Wanderers/Episode 1 Script: Drawn in to the Land of Adventure


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 1 - "Drawn into the Land of Adventure"

US Age Rating: 13 and up.


Wanderers, Episode 1 - Drawn in to the Land of Adventure

Act I Scene i

(Shinanome High School. The students are preparing for an annual Spring festival. Nanami has some boxed lunches for people who are willing to buy them.)

Nanami (calling out) - Get your lunch here! Delicious boxed lunches for sale!

(Enters Nanami with boxed lunches.)

Nanami (calling out) - Get your boxed lunch from me! Delicious and nutritious!

(Male Student 1 enters, showing himself through window.)

Male Student 1 (shouting to Nanami) - Hey! Over here!

(Nanami turns to Male Student 1)

Nanami - Right away, sir! Boxed lunch for you!

(Nanami walks to Male Student 1)

Nanami - So, how many will it be today? The usual three?

(Enters Male Student 2 from right side of Male Student 1)

Male Student 2 (puts up four fingers) - No, better make it 4 today.

Nanami - That's easy enough. That will be 2,000 yen. Thank you very much. Enjoy your lunch!

(End Act 1 Scene i)

Act 1 Scene ii

(Outside of the student hall. Nanami is using a calculator to find out how much she made from the lunches today.)

Nanami - Real good! Hey, not bad! Things are starting to look up!

Ryoko (off stage) - Hey Nanami! Working as hard as usual I see.

(Enters Ryoko to the right of Nanami.)

Nanami - Oh! Ryoko! What's going on? Hey, have you happened to see you-know-who around?

Ryoko - Ah... your true beloved. Nope, not a sign of him all day!

(Nanami starts to sound a bit sad.)

Nanami - Well, we were supposed to have lunch together today...

Ryoku - Oh... then I guess he's probably you-know-where again.

Nanami - Oh! Darn him and that laboratory! He forgot about it! And I still have one lunch left over for him!

Ryoku (somewhat disgusted) - Nanami! I can't believe you! You should be ashamed! How are you selling lunch to your beloved Makoto!

Nanami (with an angry tone) - He's not my beloved!

(Ryoku looks at her strangely.)

Nanami - But he sure is cute, so he always gets a lunch at half-price off!

(End Act 1 Scene ii.)

Act 1 Scene iii


(Students are putting up a huge poster that has a picture of "Pretty Sammy", who is in such things like "Pretty Sammy the Magical Girl" and "Magical Project S". Enter Fujisawa. He's looking at the other booths the kids have put up and comments.)

Fujisawa - Look alive there! That should be unpacked by now!

(Fujisawa looks at the kids who put up the poster.)

Fujisawa (at the students) - Hey! What are you doing? You can't put that thing in front of my window!

(The students just stare at him.)

Fujisawa - Hmph. Anime fans.

(Enters Female Students from right side to the left.)

Female Student 1 - Mr. Fujisawa!

Fujisawa - Hmm?

(Fujisawa turns to the Female Students.)

Female Student 1 (in a singsong voice) - I don't see the mountain climber club's booth anywhere around this year!

(Female Students laugh at Fujisawa.)

Fujisawa (angry) - Ah, get out of here! You know the reason!

(Female Students take off left stage)

Fujisawa (sad) - Got no members.

(Fujisawa exits left side.)

(End of Act I Scene iii)


Act 2 Scene i

(Inside Shinanome High School at the Student Council. They are having an emergency meeting because of funding for the festival is poor. Jinnai is defending himself.)

Male Council Member 1 - This meeting is to decide what is to be done with the recent compromises and poor decisions concerning the school's festival. There is no excuse. School President Jinnai, what do you have to say for yourself?

(Jinnai has his face twitching on the left side. The council members are in raucous arguing. Jinnai speaks.)

Jinnai (trying to remain calm) - Yes, I'm aware that there were some minor compromises... but I assure you that the situation is well at hand. You have no need to worry the festival money problem will be...

(Before he could finish, the students stopped him with their arguing. After giving a surprised face, he goes back to twitching.)

Male Council Member 2 - The money, Mr. Jinnai, is precisely why we have called another special meeting.

Jinnai (stopped twitching) - I suggest you question the previous president.

Male Council Member 3 - Quiet! You hold yourself to be innocent?

Jinnai - Absolutely innocent! These are merely moves made to ruin my reign as your new president.

Male Council Member 3 - And those obviously forged documents just appeared out of nowhere?

Jinnai - Those papers don't have MY name on them, do they?

(They break into another raucous argument.)

Council Member 1 - We believe those papers were altered. Can you offer any proof that they were anything other then that? Well, President Jinnai?

Jinnai - Those papers prove my innocence.

(Another argument.)

Male Council Member 4 (during argument) - Makoto's my friend! He was deliberately framed!

(Jinnai can't take much more of this. He bangs the table with his fist.)

Jinnai - Shut up! I'm innocent, you hear!?

(The council quiets down. They all have a surprised face.)

Jinnai - And even if I wasn't, you're ordered to treat me like I am! Didn't you forget that I am the president of the proud Shinanome? My reign is supreme and I rule over you all! You're merely little bugs who should pray that I don't crush you under my royal feet!

(Jinnai starts to laugh. A lot.)

End Act 2 Scene i

Act 2 Scene ii

(Inside the Science Lab. The bell just toll to signify the end of the day. It is sunset, and Nanami enters the room where Makoto continuously works on his project.)

Nanami - Hey! Makoto-chan! Hey Makoto! It's me!

(Nanami walks towards two really big coils.)

Nanami - Hey, Makoto! Where are you?

Makoto (with a small screwdriver in his mouth) - Right behind ya! Down under here.

Nanami (with a bout of anger) - Hmm? Oh, darn you! You missed lunch today and now I suppose you are not going to walk me home?

Makoto (spaced speech) - Did I say I would do that? I'm sorry, I guess I forgot.

Nanami - Hmph. "I forgot." You forgot all week long!

Makoto (still sounding spaced) - Okay, I won't forget next time!

Nanami - Yeah, right!

Makoto (yet still sounding spaced) - I'm glad you came. (Snaps out of it, holding a big cable) Hold this! I gotta connect a wire.

Nanami (takes the large cable) - Oh... all right.

(Makoto is humming away while Nanami kneels onto the floor with the cable in hand. Makoto flips a switch. Nanami sighs.)

Nanami - Makoto-chan. How much longer will you be, Makoto-chan?

Makoto (annoyed) - Hmm... Makoto-chan? Would you forget it with that? We're in high school, you know?

Nanami (saddened) - But... it's your name. Your name's Makoto, right Makoto-chan?

(Makoto sighs and continues working.)

Jinnai (offstage) - Mizuhara!

(Enter Jinnai from the door.)

Makoto - Huh?

(He looks towards the door.)

Makoto - Katsuhiko! What is it? Something wrong?

(Jinnai approaches Makoto. Both Makoto and Nanami stand up.)

Jinnai - You must address me as "Mr. President" or "President Jinnai"!

Makoto - What?

Jinnai - You're making too much noise with this crazy experiment of yours. You're breaking school regulation!

Makoto - But I have permission.

Jinnai - No one gave you permission to disturb the entire school with all this racket!

(Makoto stares at him.)

Makoto - It's not noisy. Besides, you're making 10 times more the noise with all that yelling!

Jinnai (brandishing a fist, right hand) - How dare you talk like that! To me! And how dare you undermine my authority!

(Jinnai has a crazy idea.)

Jinnai (points at Makoto with right hand) - Hmm? That's it! This is another of your attempts to manipulate the student council!

Makoto (recoils) - Wha?

Jinnai (getting another fist out with his right hand) - Very clever! But it's just isn't clever enough!

(Jinnai approaches closer to Makoto.)</p> <p>Jinnai (opens his fist) - Is this one of your plots to have me dethroned?

Makoto (on the defensive) - No, it isn't! (Talks to himself) What's he talking about?

Nanami - You really don't pay attention to anything outside the lab, do you?

(Nanami giggles.)

Nanami - They want him kicked out, and he's pinning the blame on everything under the sun except his incompetent self! My brother is just simply losing him mind!

Makoto - Oh...

Jinnai - So, now even YOU have turned against me, Nanami.

Nanami - Right! Because I'm not the nutsy one!

(Jinnai's mind is boiling. He is growing really angry.)

Jinnai (pointing at Makoto, right hand) - I demand that you stop this dangerous experiment at once! As class president of Shinanome High School, I hereby degrant!

Makoto - But, Jinnai! I... I told you I got permission already! The full permission of the instructor!

Jinnai - You don't have my permission! And I'm not giving it either! (Points at Makoto with right hand) Unless you stop this instant, I'll seek to it that all the funding for the science club is revoked forever and forever!

Makoto - No! You wouldn't!

Nanami - That's rotten!

Jinnai - I can and I will revoke it because as president my final word is supreme.

(Jinnai shuts the door on his foot, and now it really hurts. Both Makoto and Nanami look with confusion.)

End Act 2 Scene ii


Act 3 Scene i

(It's a new day at Shinanome, and the festival is going to start soon. Everyone is almost ready to go. Jinnai is in the student council eating a bizarre sandwich that no one can identify. Looks like a pasta sandwich with shrimp. Makoto is on TV with a reporter.)

Reporter - Welcome back to the cultural festival news report. Today, it's a special "whose who". Our first guest is Makoto Mizuhara, the leader of the science club.

Makoto - Uh, hi. How are you doin'?

Reporter - The project he is spearheading for the festival is being eagerly awaited by all! Makoto is an excellent student with all straight-A's and recently left the student council to spend full time with the special project in the science department. We hear that his departure from the class president is a great disappointment...

(Jinnai kicks the TV because of that small comment.)

Jinnai - I hate you!

(He starts to remember all the times Makoto has superceded him.)

Kid Jinnai (Gym clothing) - Ahh!

(Kid Jinnai just fell off the bar. They are supposed to spin around on the bar.)

Kid Jinnai (Gym clothing) - I know I can do this!

(Jinnai is groaning to pull himself around. He then sees Makoto, who is performing the activity perfectly.)

Kid Makoto (Gym Clothing) - Oh!

Gym Teacher (never seen) - Hey, very good, Makoto! Everyone take note: Watch Mizuhara.

(Jinnai is left biting on the bar.)

(Jinnai has some of those noodles in his mouth as he is groaning.)

(Now Kid Jinnai is in a bug-catching outfit, and he just finished. He wants his ice cream! He's going in to get it from the freezer.)

Kid Jinnai (Bug-catching outfit) - Ah! (Doesn't find his ice cream) Where's my ice cream gone?

(He didn't get it. He turns to look outside and sees the Kid Makoto and Kid Nanami eating the ice cream and they are enjoying themselves. He is left with none.)

Kid Jinnai (Bug catching outfit) (sobbing) - I'll make you pay someday, Makoto!

(Jinnai is really starting to go crazy now.)

Jinnai (in short gasps) - My... ice... cream!?

(The final memory is closer to the present day Jinnai. It could possibly have been the middle school years (note the outfits). All the girls are giving Makoto gifts and Jinnai doesn't have any.)

Makoto - Oh... thanks...

Jinnai - He's done it again! I hope you choke on candy!

(Jinnai's mind is overloaded with things that should have been let go of years ago, finally, he becomes the berserk person he is today.)

Jinnai - AH! Makoto Mizuhara! Your days of showing me up and taking what should be mine are over forever. Forever! It is I, Jinnai, who will win!

(He laughs it all up.)

End Act 3, Scene i

Act 3, Scene ii

(Makoto and Nanami are in a kitchen area. Makoto has made a lot of boxes and he hopes that he is done so that he could continue his experiment, I'm sure.)

Nanami - Keep going. Here's some more!

(Nanami isn't going to let him leave so quickly. Makoto is discouraged. He's made a mountain of boxes already.)

Makoto - So... what? Don't you have enough boxes already? What are you trying to do?

(I think she is trying to keep him in there or...)

Nanami - I need plenty of boxes if (she pumps both hands in the air) I'm to be the queen of the boxed lunch sales at the festival.

(Makoto moans.)

Nanami - So, what are you complaining about? I always help out with your stuff, you know, and I never moan!

Makoto - Yeah, I know you don't. (After a brief pause) Hey Nanami, what are you trying to make all that money for?

Nanami - Oh, nothing exactly. Just to do it.

Makoto - Hmm... really? So you aren't saving it up for something special or cool?

(Nanami pulls up a huge... turnip? Some vegetable, anyway.)

Nanami - It's cool, because I can do it well.

Makoto - Huh?

Nanami - It's like... how you must feel about doing your experiment.

Makoto - Yeah... But, I'm not making any money yet.

Nanami - That's not the point, silly!

(Nanami giggles.)

End of Act 3 Scene ii.

Act 3 Scene iii

(Jinnai is under fire of doing a poor job as president. Some students already put up posters concerning what he did. Jinnai comes and rips the posters off.)

Jinnai (while tearing the posters into shreds) - It's all lies! It's all horrible lies! Idiotic lies! Hmm...

(Jinnai pulls out a poster he made himself. The guy in the corner looks like Makoto, but doesn't look correct. He reads the poster, which is in Japanese.)

Jinnai - "Shock! Makoto Mizuhara caught in a huge cheating scandal!" I will post these all over the school and begin phase two. It's my most brilliant plan yet! Wait until you see what I plan next for you.

(Jinnai puts on a mischievous grin.)

Council Member 1 (behind Jinnai) - President Jinnai, do you need some more tacks?

Jinnai - No thanks, I... guh?

(Jinnai turns around and sees the whole student council behind him. They foiled his plan. He's nervously laughing in front of them.)

End Act 3 Scene iii


Act 4 Scene i

(It is night again. The festival, it seems, will begin tomorrow. The sensei, Fujisawa, is passed out on the floor. Several different articles are lying around including magazine, cigarettes, and yes 'the drink'. He's holding a pickax in his left hand. Fujisawa gets up and sees the time. It is 7:08 PM.)

Fujisawa - Huh?

(Fujisawa lets off a loud, long yawn.)

Fujisawa (groggy) - Do the rounds, make sure the school is completely safe.

(Down the hallway farther, Makoto is preoccupied in his experiment again, as the only light that is coming in the dark hallways is in the lab and the Recreation room. Makoto is putting the wire under the slot.)

Makoto - Number 88, and that's it. Perfect!

(Makoto gets up and walks to the right. Nanami was to the left of him, still on the floor. Makoto is using the dial that controls the amount of power that is going into the machine at one time.)

Makoto - Well, it should work now.

(The machine is beginning to hum and take in the power. The coils start to spread the electricity around.)

Nanami - It's finished?

Makoto - Mm-hmm!

(Nanami gets up and sits on a table were a big yellow coil is. Isn't that unsafe?)

Nanami - So, got a name?

(Makoto has a puzzled look.)

Makoto - Not yet.

Nanami - Oh, don't play dumb with me. You were on "Lunch TV" today! C'mon! You can tell me!

Makoto (placing his right hand behind his head) - "Mizuhara's Electrical Something"?

Nanami - Huh?

Makoto (still having his hand behind his head) - I don't know. I put it together, but I don't know what to do with it. (He puts his hand down.) You know, just doing it feels like I was fulfilling a dream. (Looks at the big coil beside him.) All I know is it's going to work.

Nanami (looking at that same coil) - Hmm... can it fold lunch boxes?

Makoto (looks at Nanami) - Hey, am I being replaced?

(Nanami begins to giggle. Then, they both begin to laugh. Fujisawa is walking down the hall with a flashlight on. He walks towards the noise and sees the two laughing.)

Fujisawa (outside) - Hmm? (Opens the door) Hey, what are you kids still doing here?

Nanami and Makoto - Oh! Hello, sensei!

End Act 4 Scene i

Act 4 Scene ii

(They all go into Fujisawa's room. He has a drink in front of them, but they don't care. I guess he is lucky that this isn't the "Magnificent World" Makoto. Fujisawa pours with his right hand, and takes the drink. The other two has tea.)

Fujisawa - One little drink for working overtime, and then it's straight home.

(Fujisawa drinks it all in one shot.)

Makoto and Nanami (closely together) - Yes, sir!

(Nanami drinks some of the tea, and notices a climbing bag in the corner.)

Nanami - Hmm? Hey, are you planning to go mountain climbing again?

Fujisawa - Indeed. It might be Kitahatsu or Kurobe this time. Not sure yet.

Nanami - Say, I've never tried. What's so cool about it?

Fujisawa - Cool? Oh, it's beyond that! (Takes another drink in one shot.) Each mountain is a different mystery onto itself, just waiting to be explored. They each want to tell their special story. They beckon to me, like an unfulfilled dream!

Nanami (pointing with right hand) - Hey! That's sounds just like what Makoto is saying!

(Makoto seems a bit creeped out.)

Makoto (confused) - I said that?

Nanami (to Makoto) - Almost just like that. You did!

End of Act 4 Scene ii

Act 4 Scene iii

(Back in the lab, Jinnai has a plan that, if it works, should ruin Makoto's character. He sneaks in unnoticed with a bag with him. The experiment is still on because Makoto is just that, spaced. Jinnai opens the door quietly. Giggling, he is prepared to do his dirty work. Fujisawa is watching TV with the mountain that he always wanted to climb. His eyes are wide and shiny. That's out of character for him, and he is enjoying it a lot.)

Fujisawa (pointing at the screen) - Look! It's that new commercial! It's the one where they show the mountains that surround Renge Hot Springs! (Turns to the students) Did I ever mention that they have the baths right on the cliffside?

Makoto (lying on the floor with his right hand on his ear) - If you don't count last semester, maybe a zillion times?

Fujisawa (blushing, with his right hand behind his hand) - Heh, well maybe I should go there this time.

(Back in the lab, Jinnai is sneaking around the large coils that Makoto had. He starts dumping the contents of the bag.)

Jinnai - A few here, a few there. They're everywhere!

(Isn't he proud of himself?)

Jinnai - It's even better than exposing him as a cheat! (He drops the bag) Makoto the sex fiend! (Looks to the left side) Caught raiding the girl's gym locker!

(Jinnai starts laughing... again. He covers his mouth. He had to remember that he is really loud, especially when laughing. He was stepping back, and he tripped on some wires.)

Jinnai (quiet gasping) - Whoa! Oof!

(Jinnai landed right on his head. His foot is caught on some wires. In attempt to get out, a large coil lands on his head. Ouch! Get OSHA! Makoto is not securing these things correctly! Then again, Jinnai has to be different.)

Jinnai (in a hushed tone) - Darn you, Makoto! (Speaks loudly) You DID build this machine to bring about my downfall! (Kicks a large coil with his left leg) You no good, stupid, lousy, noisy danger...

(Jinnai has a brilliant idea (if you really want to consider him brilliant).)

Jinnai - Ohh... dangerous!

(Jinnai starts pulling the wires out and placing them back in at a random order.)

Jinnai - Oh, are you not dangerous now, you soon will be.

(Jinnai laughs quietly. Well, he tries. The coils start to really spark now.)

Jinnai (after all that sparking) - Oh.

(Back at Fujisawa's room, Makoto finally realizes something.)

Makoto (moves his right hand away from his ear) - Oh! I'm so stupid! I forgot to turn the power off! (He gets up, but still in a kneeling stance) Sensei, thank you for the tea. I forgot something in the science lab. I'll go there and (stands up) then I promise straight home.

Nanami - Right, it's probably past 9. I should be getting home, too. (Stands up, too)

Fujisawa - You be careful. Walking home can be as dangerous as a good climb.

(Fujisawa continues to drink in one shot. Makoto is in the hallway, taking it slow. He stops and sees that the lab is glowing vigorously. For whatever reason, he is still walking slowly. Finally he gets to the door. He sees Jinnai playing around with the wires.)

Makoto - Hmm? Oh... AH!

Jinnai - Hmm? Get lost!

Makoto - Jinnai, are you crazy? Stop it!

(He notices the handiwork. All the wires are twisted together. Makoto rushes in to stop the experiment.)

Makoto (pushing Jinnai) - You'll blow us up! Get out!

(Makoto knocked Jinnai far away. Pretty good hit on his part.)

Jinnai - Aaah!

(Jinnai and Makoto fight for the power distributor control. Makoto has his hand on the dial while Jinnai has his hand and arm.)

Makoto - You don't know what you are doing! Electricity at this level with all these connections could kill us!

Jinnai - Think you are so clever? You deliberately left the presidency on the council so you can build this machine to destroy my rightful succession.

Makoto (gasps) - You ARE nuts!

(As Makoto and Jinnai fight for the controls, the dimensional hole gets bigger and bigger. Why won't they look up? Both Jinnai and Makoto fight for the controls as the coils spread the energy and the distributor dial is struck. Jinnai points in one direction.)

Jinnai - Flying saucer. Look!

Makoto - Huh?

(However that worked, Makoto made a bad mistake. He let go of the distributor long enough so that Jinnai could reach the controls.)

Jinnai - Gotcha!

(Jinnai turns the lever to full power with his left hand. Lots of sparks later, they are blasted back. Jinnai landed near the control panel and Makoto was sent to the shelves.)

Makoto (gasping) - Whoa... (As the portal thing got bigger) Wha... what is it?

(Jinnai just keeps laughing.)

Jinnai - The fruits of your own destruction. It's perfect!

(Makoto is wailing, Jinnai is laughing his head off, Nanami has no idea what happens and holds a bottle of soy sauce in her hand when she sees the light, and Fujisawa was drunk. All together, they were sent through the hole to the new world unfamiliar to them. There is a nice lightshow before they exit the portal.)

End of Act 4 Scene iii


Act 5 Scene i

(It is daybreak. At first, the world seemed the same, but... when he looks up, he sees a whole new world around him. Was this all a dream? A nightmare? Will he be able to leave that spot before something jumps him? He gets up and adjusts his tie.)

Makoto (straining) - What's the heck... going on?

(He looks around the forest.)

Makoto - Where am I? Is this a dream? This isn't real.

(He heard rustling in the bushes.)

Makoto - Huh?

(Something was wrong. Very wrong. The place is too quiet. He looks over and sees a big... thing. It dashes back into the bushes. Now, he is very unsure of his environment. After looking and gasping for a few seconds, he runs off screaming. Running as fast as he can, he's trying to find a way out of this dream, but that will prove impossible. The bugs have him cornered. Then, he heard a scream. Welcome to El-Hazard, Makoto.)

End of Act 5 Scene i


That is the episode.

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