Wanderers/Episode 21 Guide: A Love in Peril


The Wanderers - Episode 21: A Love in Peril

It seems that Jinnai still has all that he needs to conquer El-Hazard.

All of the fleet that was sent to save Rune was completely destroyed. The river is just too harsh to travel. It is also a holy river. Only the priestesses could cross it… but they can't because an unnamed god said they couldn't. Shayla stood and said that she was going to go anyway. Miz was going to go too (but only if Masamichi is).

Ifurita, Nanami and Rune start reading a small horoscope book that reveals that Makoto may die.

The group of five, which includes Shayla, Makoto, Fujisawa, Miz and Alielle along with Ura, are going to cross the river. Afura did not want to come for it would be breaking a holy law (she is just being a bitch, but she won't admit it). So, they go on without her. Shayla and Makoto share a moment of holding hands (that she did). They started to veer off course. A whirlpool was sucking them in. Miz pulls a "Moses", as she creates a pathway for them to travel.

Jinnai caught wind of their journey (thanks to a spy). Now, their journey is about to get much rougher.

They travel through some sharply cold fog. Alielle gets right next to Shayla… not paying attention to the iceberg ahead of them. They slam into it, almost sending her off the side. Fujisawa saved her. Then, there was a second one. Shayla created a hole through it with her fire blast. The others were avoided because Alielle got back to the pilot seat. The Bugrom arrive just in time. Fighting ensues.

Rune's fork broke. That was a sign of bad luck. She tries to fix it, demanding that it really didn't break.

A Bugrom hit Shayla and Makoto went to protect her. He was punched right off the boat. Shayla went after him, trying to save him from a frozen death… but by the time she got him, she couldn't save herself…

She and Makoto floated to surface. Makoto ran to Shayla and tried to give her CPR, but she woke up. She thought that Makoto was going to kiss her. He was promptly slapped.


Final Thoughts - This episode certainly had a few run-ins with Shayla and Makoto getting too comfortable with each other. Yes, it seems that Shayla likes Makoto a bit as well (as if we couldn't figure it out ourselves…).

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