Wanderers/Episode 22 Guide: A Death-Defying Rescue


The Wanderers - Episode 22: A Death-Defying Rescue

The team to rescue Rune and Nanami arrived safe and sound, but the craft is too damaged to reach the hive.

Miz starts a prayer for good luck when the Bugrom come. They drop their version of a bomb, which Shayla accidentally blew up. Jinnai thought that the rescue was not going very well for them.

Makoto fixes a wound that Shayla received, which has caused her a lot of pain. Then, they started to fly…

Apparently, they started to ride on the back of a Bugrom Flyer. They get to the hive in little time. The bugrom were waiting for them as well, as they were caught tailgating the flyer.

The fighting began quickly. Shayla and the interior bugrom, and Miz and Fujisawa with the outside bugrom were in fierce competition. Nanami was getting aggravated because there was a lot of noise coming from the outside. She sneaked out while there was plenty of commotion. After Shayla and Ura took out the majority of the bugorm, Ifurita came by. She challenged Shayla to a battle, as her script said. She blew a part of the roof off. They learn the location of Jinnai and Makoto proceeded on ahead. Shayla and Ifurita fought.

Fujisawa, Miz and Alielle decided to make a break for it as Fujisawa carries Miz along.

After running about 10 flights of stairs, Makoto got to the rooftop. Jinnai was waiting for him. He threw a sword down to where Makoto was. He challenged him to a battle to the death. He knew that either Makoto was going to just leave or fight a battle that was rigged by him. Makoto chose to fight, but he did not count on one thing - Makoto knocked his sword right out of his hand. Jinnai went and picked up both of the swords. Ura stole one from him. This was bad. If he had the wrong sword, Makoto would win the fight. He pleaded for a peaceful end to the fight, but Makoto struck his sword. Like expected, it split apart, flying to where Rune was.

Makoto ran up to rescue her. But her hypnotic face distracted him long enough to forget to untie her and she flew away. He fell and collided into the building below. He tumbled off the roof and could have fallen to his death if Ura didn't arrive in time. After landing safely, the others caught up to him. Including the bugrom. They were surrounded on all sides. In a stroke of faith (and luck), Afura decided to come by and she save them.


Final Thoughts - Well, the episode certainly had a lot of action in it. That is good. It also has a good sword fight, which is also good. Then, there was the finale of the split-second rescue of Afura, which was predictable, but good. Overall, the episode went great. And, I think Makoto has a few concussions and broken ribs.

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