Wanderers/Episode 20 Guide: Jinnai: Sister vs. Brother


The Wanderers: Episode 20 - Jinnai: Sister vs. Brother

Rune and Nanami are captives in the Empire.

Nanami stays close by Rune. She allowed the Bugrom to come in. Bringing in fruit, Nanami ate some. The meet with Nanami, though, is just the start of a revolution underneath the Empire.

Addendum: Nanami told Chicko to lock the door when he gets out, but in the sub, she told Ikura not to lock the door.

Jinnai is still doing his happy dance over the capture of Rune. Then, Nanami came from behind. The door was meant to be locked. Nanami said that she could do just as good a job at running the empire. Jinnai started to panic, demanding that his sister return to her room. She continued to insist that she could just as good, if not better. He demanded her to go back to the cell.

The Red Bugrom Chicko (Ikura) told the other bugrom about how nice Nanami was to him. He was certainly attracted to her.

Rune wandered around the halls, looking for her way around. She found Ifurita who was sweeping the floors (proving she has a useful function).

The bugrom opened up to Nanami and they tell her about stories involving Jinnai. She laughs and takes his plights in. Jinnai started to look for some of the Bugrom for some help, but they were not there. Finding a couple, he asked where they all were. Nanami was in her room, with a load of the other bugrom. Jinnai has become angry… and worried. As long as Diva was on his side, he could still function as their leader. She is being given a hair styling job, though. Nanami seemed to just keep popping up out of nowhere. Jinnai is become very upset. He says that Nanami is causing a coup d'état. Diva, though, thinks that Nanami is not an intruder. Poor Jinnai.

Ifurita and Rune share a few moments on the rooftops.

Jinnai called a meeting with the Bugrom. He hopes that he could convince them to come to his side. He states that it may be because of his "lack of virtue". What he guesses is that there would only be a few that would be with Nanami… but in fact many of them would prefer her. Even Diva. It was a devastating blow to him. He remembered how Nanami took his friends, how she took Makoto (in the sub, he was trying to be his friend, in the dub, he was just being mean to him). He can only look in awe as the Bugrom chose his sister Nanami over him. This was not a position that was handed to him (like the presidency), or something he bribed his way into (like the temporary job)… he actually earned the spot from someone. And now, Nanami is ruining it. He has to do something. Ifurita will have to do. He calls out for her… and she doesn't come by. He searches the whole place and still no sign of her. With a bloodcurdling scream, he yells for her.

Ifurita and Rune share a cup of tea.

Jinnai is finished. He's lost the Empire, he lost Ifurita… he is all alone… except for one. Groucho (Katsuo) was there with him. He gave Jinnai what he only thought was possible through force - support. He and Groucho (Katsuo) cried in each other arms.

Nanami is still enjoying the spotlight… but that will end soon. A small Bugrom crawled around and stood beside Nanami. She slapped it with a slipper, thinking it was a mere cockroach. She forgot one little clue: they are called "Bug"rom. They sped away from her real quick-like. Jinnai takes his political skills into action using this act at her. "Nanami the Bugslayer"… Nanami tries to defend herself, but the Jinnai's were not well known to rebound from scandals. He takes it to full power and says he will try to conquer the enemy, even if it is by himself. Diva quickly changed that. The Bugrom were on his side. He was also promoted to…

In Dub - The leader of the Bugrom army, Vice Chancellor and Pure Grand Marshall.

In Sub - Great General of allied attack troops.

Nanami is now left in a room with no decorations, no Bugrom… she is pretty much back to square one.

Jinnai actually benefited from the experience and is now in even higher ranks than before. He is sharing his cheer with all the other Bugroms with drinks and perhaps even kindness (yeah, right). No matter what happens now, he still has his Empire. Wakame (Tenchi) was the small little Bugrom that helped him out.

Ifurita and Rune sleep together.


Final Thoughts - This episode shows that, no matter how bad the situation gets, Jinnai will always has his Empire. The fact is that he benefited from it. And that is quite an accomplishment.

Lesson for this Episode - Don't try to break Jinnai's hold on the Empire. They will just lock you up with more reinforcements.

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