. Every element is going crazy. The water is turning to mud (or blood, not sure), the volcano is erupting. The land breaks apart.

Only Makoto and Rune can activate the weapon called Eye of God. But without Rune, it should not work… right? There are bigger problems at hand. The Bugrom are charging into the mainland, vast in numbers.

This should slow down the transport, but Afura invented the term "road rage" by ramming into the Bugrom without slowing down. She then blew the rest away. Then, she sent a message via wind mail.

The invasion is going well. The forces can't even slow their progress. They could hit the mainland in little time. Makoto is very worried about Rune. Ura cheers him up with some words. Then, he received the wind mail. He was ecstatic.

Jinnai couldn't have been happier. He had all of the power in the world. And Ifurita hasn't even screwed up yet. Now, it's time to make the demand. They have to surrender or suffer… a crushing? Well, that's a way to win a war… He causes a solar eclipse with the Eye of God… and that causes even more problems. The priestesses have to leave to solve the problems.

Afura, Nanami and Rune find a junked vehicle to ride.

Fujisawa gives Makoto his drinking bottle. He won't need that while he is confronting the Bugrom.

Shayla wants to say something to Makoto, but she tripped over him instead. Fujisawa gives Miz his most prized possession: a medallion with the picture of Mt. Fujisan. He promised to return alive…

Fujisawa fight the incoming Bugrom. Shayla and Miz take care of the environmental problems.


Final Thoughts - In these last three episodes, everything is going to hell. Now, time is precious as only a few moments are left before the world may be no more… Hey! I can be dramatic as well! I just choose not to…

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