Wanderers/Episode 23 Guide: Escape


The Wanderers - Episode 23: Escape

Rune and Nanami escaped capture from the Bugrom.

Makoto has to be transported home. Obviously from tumbling down the roof has left him unable to continue the campaign to rescue the princess. He wants to save them, but Shayla assures him that Afura is out there looking for them.

Afura flies above the patrolling bugrom, looking for the missing princess and girl. The Bugrom were sent out to look for the Princess or face certain punishment if they didn't. Nanami and Rune found themselves and started to travel together. They rested inside the trunk of a tree for the night. After waking up, Nanami tries to build a fire, but it was not working. Then they crossed a desert (where did that come from?), climbed a mountain (I would have searched for an easier way then going straight up the side…), and ended up crashing in the forest. They were hungry… and they needed food fast. Nanami found some of the fruit that Chicko (Ikura) gave her. She found a bunch more growing on vines. They also found a spa. Time to relax. Nanami, it turns out, is a great swimmer. But Makoto was less than proficient at it. Rune was ready to cry at the fact. Makoto seemed to be the perfect guy, too. They got into a water fight. After gearing up with loads of fruit, they head to the river. Several of the bugrom spotted them, and they jumped into the water. It turned out the fruit floated nicely (if you did not see the fruit floating in the water at the Spa Scene), and they rode the currents.

Jinnai, though, was not very happy. His plan was going awry. Rune is escaping and Nanami is still out there (believing that she is still trying to wreak his image). He demands they set up a base near the River of God (Saint River) so they could catch them.

Nanami tries again to set up a fire, and it worked. They stared at the stars and started to talk about Makoto. The fact that the story involved Fujisawa and none of their parents indicated that either they had very little family life, or they did not have families at all. Rune started to get very upset. She felt that she did not have a childhood at all. Nanami decided to talk all about Makoto to her.

The Bugrom continued their patrol, searching up and down for the girls. They ran back and forth, up and down… it seems that the bugrom were everywhere. The duo ran into a cave and took several turns to find… Chicko (Ikura). Some of the purple bugroms were looking for them, and he denied that they went that way. They believed him. He led them out of the cave and showed them the way back to Roshtaria. A small spy bug found them, and the Groucho Crew was dispatched to them.

They got to the edge of the river. But before they could try anything drastic, the Bugrom cornered them. If help did not arrive soon, their escape is finished. Afura came just in time. She blew the bugrom away with her power of wind. The force was defeated. They could return safely at last.


Final Thoughts - This episode is quite unique because it involved solely on Nanami and Rune. They did not have a lot of power, so they sneaked around and ran more than fought. Afura was on a roll because she saved them (which make two saves in one day for her). Yes, it seems that things are looking up once again.

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